And The Bartender Says, “Why The Long Face?”

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So as I got ready to abandon the recent comic continuity and write a gag NOT involving the E.F.E. and his transition into a new phase of evil, I naturally found myself following up with the characters right where the last plot(ish) point(let) left off. I still got the gooey, nougaty Bladerunner gag in that I wanted, but I sort of accidentally wrapped it in a hard candy shell of continuing canon. It’s like continuity has infected my brain like a brain disease! I’m not saying it’s always going to be like this, but I felt like voicing my mini-revelation as I experiment more with the new format.

All that aside, if Harrison Ford IS in Bladerunner 2, it better be because someone is saying, “Hey, old man! You look just like this robot I used to know who died like 30 years ago. You know, if he had lived to be old like you, which he didn’t because he was a robot and robots aren’t allowed to live that long. Anyway, give you all your money before I shoot you with a gun.”

COMMENTERS: If Harrison ford is in the sequel, how can they do it without betraying the fact that Deckard WAS a replicant? HE WAS! SHUT UP! WHO SAYS HE WASN’T!? TELL THEM TO SHUT UP FOREVER! Maybe he could have a cameo has the “old guy who Deckard’s face was based on.” Otherwise they’d have to CGI de-age him like Jeff Bridges or Snape, which we all know has SUPER creep-tastic results. Why are there glowing patches of smoothness where your eye bags are supposed to be? WHY!?