Science Officer To The Bridge

The IRL Saturn presentation was yesterday, and Kiddo did great. She presented all her research (this fact was my favorite), passed around the info about our Solar system that Bobak sent her, then she fielded questions from her classmates. One kid asked why they couldn’t walk on the rings of Saturn and she said, “Because my Mommy said so.” Another kid asked why God would make a planet out of gas, Kiddo just sort of stared at her and the teacher popped in with, “He can make anything.” So… yay for science?

BIG BIG NEWS! I have started a Patreon! 


Pledge at $3, $5, $10, $20, $50 or $100 a month and you will be supporting me being able to do what I love for a living: Making comics.

With each Milestone Goal you’ll get MORE COMICS EACH WEEK (we are dangerously close to unlocking a real M/W/F update schedule, with 4 and 5 comics per week down the road), more eBooks, more videos, exclusive Google Hangouts and LOTS MORE (maybe even a return of the HijiNKS ENSUE Podcast!). Patreon makes managing the updates and rewards super simple.

Patreon is essentially replacing my Paypal recurring donations, so feel free to switch over. For the full rundown, read my blog post HERE, or just watch the video on MY PATREON PAGE which explains everything in 3.5 minutes. Kiddo has a cameo and it’s crazy adorable.

HijiNKS ENSUE Patreon Video


On the 2nd day we went past $350, so I uploaded this video of me and my daughter covering Adventure Time Songs as a thank you.

HijiNKS ENSUE Daddy Daughter Adventure TIme Covers


My Hands Felt Just Like Two Balloons

I’ve been sick for the last few days. This particular recurring, seasonal illness bares such a resemblance to both A) A REALLY bad allergy attack and B) actual viral illness that I never really know what I have. Luckily the treatment for both is the same. Lots of sleep, fluids, procrastination of work-related responsibilities, complaining and Seinfeld reruns. So that’s how I’ve been spending my time. Oh, and I also made you:

Episode 88 – Wizardo And The Hot Dog Guy. Listen to the ep, then check out Alex’s fancy Photoshoppery which deftly illustrate one of our bits.

To get into more about exactly how miserable I am, I would like to explain how unbearably shitty I feel. Sometimes (often in fact) my cat, Replay, will eat his dry food so fast that he almost immediately throws it up on the carpet. Never one to let a hot meal (how NOW, anyway) go to waste he usually gobbles down nearly all of the pre-eaten partially digested mess then goes about his marry way. These 12 hours naps aren’t going to take themselves, you know. I say he re-eats NEARLY all of the food, because he usually leaves somewhere between 10 and 15 nuggets of food to resolidify on the floor and become one with the carpet’s collective hive mind. I feel like THAT food. I feel like I have been eaten, thrown up, left to stew in my own juices and a healthy portion of feline bile for a few minutes, then nibbled at and pushed around with a coarse cat tongue for a few minutes, only to be ultimately judged unworthy of a second eating and left to crack and dry on the unforgiving carpet never to fulfill my purpose. The rejection at the end it what really seals the deal in determining which is worse: The twice eaten food, or the once eaten, once vomited, eternally rejected food.

In the next comic I think I’ll get into how much of a mistake it was to take a handful of allergy meds AND cold meds at the same time, hoping they would just figure it out for themselves. Listen to the podcast linked above to hear what I sound like while trying to forge coherent thoughts under their influences. This will be a short storyline. 3 or 4 comics at most.

COMMENTERS: What’s the worst thing you ever had to do while sick? Or rather, what’s the thing that you did that you REALLY should have stayed home from due to illness?