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These things are facts: The new Man Of Steel trailer makes that movie look like a thing that A) I would enjoy watching and B) perhaps be the first non embarrassing live-action Superman movie ever. Additionally, I will never get over what I saw Amy Adams do to Philip Seymour Hoffman’s daddy-pouch in The Master. It was like she was hastily sifting through a pile of loose meat, discarding the fat and gristle, and the pile of meat was depressed about the whole ordeal. Here’s hoping if Lois Lane gives Supes a handy in MoS, that it’s done without all that Paul Thomas Anderson “LOOK SOCIETY! THIS IS YOU! YOU ARE GROSS!” flair.

Speaking of embarrassing Superman movies, I watched most of Superman II (the one I THOUGHT was good) for the first time in maybe 5 years last week. Turns out it’s a pile of crazy nonsense garbage just like all the other Superman movies. I think it was my young mind comparing it to the even more atrocious levels of garbage in Supermans 3 and 4 that twisted my memory into thinking II was “good for its time.” Nope. It’s ridiculous and terrible. I could go into detail, but instead of taking up pages and pages nitpicking all of the problems with that movie, how about you just think of every time any person in Superman II does or says ANYTHING… OK, those are the terrible things I am talking about.

COMMENTERS: What movie scenes have stuck with you over the years as particular unsettling, macabre or disturbing? Does the creep out factor hold up to this day?

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May I respectfully disagree with you on the first Superman film. Yes, it have issues. (Otis, the spinning earth backwards thing at the end.) But it still has that Iconic John Williams score and Christopher Reeve crushing it as big blue.
Two is a Frankenstein movie made of two different shoots. Three takes an interesting idea (Superman turning evil.) a squanders it on Goon Show blackout gags and a shoehorned in Richard Pryor.
Four is best left mentioned in shadows for fear of accidentally unleashing dark and angry forces.
That one time that guy tore off his own face in Poltergeist. That ruined me as a kid.

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UnderTheDark · 112 weeks ago

The Tequila Worm.

That is all I can say without vomiting up my toenails from sheer terror.

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Candace · 112 weeks ago

That was truly horrifying.
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Candace · 112 weeks ago

(The Poltergeist thing, that is.)
The scene in A Beautiful Mind where the wife walks into the shed to find the web of string. Creeped me out completely.
Face melting off in Raiders.

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Candace · 112 weeks ago

Oh, god, the bugs in Temple of Doom. The buuuuugs!
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Ali · 112 weeks ago

When I saw Galaxy Quest in theaters as a kid, I was grossed out by the inside-out exploding monster, and the fact that one of the aliens walked around with a bit of exploded monster goo on his face for the entire rest of the movie. Still haven’t gotten over that. As much as I love practically everyone in the cast, I’m reluctant to watch the movie again because of the grossness.
Pierce Brosnan in Mamma Mia.
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Greg · 112 weeks ago

If you want to see a film that will stay with you for a while, see Gary Oldman’s “Nil By Mouth” based on his experiences growing up in South London. Lots of unsettling scenes, including Ray Winstone’s character beating up his pregnant wife (played by Cathy Burke).
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bubujin_2 · 112 weeks ago

A movie that has stayed with me for a very long time is the original “Planet of the Apes,” especially the final few scenes.
Seeing Scanners as a much too young kid on VHS…head exploding scene. I had nightmares for ooh, decades. And Poltergeist – the clown bit. Same viewing. Oh and I also loved Amerifan Werewolf in London but the dream within a dream, Underground and head bounfe bits…instant nigtmares!
The brain eating scene in Hannibal.
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DragonRose · 112 weeks ago

My brother convinced me to watch Fargo a couple of years ago, I was really into it until the woodchipper scene. . .
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TJ · 112 weeks ago

The Sister In The Flashback Of Pet Semetary.. Rising Up Out Of Her Bed, Demonic Voice.. That Got Me As A Yoot (Sorry About Caps, My Phone Finds It Necessary To CapAll Words?) Also..The “Jackal” From 13 Ghosts..The First Few TImes I Saw It That Really Creeped Me Out..One Day I MannD Up And Paused The Screen, Made Myself Stare At It.. In Doing So, I Realized It Was Not A Woman, But A Man..Who Kinda Looks Like Barry Pepper, And It Was No Longer Frightening.
Ever since I saw the House on Haunted Hill remake, I’ve not been scared by horror films (I was startled by the sound effects a few times, though, and the fact there weren’t any lights on in the room didn’t help). Then again, the only horror films I’ve watched before then was the Evil Dead trilogy
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Storvik · 112 weeks ago

“They killed Superman! Let’s get ’em!”

One of the stupidest things ever said in any movie; because if those three just killed Superman, your wooden stick isn’t likely to avenge him.

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Candace · 112 weeks ago

There are parts of Monty Python’s Meaning of Life that I still can’t talk about, nor abide anyone else talking about in my presence.

Also, I think I’ve blocked parts of the re-make of Cape Fear with Robert De Niro because he was so utterly terrifying in that role. I was white-knuckled and on the edge of my seat for almost the entirety of that movie.

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Animaniac · 111 weeks ago

“Eeets wafer thin!”
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DocBones · 111 weeks ago

The Wrath of Kahn. I still scream and climb on a table every time I see an earwig.
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Debs · 111 weeks ago

I can’t remember for certain, but I think it was a Pop Tarts commercial where it shows rapidly changing faces that blend into one another at the end. I know it is crazy, but it gave me nightmares for years. I still get creeped out by the thought of it.

I also used to anthropomorphize objects too much, so the new m&m commercials totally freak me out too. Thank the Doctor for dvrs.