Different Names For The Same Thing

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COMMENTERS: Ready access to Chinese food: Important hallmark of civilization, or MOST important hallmark of civilization? What else is required? What creature comforts must you live nearby to consider a place livable?

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Now I want Chow Mein and spring rolls, but we’re having roast.


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seriously · 96 weeks ago

Split the difference, make Chow Mein out of the roast, and use the sides like your veggies to make spring rolls.
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Tyler Green · 97 weeks ago

This is a huge difference. I spent 6 years teaching in China, and every summer when I came back to Canada, my mom always wanted to go for Chinese food at local buffets. Canadian “Chinese” food is just terrible in those buffets, so now that I’m home for good I’m making friends with the cooks to get the real stuff!
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Minos · 96 weeks ago

My preferred term for Americanized Chinese food (sweet and sour anything, especially) is “Meat Candy”. Sometimes you want Chinese food, and sometimes you want Meat Candy. It’s nothing to be ashamed of.
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Bron · 96 weeks ago

I personally regard hats as being the mark of civilised people, they must be non-douchy ones however (though my definition about hats is basically that if lots of douchbags wear them then they are a douchy hat).

Logically this must mean that a civilised society must have hat shops (milleners?).

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bron · 96 weeks ago

(it would not let me put it as one post sorry)

I also feel that having libraries readily available is also a must.

If you think american chinese food is odd you should try some of the stuff you can get in mid Wales, the home of the chinese chip shop (that is a fish and chip (chunky fries for Americans) shop that also sells chinese food (bonus points if they sell “kebabs”)). I have seen people with absolutely no irony order “sweet and sour pork balls, a saveloy and half n’ half love with mushy peas” (that is battered pork balls (think 80% batter 20% pork) with sweet and sour sauce, a “pork” sausage (I have never been sure if you are supposed to eat the skin or not, I think it might be made of plastic) and half chips (again fries) and half rice (often oddly crunchy but with no clear reason why….) with peas that have been cooked so much they have sort of disolved a little (much better then it sounds trust me)).

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Candace · 96 weeks ago

In addition to readily available “Chinese” food, easy access to pizza is crucial. Without delivery pizza, civilization as we know it might just collapse into a Mad-Maxian pizzapocalypse.
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KryssLaBryn · 58 weeks ago

High-speed Internet, decent Chinese food, and really good sushi.

I suppose good schools and decent neighbours and all that too, but honestly, having lived in both cities and rural areas, I can cope with outhouses and no running water if I can just have decent Internet and good (Americanized) Chinese and really good sushi.