Fancy Bastards Assemble!

FANCY BASTARDS ASSEMBLE! Here’s your chance to help me do something very special for my family and in return get something very special of your own.

SHORT VERSION: For $35 you (and 99 other Fancy Bastards) will get the “Fancy Bastards Assemble!” 11″x 17″ print, plus an additional signed, large sized 11″x 17″ print of your choice (“The Doctor Is In,” “Winter Is Coming” or “Yatta Bub!”). For $55 you can get all 4 prints! As I get closer to the goal I will reveal more of the characters on the limited print HERE ON THIS PAGE.


LONG VERSION: Being self employed has many rewards: no set hours, no boss, no commute, but it also has its drawbacks: no healthcare, no steady paycheck and NO VACATION! With your help I aim to do something about that last one. My wife and I haven’t been on a real, adult vacation since our honeymoon 7 years ago. We have set a goal of joining the Sea Monkeys of JoCo Cruise Crazy 2. Unfortunately this is AN INCREDIBLY EXPENSIVE GOAL. We need to raise $3500 for the trip. To that end, I have created a limited (to only 100), signed and numbered print featuring the HE cast as a familiar super hero team.

EXPANDED VERSION: At least a dozen of my friends, and a dozen more people I greatly admire and would like to become friends with are going on this cruise. Last year they had such an amazing time THEY ALL STILL TALK ABOUT IT CONSTANTLY. I want to share in this communal geek experience at sea, and I want to share it with my family. If you can help me achieve this goal I will (continue to) be eternally grateful. Plus you get a some fancy wall art out of the deal. Everyone wins.

UPDATE 10/26/11: HOLY EFFING ESS OUT MY AYY! 60/100 Print packs are already gone! I thought this was going to take weeks, not hours. I am completely floored. I have just revealed two more characters. The final 3 will be unveiled when we reach the 100/100 goal. Giant happy thanks to all those that have ordered so far!

UPDATE AGAIN: WOW! There are only 3 print packs left as of this writing. I have updated the comic with Josh in all his hulking glory and will add the last two after the final 3 are sold. Thank you guys so much for the wonderful support.

UPDATE 10/27/11: All 100 print packs are sold out! I expected this to take weeks if not months instead of days. I have to escalate the production and shipping schedule accordingly. I will add the last couple of characters to the comic/print in the next few days. Thank you all so much for the support! If you didn’t get a chance to order before they sold out, I might make the 3 bonus prints available in a pack for $30 if there is any interest.

UPDATE 11/2/11: The final two Fancy Bastards are revealed. Wil Wheaton and Mikey Neumann! Wil is just this guy, you know? And Mikey is the creative director of Gearbox Software (Brothers In Arms, Borderlands, Aliens: Colonial Marines). Mikey previously appeared on HE in THIS comic. He assumes the guise of Director Fury since, after surviving a stroke, he actually wears an eyepatch from time to time.

For those of you that didn’t get a chance to order one of the 100 limited prints, you can donate any amount and get a desktop wallpaper of this image in THE VAULT.

HijiNKS ENSUE Fancy Bastards Assemble Desktop

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  1. Just to confirm (not that I haven't already bought the lot, finger crossed you get to the goal), but if / when we buy all four prints, do we still only get one of the additional prints ("The Doctor Is In", "Winter Is Coming" or "Yatta Bub!") signed?

  2. ordered. Damn you Joel for creating the assorted Fanciness I must have. I had managed to restrain myself from buying Winter is Coming.. until now.

  3. Damn you creative types for being able to make and sell something to pay for the cruise! Hmmm….if I can get 100 people to pay 35 bucks for an improv show…and get everyone else to do it for free…augh!
    I'll purchase as soon as I can. Someone I know should get to the chance to go.

    • That's not Batman. That's, uh, Hawkeye. In a Batman costume. Trying to throw off the enemy. There you go.

  4. Since I assume you'll get enough sales to go, I have to tell you that you'll have a good time even if JoCo gets sick on shrimp and spends the whole week in his cabin. My parents and I went on a Holland America cruise when I was in college and they definitely aim for relaxing rather than forced partying. It's *amazingly* refreshing to wake up and have *nothing* to do because what can you do when you're miles from land.

    • I hope you're right. Im a little nervous about being disconnected from the internet and the world, but I am also anticipating the "well i cant work, because theres no way to" situation.

      • I went right after finals, so it was an intense, "always something to do" situation into "absolutely nothing to do." You *can* get access to the internet, but it costs a bit. I'd recommending going on one of the all sailing days, probably mid-week and spending 30 minutes on the web to check your e-mail. Maybe update us on how it goes.

        Also, get *one* soft drink card for the whole week and split it with your wife. They're expensive, but it's nice to have it around and you can get as many as you want per trip. Just hope the ice cream freezer doesn't break on day 2 like it did on mine. Also, be prepared to gain weight. Cruise ships are a combination of a floating hotel and a floating buffet. Hungry for a snack when you wake up at 3 AM to take a leak? Head down to the Lido deck and grab whatever you want. Seriously. 24/7 food.

        Force yourself to relax on day 1 or 2. Half Moon Cay is nice. It's a created island and the water is crystal clear. For chrissake wear sunscreen. I was laid up for about 24 hours even though I was wearing a shirt. The entertainment on our cruise was nice, but I assume there's going to be at least one or two shows per night. Three days in you won't even be *thinking* about work. Except when all the fancy bastards keep coming up to you and going "OMG Joel I love your comic!!!"

      • I heard last year there was a group of people who paid/shared the internet fees and another group that abstained even in ports. Which will you be? Personally I think if you want you deserve to just stay off the whole week. Though, if you're following cruise info on the JoCo forums there is a small group dedicated to setting up a machine to act as a twitter type server for scheduling and communicating purposes. Ah, nerds.

        • I'd go for the abstaining thing. Only reason I went on at all is I had a girlfriend back home who I had to contact. Good thing I did. She's my wife now…

      • Join the WiFi Temperance Brigade! Swear off internet access for a WHOLE WEEK. See David Rees' posts on the JoCo Cruise Crazy site. And look for temporary tattoos (maybe) from yours truly.

  5. Ha, sweet! Looking forward to seeing the rest of the FB Avengers.

    Also, really looking forward to seeing the awesome photo comics that the JoCo Cruise will doubtlessly spawn.

  6. If there are any left by the time my paycheck clears, I am buying the SHIT out of this.
    If the Limited Awesomenesses are all gone, I mightbuy "Winter is coming" just for the hell of it.

  7. Holy crap! Halfway there!

    I think we should refer to this as the "Sea Monkey Effect". Sara Chicazul was able to tap into that as well to help fund her cruise. And sea monkeys got fezzes out of the deal.

    Oh, and you'd better be there because it's been about 25 years since I last met another Joel. Seriously.

  8. I like the confused look on Captain Joel's face, but I mean come on he should know by now that Eli will always dress up as Batman even if he's supposed to be dressing up as Thor. BatThor?

        • If the prints sell out tonight or tomorrow, I may (Depending on interest) put up just the 3 pack of extras at a discounted rate. The cruise is INCREDIBLY expensive and there are tons of fees and taxes and charges along the way so every little bit helps.

  9. Aaaah, it's times like this I almost wish I wasn't an unpaid theatre intern. Almost. Best of luck, Joel! You definitely deserve a vacation.

  10. HA! I've seen this comic a bunch of times, but I just noticed the clown sweater on Wheaton! Nice. 🙂

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