Be Prepared

And so our new mini storyline begins! I think we’re going to find out why Eli has been drinking so much and what exactly happened to him after he left the movie theater with neurotoxic booze-candy poisoning.

If you’re a member of the HE Fancy Bastard Facebook Group, I just posted the cover for the first HE iBook/eBook offering “ijiNKS ENSUE: Drawing Hands Is Hard – An iBook Collection Of HijiNKS ENSUE Comics from 2007-2008.” The iBook itself should be available to donation subscribers this week and to anyone else that wants to drop a one-time pay-what-you-want donation in the bucket. If you donate now, I will email you when the iBook is available.

Fans of the HE Podcast, I should have some exciting news for you pretty soon. Maybe not until after San Diego Comicon, but soon.

I’ve been reposting all of the previously locked content from The HijiNKS ENSUE Vault over in my Tumblr under “The Vault Redux.” Feel free to check it out.

Fans of The Experiment might be interested to know that my wife and I are starting a second experiment. With our daughter starting school in a few months, my wife is ready to return to work. I’m not about to ask her to burden herself with a commute and a boss and… gauhhhhh… COWORKERS, so she is going to start a photo restoration and photo retouching business. You can see her website HERE. Her rates are reasonable and she’s really fantastic at the work she does. Please feel free to pass her URL along to anyone you know that might need damaged photo repair, cosmetic touch ups in photos, removing someone from a photo, adding someone to a photo, color correcting a picture, black and white / color effects or photo colorization, or just general Photoshop image manipulation.

COMMENTERS: Even though Eli was just “bobbing for beers,” Josh was certainly quick with the body disposal plan. Assuming Josh is equally prepared for all scenarios, what other situations is he prepped/planned for and what supplies does he have on hand? I’m assuming he has multiple contingencies for any and all HAMergencies.