Phoenix Comicon Fancy Photo Comic

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I am closing out some current t-shirt and print designs. Please check out this blog post since the stuff on closeout probably won’t be available again any time soon.

NEWS! I will not be attending HeroesCon this weekend. Read more HERE. Sorry, Charlotte Fancy Bastards.

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Phoenix. Oh, sweet dear Phoenix. How I have fallen under your siren song. Or perhaps I am just light headed from the dry heat. Either way, I can say without a doubt that the time I spent last week in Phoenix, AZ was some of the most fun I have ever had in my entire life. What a way to usher out my 20’s and begin the long, slow crawl towards the grave. I hope the (unbearably lengthy) comic above illustrates just how amazing of a time it was.

Phoenix Comicon, while still firmly rooted in its anime-con upbringing, was one of the better comic/pop culture cons I have attended. The fans were just fantastic. Enthusiasm and fandom abounded. People in fur suits also abounded, but you take what you can get, right? It was really my kind of show. 1000’s and 1000’s of kids literally wearing their fandom on their sleeves. Their weird, hand crafted, often cardboard sleeves. If I could do 5 shows like this a year I wouldn’t do any others. I actually sold out of all of merch for both Phoenix AND Heroes Con (which is one of the main reasons I had to pull out of that show). I have already signed up for next year, so look for me in your sandy, parched grasp in 2012.

After the show each night I met up with Wil Wheaton, his wife Anne (“Molly” in the final panel), their son Ryan (hurphing next to his facepalming dad) and his friends John Scalzi, Boyan Radakovich and Amy Black. While I was already well acquainted with Wil, I did not expect to make such fast friends with his family and assorted cohorts. Our little group of creatives, writers, and Internet vagabonds spent every evening after the show together exploring downtown Phoenix, dining, drinking, playing games, and crashing the occasional geek prom. I know this is sappy, but it was really a magical time. When reflecting on the lives we live, Wil commented, “I hope I never wake up.” That really sums up my feelings. I am so grateful for the opportunities I am given to meet wonderful people and integrate them into my life.

I also want to mention and say thanks to Cherie Priest, a sci-fi writer and a friend of John and Wil’s who makes a cameo in panels 13 and 24. We are both from the same area in Southeast Texas and we had fun commiserating on our mutual escape from the region. Additional thanks to Nerdchick, who’s video of Wil’s performance of The Last Unicorn Pegasus Kitten inspired those panels above, and “grown up” film star April O’Neil who portrays Counselor Troi in this comic, as well as in the “grown up” Star Trek: TNG parody. I also need to shout out to Eric Fiallos, the photographer who took the prom picture in the final panel. The image captures one my favorite things that has ever happened. Evar.

The Ivy-Wivey League

Wil Wheaton and I got excited and made a thing! This comic is inspired by our Gallifrey University Fighting Time Lords Shirt which you can purchase now over at Sharksplode. You can read more about it on Wheaton’s Tumblr and the Sharksplode Blogsplode. Splode.

Gallifrey University Fighting Time Lords Shirt - Doctor Who parody, geeky tees, funny t-shirts, nerdy shirts

PHOENIX COMICON IS THIS WEEKEND!!! I will be there with Kel McDonald at table 241. WHEATON and I may actually have one or two of our Gallifrey University shirts to show you.

Phoenix Comicon HijiNKS ENSUE

I am closing out some current t-shirt and print designs. Please check out this blog post since the stuff on closeout probably won’t be available again any time soon.

COMMENTERS: What else goes on at Gallifrey U? What courses do they take? What sports do they letter in? Who are their rival schools? What other sort of pranks might Time Lord House pull on the Dean? Personally I assumed they didn’t have proper schooling on Gallifrey at all. I thought they just took a young Time Lord, maybe 8 or 9 years old, shoved his face in the Untempered Schism and let him gaze at the Time Vortex for a bit. If he wasn’t completely dingo-tits insane afterwards, he graduated with honors.

Organizational Levels

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Thanks to a little RT bump from Admiral Wheaton himself I crossed 5000 followers on Twitter last night. The comic above was inspired by the tweets that followed my little milestone, which seemed somehow fitting. Like scattering the ashes of a guy that like to surf in a shark’s mouth or something.

ANOTHER THING: A lot of you have tweeted, emailed or otherwise alerted me to a comic which has received a lot of press in the last couple of days that bears a striking resemblance to my “You’re The Last of The Time Lords, Charlie Brown” comic. The guy that drew it is Adam Koford. He is one of my favorite cartoonists, an incredible talent and a really nice guy to boot. I’ve talked to him and it seems that it really was a case of “same idea/same time.” Adam admits that mine went up first, but this was in no way a ripoff type situation. I actually find it kind of astounding that we did this in the same random week considering that neither Peanuts, nor Doctor Who are current, topical items. Either way no harm, no foul.

For those interested a shirt of my design is in the works, so stay tuned. Also, here’s a preview of my new convention flyer.

COMMENTERS: I’m sure there are more ranks and levels within Twitter. Please give me their names, the number of followers (or the achievement you have to unlock to acquire the title), and the perks or punishments involved.

CHECK IT OUT: I put a desktop version of the “You’re The Last Of The Time Lords, Charlie Brown” comic in The Vault.

You're The Last Of the Time Lords, Charlie Brown Wallpaper Preview

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Wheaton Comic Dare: Check Your Bag Before We Wreck Your Bag

Ewok Stare Shirt

When Southwest called me to tell me they had found my bag I was in the back of Jason Finn‘s car with Wil on the way to meet Stepto and Marian Call. Jason and Wil were talking Mini Coopers and there was talk radio coming over the car speakers, so I pressed my phone against my right ear as hard as I could and plugged the left one with my little finger. I asked the woman on the other end of the line to repeat herself. “Shredded,” she said. “Shredded?” I replied. “Like we were a polar bear and your suitcase was a seal covered in maple syrup,” she responded.

They couriered what was left of my bag to my hotel later that night. From the extent of the damage I was completely unable to come up with a scenario by which this violation could have actually occurred. It hadn’t simply been dropped or snagged. It seemed as though some sort of manimal had clawed into (or out of) my small rolling suitcase in a blind rage. Can a creature truly hate a piece of luggage? I dare say it can. In my search for a reasonable explantation, Wil offered the Sarlacc pit theory and thus a comic was born. Later in the weekend I would prototype this comic in Wil’s copy of HE Book 2.

[Special thanks to Wil for contributing his first line in panel 1, a reference to his character in the Penny Arcade D&D Podcast.]

I toyed with the idea of continuing the Emerald City Comicon Sketch comics [Part 1 and Part 2] another day, but decided instead just to show you the rest of the sketches I wanted to share in this blog post. I will call this series “Sketches For Celebrities: Both Internet And Otherwise.”

Commenters: Feel free to offer up more examples of how and why specific airlines lose your luggage. Does JFK have to pay off the mob in “misplaced” golf clubs? Does Newark purposefully chuck your bags in the river to remind you not to go to New Jersey? How about some new slogans for Southwest? I like “Southwest: Hey whattayou Expect?” “Southwest: No Guarantees,” “Southwest: Come Fly The Functional Skies,” and “Southwest: This Whole Thing Is A Scam To Move Pretzels and Diet Coke.”

Wheaton Comic Dare: Unwatchable At Any Speed

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NEW HE PODCAST [episode 78] IS HERE! Hours of extra podcast are HERE for Vault Subscribers.

New Lo-FiJINKS comic posted late last night!

Driving back to Dallas from Austin today so colors and what not will be finished this evening.
UPDATE: Refresh as hard as you can to see the finished comic.

Wheaton threw down another comic dare challenge and, as always, I accepted. When will you learn not to step to these mad comicing skills, Wheaton? When? WHEEEEEAAAAATONNNNNNNN!

Having seen the trailer for Drive Angry 1: Too Driving Too Angry, I got the impression that Nic Cage escaped hell to rescue his daughter, who was the slutty blond played by Amber Heard that he was driving so very angry with. Then I got the distinct impression they wanted to have sex with each other. THEN I saw the full trailer and realized she was just some road cooz along for the ride. Whatever. This movie looks banana-tits insane.

COMMENTERS: What’s your favorite/least favorite crazy/sane Nic Cage performance and why? Also, please create subtitles for the inevitable sequels to Drive Angry: Drive Momma From The Train.

Thanks to @SpringHeeledJak for suggesting the Hindenburg kite.