Extinction Level Event

After Monday’s near miss, it’s only a matter of time before we are gently nudged into oblivion by an asteroid. Despite what the movies tell you, no amount of Bruce Willis or President Morgan Freeman can save us. The last one missed us by 41,000 miles. 41,000 miles is the width of a galactic taint hair. As a species we are doomed and I, for one, welcome our new Gay Mole Men Overlords. I would get on their good side now. If they intend to keep the species going, they are going to need some breeding stock.

Short post, because I’m leaving for Austin for the weekend to visit family. I’ll be walking around STAPLE for a while on Saturday. Say hi if you see me there.

I also want to mention that as of today, reader donations and artwork auctions have fully paid for my flight, and hotel expenses for Webcomics Weekend. Thank you so much, guys. This means more to me than you know.