Dragon’s Lair Webcomics Rampage!

Thank you to everyone that came out and said hi last weekend at Dragon’s Lair Comic and Fantasy in Austin, TX. I think all the cartoonists were in a agreement that it was a fantastically fun time. Special thanks to Alison for coordinating the event and running the 2 most entertaining panels I have ever been a part of. The panels were videoed, so hopefully they will be available in some internet fashion at some point. I had a blast. I really enjoy the opportunity to meet readers face to face and personally welcome new Fancy Bastards into the fold.

I also enjoy the way regular people stare incessantly at 10 or 15 webcartoonists while we eat Tex-Mex. Between Danielle and Christi pining for the nearest titty bar, Jeph proclaiming that Texas owes it’s independence to a mulatto prostitute and Randy telling us all how one of his early ancestors stabbed a priest, robbed the church then burned it to the ground we had even the “keep Austin weird-est” people choking on their flautas. I think we officially changed the slogan to “keep Austin worried.”

The goal is to have every US shirt ordered by Dec 4th arrive by Dec. 24th. That’s what the shipping deadline says on the order page and everyone involved is doing their best to make that promise a reality. There is a possibility that some of the shirts ordered late on Dec 4th will not arrive by Dec. 24th. Any shirt orders (this applies to ALL HE SHIRTS THAT ARE NOT SHIPPED FROM TOPATOCO) placed after Dec 4th probably will not arrive by Dec. 24th. The Edward shirt orders were simply unexpected and overwhelming, hence the early cut off for holiday shipping. Thanks!

Whatever Dad… I’m Outta Here

Baltimore Comic-Con was an amazing success! Thanks to everyone that came out to say hi and show their support for the comic. I knew a handful of Fancy Bastards were going to be at the show, but I had NO IDEA so many of you less vocal/non-commenting types would be there. I sold almost all of the books I brought and a ton of T-shirts (Groverfield was a smash hit).

Special thanks to @mechamenchi for being my right hand man all weekend, and to @mutant_enemy127 for helping out on Sunday. I really couldn’t have done so well without the help I received from these guys.

In addition to talking with a good number of long term FB’s, I think I managed to win over quite a few new recruits for the cause. The unbelievably positive response I got from complete strangers that had never heard of HE until the con was unexpected to say the least.

Additional thank you’s go to Danielle Corsetto for being my “big webcomic sister,” Jessi for helping to wrangle Danielle all weekend, Brent Corsetto for being genuinely kind and uncommonly awesome, every FB that came to the reader meet-up and made me feel so appreciated, everyone that bought a book, and especially to FB Adam and his wife for their overwhelming generosity and kindness.

Now GORGE YOURSELVES on con pics, books sketches, cosplayers and PETE FROM 30 ROCK!

[this comic is taken from a sketch commissioned at the con by @mutant_enemy127.]

Upcoming Appearances: Come Say Hi!

I have several upcoming appearances between now and the end of October. These will be my first real reader interaction experiences, and I would appreciate your help in making them fantastic.

Baltimore Comic-Con – Baltimore Maryland

Baltimore Comic-Con

October 10-11
I will be in the Artist’s Alley at table 129
I will have books, buttons, stickers, prints and will be doing sketches
This is my first real con, so if you are in the area please attend and show your support
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I’ll Be Attending Webcomics Weekend (March 20-22)


I am very happy to announce that I will be attending the New England Webcomics Weekend in Easthampton, MA from March 20-22. If you haven’t already heard, Webcomics Weekend is a gathering of the webcomic minds so to speak. It’s not really supposed to be a con, but it will feature signings, open studio tours and the chance to hang out with more than 30 of your favorite webcartoonists. Also, it’s completely free to attend.

I will be there to hang out with my fellow cartoonists and Fancy Bastards alike for all 3 days. I want to give very special thanks to FB JustChristine who, after hearing how badly I wanted to attend this event, donated a plane ticket. Without her generosity, this trip certainly wouldn’t have been possible.

I still need to raise a little cash to pay for hotel, transportation and food. If you’d like to help you can make a Donation and put “Webcomics Weekend” in the comment box. I will make sure that money goes to funding my trip and in no way provides food or shelter for my family.

I will also be auctioning off/ selling some original art this week. Check back for an update on that in a day or two.

If you plan to attend, leave a comment. I already know a short list of FB’s that will be there. I think this thing is going to be pretty effing awesome and I would love to share it with you guys.