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Holy crap

Seriously. Father of the year.


I mean, we talked about it…but damn. That is craftsmanship right there. A commitment to a dream.

God Hates Fucking Assholes

Hey Fred Phelps! FUCK YOU! You got 3 million dollars? No? What about 11 fucking million dollars?

I seriously hope Fred Phelps gets fucking raped and murdered. I will line up to protest that funeral. Matter of fact, I want to hold a candle light vigil at his grave where two gay dudes fuck right on his headstone.

Josh’s Creativity Cup Runneth Over.

For Halloween, Real Josh went as Comic Josh.


That title looks like it’s in German. Or Dutch.

I posted last week about how Josh unwittingly gained some internet infamy …interfamy when a picture of him dressed as Kratos from God of War was used in a humorous video game review video for Heavenly Sword. Worse yet, it was linked by Tycho on Penny Arcade’s site. Whether they realize it or not, the whole of the internet has seen Josh in red body paint wielding dual sickle-scythe’s.

The Kratos Halloween costume he crafted was actually pretty impressive. I believe that was the first time he shaved his head, and he hasn’t looked back since. Subsequently, he hasn’t NOT looked like a sexual predator since. He also took down a cyclops in an epic boss-battle. Ok, he actually assaulted a homeless veteran with an eye patch but Eli and I cheered him on all the same. He was so enthusiastic!

I have a feeling that the real version of the Big Daddy costume would involve more Scotch Tape and Reynold’s Wrap than welding torches and 75 year old underwater exploration equipment.

Bioshock Costume

EDIT: There’s a story behind the cardboard Big Daddy. (via Destructoid)