The Power Pot And The Meta Kettle

Here’s a Lo-Fi follow up to this comic about perceived racism in the world of spandex clad mighty men.

As a straight white dude, it’s often easy to forget that not everyone sees themselves represented (not accurately, mind you, but REPRESENTED none the less) in every conceivable form of popular media. That isn’t to say I have ever really identified with the muscle bound ab-havers of the various comic book universes, but I imagine it’s even harder to relate for the non-white, non-enpenised, no having-boners-for-the-opposite-sex types of people.

COMMENTERS:  Are there any minority characters in comics, or other nerd media that strike you as particularly accurate portrayals? If you belong to any minority group, was there ever a character in fiction that you identified with in a special way? Ladies, feel free to answer this one too. Even though you’re half of all people, you are still pretty underrepresented in geek pop culture as far as I’m concerned.

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Well, Plastic Man can represent us if he’s in the right mood
You’ve also got Blob.
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Handigoat · 109 weeks ago

It’s not nerd media per say, but Charles Ramsey is MY f***in’ accurately portrayed hero.
Asian dudes do not get a lot of representation in Western media. Seriously, there are only so many John Cho characters I can cosplay as.

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The Unknown FB · 108 weeks ago

You also don’t have any Native Americans really represented *well* at all.
Growing 50 feet tall is just…WTH for?
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Diggy · 108 weeks ago

The answer is Short Round.
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lou · 108 weeks ago

So is the current Batwoman, Kate Kane. Also, she’s a lesbian.
Sabra is Jewish – in fact, she’s the Israeli pseduo-Captain-America.

Also, just gonna leave this here:…

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Ryan · 108 weeks ago

Well there is Magneto, who is sometimes a villain and sometimes a hero, especially in Marvels many alternate universes(seriously awesome in Age of Apocalypse).
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Kryss LaBryn · 108 weeks ago

Spider Robinson is one of the few male authors who I’ve ever felt did a decent job at writing women. Also one of the very first, so far as I know, to have an asexual character. I suspect he’s doing a really good job on his black characters too, although not being black I can’t really say. They don’t read as token stereotypes to me, at least, and are just as much rounded people as any other race he might have in there.

Other than that, um… nice to see how well “The Princess Bride” did fencing, although that probably doesn’t count. Still, if you know anything about fencing at all, it was really, really good to see someone FINALLY get it right. Still pretty sure that doesn’t count, though.

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lou · 108 weeks ago

I remember Balacktus from Adult Swim’s Minoriteam. What a weird show.

Unfortunate Furniture

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I doubt Joss Whedon is the type to gloat, but I bet he had to be at least a little bit smug when ABC cancelled Weird Desk in favor of S.H.I.E.L.D. “Yeah! Who’s NOT getting cancelled now? Who’s the big, fancy ginger that directed a BILLION DOLLAR MOVIE?!” is probably the type of internal monologue Whedon was running as he gave his deepest, heartfelt condolences to the Weird Desk team. He probably also sent them a fruit basket.

COMMENTERS: The reason cited for canceling development of Weird Desk (seriously… Weird. Desk. Weird Desk? What the entire fuck?) was plot overlap with S.H.I.E.L.D. Those overlapping plot elements could pertain to Weird Desk‘s theme of WEIRD cases coming across a certain DESK (OK, I JUST got that), and be investigated by a team of agents. So is SHIELD basically an X-Filesy, Fringey sort of affair? Do you want a “monster of the week” thing going on in S.H.I.E.L.D or do we want the overarching plot mixed with standalone adventures in an expansive universe and intense character development that we expect from Joss?

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New episode of the HijiNKS ENSUE Podcast! Episode 89 – John Quincy Adams: Mummy Strangler

Based on last week’s episode, Revolution is 0 for 2. This had me feeling like the fall TV season was off to bad start. Then I watched the pilot for Last Resort and my excitement was decidedly renewed. Almost instantly I was caught up in the premise (a nuclear sub disobeys questionable orders and seeks haven from it’s own government in the harbor of a tropical island that appears to be run by a pirate/drug lord/pimp). I was nervous, tense, excited, guessing and theorizing throughout the entire episode. These are all good signs. It’s so much more rewarding to be mentally screaming at the screen “NO NO NO! DON’T DO TH… OH CRAP HE DID IT! THAT SONOVABITCH!” than, “I’m SUPPOSED to like this kind of show, right? I mean, it’s sort of sci-fi. I bet it gets better.”

The laws of attraction apply to TV as well as people. Sure, you need to give people (and TV shows) a chance to show you what they’re really all about, but there needs to be an initial spark. Something to cling onto right off the bat that keeps you wanting more. Last Resort definitely has that spark. It’s the first new show I’ve seen in at least 3 years where the casting, the acting, the premise and the writing were ALL the strong suits. It’s also the only one I can recall in recent memory where all those elements were working together and moving in the same direction. All too often you see good casting wasted on week scripts, or good lines wasted on flat deliveries. Last Resort, at least in the pilot, isn’t falling prey to these types of maladies. If it can maintain this momentum, then I am going to be in for the whole season. Conversely, Revolution gets 2, maybe 3 more eps from me before I give up.

Bonus points to Last Resort for casting Dichan Lachman. She’s a scene (and sometimes show) stealer if there ever was one. Unfortunately I don’t think she even had a line in the pilot, but I am hoping they use her well in the future. Scott Speedman from Underworld is the X.O. of the submarine. I’m not certain, but I think he’s still a double werewolf.

COMMENTERS: What did you think of Last Resort? Keep spoilers to an absolute minimum and mark you posts as such: SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS!!!!

An Audience Lost


Heroes Con 2010 in Charlotte, NC
Here’s a handy map that I made so that you can easily locate your favorite webcomics artists while at the convention. My 29th birthday will be during the con. I am expecting party hats and pasties pastries.

LOST has been done with for over a week now. I miss the hatch. I miss the time traveling bunnies. I miss how Ben’s face looked like canned apricot preserves after a fresh beating. Awwww sonofabitch, Freckles, I miss the dang polar bear.

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Presented in the right way I think “Limbo Beach” could be a smash hit. It’s like Gilligan’s Island meets Fantasty Island meets DHARMA Island meets The Ghost Whisperer [I know I’m being silly, but seriously… can’t you see a network exec just about pissing his pants when he hears that pitch?]. And since ABC passed on picking up “The Boobs n’ Spectre Mystery Hour,” Jennifer Love Hewitt could reprise her role on my new show. She could play the up tight resort operations manager and all sorts of hilarity would ensue because only she and Hurley could speak to the guests [I’m sure Miles would have a small part as the hand man or something]. That goofy ol’ Ben would always be getting into trouble, delivering clean towels to the wrong DHARMA station bungalo, or accidentally murdering Rose and Bernard. I’m telling you it would be a riot of Lucile Ballian proportions.

For you comment challenge, please come up with a different show ABC can produce to recapture their lost LOSTies, OR a plot device (including a LOST cast member guest star) for an episode of “Limbo Beach.”

More LOST links: