More Aardman Than Aardman

Wil Wheaton and I got excited and made this Three Wheaton Moon shirt. You can buy it! Then you can wear it! Only two steps to total geeky happiness? Sign me up!

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I made this comic on paper! With pens! Sitting on Fancy Bastard Adam M’s parents’ couch! Did you know you could make comics without computers? I didn’t. And I still don’t! Did you know Adam’s dad’s dog farted on me? It was horrendous! Come to Baltimore Comic-Con! I will tell you all about the dog farts in person! Also the art for this comic will be for sale a the show. DOG FARTS!

Joel Watson of HijiNKS ENSUE at Baltimore Comicon 2011Baltimore Comic-Con is this weekend! I will be in the Artist Alley right next to Dannielle Corsetto at Table #A187 or so. I will have books 1 and 2, “The Doctor Is In” shirts, “Team Edward [James Olmos]” shirts and “Ewok Stare” shirts, plus prints, stickers and Fancy Sketches.

We have had a really fantastic Fancy Bastard meetup each year. Details HERE on G+ (look for the link to the updated post with more details in the comments thread) or talk to FB Adam (who is organizing it) directly on G+ or Twitter. Hope to see you at the show and the meetup!

Commenters: Do you want more Blade Runner? Of the options offered in the comic, which do you think would work the best without screwing up the legacy of the original? Personally a “Rise of the Replicants” type movie wouldn’t offend me that much. I don’t mean “they rise and kill us all,” but rather the offworld rebellion situations. Could be fun.

HEY LOOK!: You asked for it, so I added a “Winter Is Coming” desktop to The Vault. I’ve also added “Chibi Wolverine” and “Three Wheaton Moon” desktops as well. Just make a donation of any amount, or sign up for a recurring donation subscription and you’ll get access. I’ve also added mobile versions of these desktops HERE.