[Got a lot to do today so I’m posting the pencils for todays comic. I’ll ink and color later tonight. Check back for the finished product.]

hijinks-ensue-godspeed-you-fancy-bastard-book-300x300In a move that can only spell the end of all things, CBS is turning some dude’s Twitter account into a sitcom. I’ve read @shitmydadsays and it’s genuinely funny, but it works because of how it’s presented. Short snippets of abusive wisdom culled from the word-vomit of a crotchety, doddering old man. Anything charming or humorous about @dadsshittysayings will certainly be lost in translation if it ever makes it to TV.

I’m not kidding when I say this news does not bode well for humanity. When twitter accounts become TV, how far away can “Status Update: Ben is washing his gym clothes – The Movie” be? Is that a man with the head of an oxe standing on a raft hewn from the bones of the stillborn in a river of liquid damnation? I think it is, and I think he’s just waiting for a few more Twitter-based TV shows before he unleashes his unholy army of winged goats.

In the end it will be called “That’s Our Dad,” and star pretty much everyone from “Everybody Loves Raymond” except for the titular Mr. Romano. See? Armageddon.

Read up on it HERE, and come see me! I will be doing a couple of panels about webcomicing and I expect you to have your questions prepared on 3X5″ note cards.

I’ve explained that sketched books are taking longer than expected because I don’t want to give everyone the same rehashed 30 second character face, but I want you to see what to expect when you order an Artist Edition. Check out some of the recent book sketches HERE in my twitpic stream. I’ll be posting them all to Flickr when I’m done.

Are you interested in “I’m A Snowflake on The Windholiday cards? Are you interested in giant sized “Snowflake” comic prints? Those are likely the next two things to be added to the store in the next few days. Extol your interest in the comments.