El Chivo Expiatorio

I am at Fan Expo Canada in Toronto right now with Blind Ferret and Randy Milholland of of Something*Positive at booth #844. More info HERE.

I sketched this comic on an airplane, I inked it at my friend Paul‘s house in Buffalo and I colored it at my new friend Andrew’s house in Toronto. And now I am sitting on the floor in Andew‘s hall posting it for you. What I’m saying is this comic has traveled across many states, time zones, altitudes and countries (two countries to be exact) in order to make your face do a not-mad kind of face. I hope it was worth it.

Despite being portrayed as a selfish monster in this comic, Josh IRL once gave me a $2000 Wacom Cintiq 21UX for my birthday just to celebrate the 4 year anniversary of the comic. Eli IRL gave me a 13″ Cintiq and a an iMac a year or so earlier also just to help me along with The Experiment. I’m lucky to have those guys in m life. Not for the money they spent, but for the belief they had in my endeavor to live an honest, fulfilled and creative life. FRIENDSHIP AMIRITE?!

COMMENTERS: What’s the nicest thing anyone ever did for you just to be a friend, wanting nothing in return? 


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They listened. Sometimes the best thing a true friend can do is sit there and listen and let you get things “off your chest” and then help you laugh when things are going Tango Uniform.
My friend didn’t vomit on me when we went binge drinking in Vancouver. That was nice.
I took up knitting in 2003 to a) honor a long tradition of skilled domestic crafting among the women in my family and b) keep my hands busy when I watched TV so I didn’t use them to shove food in my face. After I’d made a few things as was starting to design my own pieces rather than just working from patterns, my friend Anna Banana from Savannah went to Michael’s and bought me a really nice little organizer to hold all my bits and bobs for doing my wizardry I mean knitting. For the next several years, not a day went by when I didn’t need some tiny little item that I knew exactly where to get because it was in that organizer. Ten years later I don’t knit nearly as much as I used to, but to this day that organizer is one of the most useful things I own.
They all want something. No matter what, they all are after something…. 😛
DuckAmuck's avatar

DuckAmuck · 95 weeks ago

A family member recently bought us a house.
Mostly just to be cool. And also for us to live.

There is a bit of “proving we’re worth it”, but that’s what WE bring to the party, not what the party is expecting us to bring.

Miles's avatar

Miles · 95 weeks ago

V8 and Vodka alone does not a bloody Mary make. One needs Worchestershire sauce, but I prefer to use A1 instead, black pepper (though I use Cayenne), lemon juice, olive juice.

It turns out just fine for the purposes to which I use it; which is usually to be able to function the morning after a heavy drink and drink some more.

1 reply · active 95 weeks ago

Sorry, i deleted that bit from the post since it was accidentally copied and pasted from the previous comic’s post.
One time this nice guy named…something with a J…Jor-El? Something like that. He trekked me all the way through the bowels of ECCC to meet his other friend…Walter? Willow? Whatsit? Just so we could show him a silly thing I made.

It might have changed my life, and I might be forever grateful to whats-his-name.

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jeffcg's avatar

jeffcg · 95 weeks ago

Several years ago, my wife (girlfriend at the time) and I ran out of heating oil right at Thanksgiving, and it was a cold November. Our friend Patrick, without warning, stopped by and dropped off a very nice (not very combustible) space heater and wouldn’t take anything for it.
Mads's avatar

Mads · 95 weeks ago

A three-day road trip from Vancouver to San Bernardino and back to have lunch with a friend, and give them a new VCR. One day to get from Vancouver to Sacramento, one day to get from Sacramento to San Bernardino, a couple hours for lunch, and back to Sacramento, and one day to get back from Sacramento to Vancouver.

Strange Brew

I will be at Fan Expo Canada in Toronto this weekend with Blind Ferret and Randy Milholland of of Something*Positive. I will be at booth #844. More info HERE.

I’m leaving for the airport in 5 hours. Perhaps I should pretend to sleep between now and then.

COMMENTERS: What’s the weirdest flavored alcohol or other drink have you ever tried? What drink concoctions were you certain would work, but ultimately failed? Which were the tastiest?

According to my friend, David, you cannot mix V-8 juice and vodka to make some sort of bastardized health conscious bloody Mary. I once, for lack of heavy half and half, mixed vodka, Kahlua and eggnog to make a holiday themed White Russian I called a St. Petersburg Christmas. I later found out I was not the first person to “invent” this drink, but that didn’t make it any less delicious.


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Greg's avatar

Greg · 95 weeks ago

Can your wife do Sugar Crush jewellery? My wife is addicted to that game.
Half Pineapple juice, half vodka….we called it “boat gas”. I seem to remember drinking it out of a jerrycan.

Crown Royal and root beer. A bit too sweet for most, but I like it.

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bix's avatar

bix · 95 weeks ago

You can make a “pineapple upside down cake” with cake-flavoured vodka, pineapple juice, and some club soda — one of the most delicious drinks I’ve ever had.
I just love the name. I’d drink anything you called “boat gas.”
Manhattans made with Southern Comfort. Awful!
Dan's avatar

Dan · 95 weeks ago

My friends and I found an internet recipe for Pan-Galactic Gargleblasters. It was 16 ounces of alcohol and 2 ounces of Gatorade (I assume you’re supposed to use lemon Gatorade, for the twist of lemon). It’s bad. It was like doing a terrible, terrible tequila shot (the Jose Cuervo overwhelmed all other flavours despite being only 25% of the alcohol) and knowing that you have 17 more terrible shots left to go. It is the worst thing we’ve ever done. Twice. And there’s talk of round three.
Waldon Best's avatar

Waldon Best · 95 weeks ago

Whiskey and diet iced tea. Worst mistake of my life, right above bear hunting wearing my steak meat necklace.
Crotalus's avatar

Crotalus · 95 weeks ago

Mix 1 shot Jagermeister, 1 shot Barenjager or Krupnik, and 1 12oz. can of Moxie. I call it a Jagermonster. (apologies to Phil & Kaja Foglio).
And now I have Cream’s “Strange Brew” stuck in my head without having to get the CD out. This will keep me placated for a few hours. Thanks Joel 🙂
To your question: The Molotov Cocktail – 3/4 of a shot of vodka, 1/4 shot of Frank’s Extra Red Hot, Three dashes of Frostbite hot sauce (flavorless but burns like crazy) and garnished with Morton’s Hot Salt. You feel it going down, and then feel it about 2 days later, screaming out of you like a cruise missile.

I also had a college friend who would do a “Chumbawamba” – in a large mug, a bottle of lager, a bottle of cider (his usual was Woodchuck Granny Smith), 2 shots of vodka and 2 shots of whiskey.

Ali's avatar

Ali · 95 weeks ago

Root beer and Bailey’s.

1 reply · active 95 weeks ago

One time I was tricked into drinking rootbeer and whipped cream vodka.
jake's avatar

jake · 95 weeks ago

This isn’t about a drink per se, but my sister lived in Wisconsin for a while and at one point brought back alcohol laced whipped cream for one of her family visits. Now mind you, we live in the glorious vice-hating state of Pennsylvania, and as we are all puritans we have the country’s largest monopoly in the form of the Liquor Control Board (PLCV). Suffices to say that the concept of alcohol laced whipped cream probably keeps the chairman of the PLCB up at night in a cold sweat. Regrettably, after having tried it I decided that there was a very good reason the chairman banned it from our halls of sin. It had the consistency of shaving cream, the aroma of cake vodka and dispensed with a combustible cloud of everclear and rubbing alcohol. Incidentally, one should probably not trust a “cream” product that has (in very large lettering) DO NOT REFRIGERATE on the container.

Live, learn, move on to other booze.

dustwindbun's avatar

dustwindbun · 95 weeks ago

My sorority threw a party one time. We were a small service group, so it was all bring your own, and they had juice and pop to mix. So, I grabbed what I had on hand, being a nerd who had only just turned 21 and didn’t do any underage drinking, which was amaretto, cherry Pucker, and creme de cassis (I was a French major). Long story short, we ended up with a brown ominous-looking drink we named The Sludge: amaretto, cherry Pucker, orange juice, and Sprite (we were too scared to put in the cassis at that point). It was, surprisingly, a lot better than it looked. Kind of like an amaretto stone sour with grenadine added for extra sweetness. Though I don’t think I’d make it on purpose again.

Oh btw, Mike, above, with the “boat gas” – that, or swap out rum for vodka, is my mom’s favorite drink to make at home, because it’s simple and pineappley. Sometimes we throw some cranberry juice on top.

James's avatar

James · 95 weeks ago

There’s a scene in “The Room” where Lisa and Johnny drink a half scotch, half vodka cocktail that my friends and I call the Tommy Wisseau. It is really bad.

1 reply · active 95 weeks ago

The toast should be, “Oh hi, Mark!”
{CB}Marsupial Vomit's avatar

{CB}Marsupial Vomit · 95 weeks ago

We used to drink Kentucky Panzers
It’s like a Jack and Coke, but we used A&W Root Beer and Jim Beam, with a dash of root beer schnapps.
It didn’t taste like alcohol. Nor did it feel like it until you got through the third or fourth one, and it ran you over like a tank.
Sonia's avatar

Sonia · 95 weeks ago

I did not invent this but it’s Rum and rootbeer…they call it a Rumbeer and it’s surprisingly good

3 replies · active 94 weeks ago

Try a Dark and Stormy. Rum and Ginger Beer. Or was it gin? Either way it was delicious.
Aetheling's avatar

Aetheling · 95 weeks ago

It’s ginger beer, and they are fantastic. And I hate rum!
Crotalus's avatar

Crotalus · 94 weeks ago

Dan's avatar

Dan · 95 weeks ago

We here in Canada have clearly gone crazy for flavoured vodkas. Cake vodka is awesome and delicious, but I learned the hard way that you can never, ever mix the vodkas. Cake vodka and whipped cream vodka will just cancel each other out, and the shot just tastes like vodka.

What I really like is the Mass Effect tribute cocktail, the Keelah Se’Lemonade. Vodka, Parfait Amour, Mandarin Liqueur (or equivalent, I use Golden Pear), lemonade to fill. Tasty.

Liam's avatar

Liam · 95 weeks ago

I have mixed root beer and butterscotch schnapps together and I’ve also mixed sweet tea and malt liquor together.
Mitch's avatar

Mitch · 95 weeks ago

I’m not sure this qualifies, but in my youth I would mix copious amounts of Hershey’s chocolate syrup with Mountain Dew.

I found it delicious, but haven’t been brave enough to try it again.

MrPlow99's avatar

MrPlow99 · 95 weeks ago

There’s a drink that friends of mine make called “Skip And Go Naked.” It consists of:
– bottle of cheap vodka
– 30-pack of Keystone Light
– Country Time pink lemonade mix

It sounds terrible, but it’s surprisingly not half bad.

Chaucer59's avatar

Chaucer59 · 95 weeks ago

Back in 1979, the fast-attack sub I was assigned to went on out to wait in the Gulf if Oman while the politicians decided what not to do about the hostages held in Tehran. While we were out bobbing along with the seagulls, one of our chiefs decided to try out his new wine-making kit. He made wine with cherry juice, apple juice, cranberry juice, and kept sending the results of his experiments back to engineering. After three days, the entire nuclear plant operations crew (except the engineer, one Mormon engineman, and a hardcore Evangelist junior officer) were sloshed. Then the experiments got weird. First, Steely Adam notwithstanding, grapefruit wine is a bad idea. Pineapple juice wine is even worse (I swear you could watch it eating through ceramic mugs.

The worst, however, was bug juice wine. Bug juice is some generic brand of sweetened Kool-aid knockoff–lime flavored (well, green food coloring-flavored anyway). The four poor bastards who drank the bug juice wine were drunk for three more days, and had to have their stomachs pumped.

1 reply · active 95 weeks ago

You lived BSG. That’s fucking fantastic.
Jeff W.'s avatar

Jeff W. · 95 weeks ago

Two flavored beers that I tried this year Redd’s Apple Ale and Bud Light Lime Straw-Ber-Rita were two of the worst concoctions I have ever had.

I tried the Ber-Rita at a restaurant, because I have a great recipe for a beer based margarita and I love Pete’s Strawberry Blonde, so what could go wrong?

Since I had bought a six-pack of the Redd’s I felt obligated to drink it. After the second one I had more than a passing notion about giving-up drinking. Getting some real beer into me brought me back to my senses.

1 reply · active 95 weeks ago

Redd’s is an ale, not a beer. There are no hops in it.

I actually like Redd’s, but that Straw-ber-rita is horrible. I tried it and the Lime-erita a few weeks ago because they were $1 each….big mistake. Both tasted like something I would use to clean my toilet. ICK.

I think got a hangover from reading this thread. Gah.

When I was vegan, I decided to make a bastardized White Russian using vodka, Kahlua, and flavored coffee creamer. While quite tasty on an occasional evening, I do not recommend it on nights where one is determined to drink to excess. Nor do I recommend drinking it when you’re also doing shots of high quality rum when playing poker and drinking champagne. One of the very few times I’ve ever gotten sick when drinking was on that night. Too much sugar!!!!

seriously's avatar

seriously · 95 weeks ago

What’s the weirdest flavored alcohol or other drink have you ever tried?

An ill-advised cocktail a buddy made which he dubbed a “monkey’s ass”. It was equal parts Bailey’s and Yoo Hoo, mixed with the cheapest gin and vodka you could stomach.
It actually tasted better on the way up for some reason.

What drink concoctions were you certain would work, but ultimately failed?

When my brother was into skating he and his buddies would chip in and get a case of Jolt cola and a bottle of Bacardi to mix up “Party fuel”. Despite being basically a rum and coke it tasted nasty as hell. It got you drunk, but it still tasted nasty.

Aetheling's avatar

Aetheling · 95 weeks ago

A bar in York UK where I live used to do something called the HellShot. Whilst not weird per se, it was a one way trip to cirrhosis. 89% Balkan vodka, the sort of stuff that Serbian tank crews clean the main gun barrel with, and a blend of absinthe including an 85% one direct from Prague. The effects of this drink were…awful. I woke up on top of the the city walls at four in the morning with a headache the size of Scotland and an inability to talk, laugh, or even walk properly. It got banned a few years ago, alas.
PowersOfAnOrdinary's avatar

PowersOfAnOrdinary · 95 weeks ago

I made a cocktail out of equal parts pineapple juice, tequila, and beer, with a slice of jalapeno. It has a surprisingly delicious and complex flavor. I, of course, named it the Hate-Filled Pineapple.

1 reply · active 93 weeks ago

I was with you until the beer. I do love the name though.
Hielario's avatar

Hielario · 95 weeks ago

The weirdest flavored acohol?

Some german pear liquor my mom bought once. I tried it once… imagine someone gets one of those enormous pears that are 50 % vater, and then it shoves it brutally into your mouth without asking. That’s how it tastes.

Sandy's avatar

Sandy · 95 weeks ago

Worst drink, bacon vodka. Hands down worst. Wierdest was an co-invention called the flaming gummyworm. A layerd shot of midori, goldschlager, and galliano with a 151 float. Light, toast, blow out and down it. Under no circumstances make it bigger than a shot.
Candace's avatar

Candace · 95 weeks ago

The weirdest flavored alcohol I’ve ever had was a lavender-infused liqueur from Provence. It was very weird, and not in a good way. It eventually got discarded unfinished, because it was basically like drinking perfume. If you’ve ever tasted perfume, either accidentally or on purpose, you know what I mean.
When I was young we had family friend who worked for a marketing company and he’d bring over promotional products his firm was working on sometimes, to get our take on them. One time he brought over Mrs. Fields Brand Chocolate Chip Cookie Soda and apologetically asked us to try it. We cracked open a can and pored it over ice and each had a swallow. Well, it did taste just like a mrs. Fields cookie, but cookies should not be cold, liquid, and fizzy. They got the flavor right, but it was awful in a weird way. They never released it officially. A wise choice.
Nechie's avatar

Nechie · 95 weeks ago

Sapin liqueur made out of young sproutsof firs, it tastes as weird as it sounds.
I love V-8 based Bloody Marys. So much better tasting and better for you than plain old tomato juice based Bloody Marys. I recently found out that it’s actually called an 8 Ball.
H.S.'s avatar

H.S. · 95 weeks ago

Passoã (passion fruit liqueur) and chocolate/mint vodka, 50/50 in a shot. Discovered on a “what strange stuff from the bar can we mix”-night. Surprisingly good, was coined as Dark Passion on the night.
Adam D.'s avatar

Adam D. · 95 weeks ago

My college roommate regularly drank SoCo and Mountain Dew… I wouldn’t know what to call it other than fucking disgusting…


Jason's avatar

Jason · 95 weeks ago

Not to be all whatever about it, but one time I drank Vodka through a Twinkie straw…

1 reply · active 93 weeks ago

This never happened.


I will be at Fan Expo Canada in Toronto this weekend with Blind Ferret and Randy Milholland of of Something*Positive. I will be at booth #844. More info HERE.

Sorry for the lack of comics last week. School starts for Kiddo next week, so last week I took my family on a road trip to San Antonio. Kiddo’s never really had a proper vacation, so spending some family time together before she’s only with us a few hours a day for 9 months was important. I brought the Surface Pro and managed to get one come and one Lofi done, but Sea World kicked my ass. The drive from San Antonio to Austin, a little rest, then the follow up drive back to Dallas wiped me out. The good news is I have 3 comics and 2 Lofi’s ready to go for this week. Please to enjoy the continuation of this storyline.

In the same way sports fans act like their choice of shirts, caps and foam fingers influence the outcome of the game, we geeks (many of whom ARE actually sports fans… weird…) do tend to internalize the stories, characters and fates of our favorite shows. Geekery is rarely a passive act. Our curse is that we typically seek an active roll in the outcome of events that we can’t actually hope to influence. To satiate this need to participate we often seek to expand the universes of the things we love into new directions, new activities and new sub-fandoms that we can actually have an effect on.

I firmly believe this need arrises from equal parts love and selfishness. Or perhaps I mean self-centeredness. Is there a way of saying that without sounding so negative, because I really don’t mean to. It’s that we love a thing so much, so hard that we NEED it to meet our unreasonably high expectations. We need it to be at least as smart as our own head-fiction in order to continue loving it as hard as we do. It’s sort of a vicious cycle. Still, the need to own something, to posses it, embody it and act as an emissary for it to others seems somewhat selfish. I guess my point is that the average Rizzoli and Isles fan doesn’t get too worked up over Rizzoli or Isles. They probably don’t work for weeks on their Isles costume so that it’s perfect for RizzIslCon. They probably don’t… who the hell am I kidding? Rizzoliheads are probably some of the biggest geeks in the world.

COMMENTERS: When have you felt you most “contributed” to your fandom of choice? Was it introducing a new fan, writing fan-fiction, cosplaying at a con, organizing a themed event, or just screaming at the screen until the producers listened to your grand vision?


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meagankn's avatar

meagankn · 95 weeks ago

TILDA SWINTON? That’s what you mean, right? Because I’d watch the shit out of that.
Hotsauce's avatar

Hotsauce · 95 weeks ago

I’d rather have minorites written ungracefully then have the current status quo of minorities being practically nonexistent.
Bruceski's avatar

Bruceski · 95 weeks ago

When Terry Pratchett announced he had Alzheimer’s, I organized some folks here in Portland to fold and send a thousand origami turtles. Never heard back about that, I hope they arrived okay.
David S.'s avatar

David S. · 95 weeks ago

I have the exact opposite effect: any show I seem to get into gets cancelled, so I realized if i were ever to campaign to influence a show, I may just get it cancelled that much faster!

1 reply · active 95 weeks ago

Bruceski's avatar

Bruceski · 95 weeks ago

I constantly make the mistake of watching the first season of shows on NBC. Nothing gets a second season. That said, the reason is often because a lot of them are “neat idea for a miniseries, but you guys had no idea what to do with it for a whole season.” My Own Worst Enemy, for example. Guy has artificially-created multiple personalities to be a spy with an unbreakable cover, then they start flip-flopping when not supposed to? Clever idea, I can think of about six episodes’ worth of stuff before you run out.

Passive. Aggressive.

The HijiNKS ENSUE Store is all new looking and such, and all ladies shirts are $5 off! 

 I have dreamed a dream, but now that dream is gone from me. It’s hard not to take it personally when you have such a specific plan for your favorite geeky movie or show and it seems like Hollywood or the BBC or the Universe in general just isn’t paying attention to that plan. It’s even worse when you find out how close the Universe’s plan was to your own. It’s worse when you find out out you could have had it all

COMMENTERS: When I was a kid we were rarely privy to information such as casting rumors. Hell, we were rarely privy to information at all by today’s standards. What ill-fated casting rumor did you most hope was true? What geeky movie or show suffered from the worst casting? The best? 

The 2013 DIGITAL FANCY SKETCH DRIVE is still going through the end of next week! Check out the details and order yours HERE.

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quidditch necklace

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He’s riffing on the “Let go and let God” slogan.
Bruceski's avatar

Bruceski · 96 weeks ago

“Ain’t no law that says a dog can’t be a timelord.” — Air Bud 12, as told by Rifftrax Live.
TheWatcher's avatar

TheWatcher · 96 weeks ago

Isn’t “rooting for a black doctor” just as bad as rooting for a white doctor?

Can’t we just hope that part is cast well, regardless of skin colour?

16 replies · active 96 weeks ago

TheWatcher's avatar

TheWatcher · 96 weeks ago

Irrelevant. Just because there hasn’t yet been one does not make having one preferable *if* there is someone better for the part.
Breaking racial barriers is important whether its in sports, politics or entertainment. Also the “if there’s someone better for the job” is an old argument that’s been used by “I’m not racist, but I’m just sayin’l racists for years.
MichaelH's avatar

MichaelH · 96 weeks ago

It’s still odd everyone wanting a black or female doctor to be written by a white male. Shouldn’t we be wishing for the next showrunner/head writer to be the black/female (or both) who would in turn produce the diversity needed? It worked with the previous gay showrunner who opened the door to Doctor Who happily including characters of any sexuality desired.

While it’s nice Moffat has entertained widening the role, it’s also good that in the end he’s choosing to write the Doctor he knows rather than trying to force a new aspect of the Doctor just for the sake of it.

And the next showrunner is possibly the (respectful) campaign to wage now. After all, Davies was getting ready to leave and we didn’t even know it by about now!

UnderTheDark's avatar

UnderTheDark · 96 weeks ago

You know what, you make a fantastic point. I would be SO much more excited to hear about a new, non-misogynistic/”color-blind” show runner… if you think that women and minorities are under-represented IN FRONT of the camera, well Mississippi-godDAMN take a look behind!
TheWatcher's avatar

TheWatcher · 96 weeks ago

I would be nice to see a black doctor, but saying I’m “rooting” for it seems to me to be going to far…

I really hope the show-runners are colour-blind both ways when casting. I’m sure that they have a vision of what the doctor should be and frankly I’d be disgusted if that vision includes a race. (And in fact, we know it doesn’t. Since a black man has been offered the part before.)

If a white guy got the job over a black guy because they think he’ll be a better doctor – that better fits how they want to develop the character – so be it. The same goes for age, sex – whatever.

“Also the “if there’s someone better for the job” is an old argument that’s been used by “I’m not racist, but I’m just sayin’l racists for years.”

It’s funny, because I’m black. (Well, my mother is anyway.) But come on. Attack my argument, fair enough. But don’t use it as an excuse to lump me in with those assholes.

TheWatcher's avatar

TheWatcher · 96 weeks ago

I mean if you were just rooting for Chiwetel Ejiofor, I could understand it more. Chiwetel Ejiofor is fucking awesome.
It’s not just that they’re black, I think Cheesewheel and Idris would both be friggin awesome at the gig. But it’s not about wanting “Black” or “white” it’s about wanting “different”. Asian, woman or ginger would be cool too. though not an asian woman ginger. That might be weird.
Does she have a British accent? Gender, race and folcile-bending I’ll wholeheartedly endorse, but I’ll not have my doctors be other than British.
Hotsauce's avatar

Hotsauce · 96 weeks ago

As I said on the last comic, there is no one “best actor” for any role. Acting is pretty much the only profession where a black woman who nailed her audition for the Power Rangers can be told she didn’t get the role because “we already have a black actor”. So it’s naive to the border of incredulity to say “color doesn’t matter as long as it’s the best actor” whenever “someone who isn’t white” is mentioned as a casting possibility.
Dukes of Hazard.
When Coy and Vance joined the show. No, at least they were acknowledged to not be Bo and Luke. But C’MON!
Love the word Alcoholabetes by the way. 😉
Ron's avatar

Ron · 96 weeks ago

I was dreading Heath Ledger as the Joker. All I could picture was Ten Things I Hate about you. It was going to be horrible. Then I watched it. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Since then I don’t judge who gets cast for whatever role.

1 reply · active 96 weeks ago

I had never seen his previous works, but I was similarly skeptical. Holy shit was I wrong.
Paul's avatar

Paul · 96 weeks ago

Used to love the show Sliders, especially with the original cast. I was not the least bit perturbed when they replaced Sabrina Lloyd as the token female/love interest with Kari Wuhrer. I was, however, a bit annoyed when they replace Jerry O’Connell with his lesser brother, Charlie. The dynamic was completely obliterated and the show lost a lot of something, including me as a viewer after a few episodes.

4 replies · active 96 weeks ago

I caught a really late in the series episode one night about a month ago and the entire cast has been replaced (more than once over) and only Rembrandt was left. Charlie O’ wasn’t even there. It was some other random dude who apparently was a shitty clone of Quinn or something.
That was the last season when Jerry focused on directing. The finale was anticlimactic, too
I suggest you watch the finale to find out
Richard Ayoade. Would have been brilliant. So much of a long shot that it was fun to think about. But Neil Gaiman says that he knows a black actor who was offered the Doctor and turned it down.

1 reply · active 96 weeks ago

That would have been bananapants awesome.
DuckAmuck's avatar

DuckAmuck · 96 weeks ago

I just want a maple bacon vodka pancake batter smoothie.
It seems everything would be fine if I had one of those…

What if I went crazy and made PANCAKES out of it! Oh, the awesomeness…

1 reply · active 96 weeks ago

So, being that you have free will, i suggest you start collecting ingredients.
I don’t know who decided Topher Grace should be Venom, but they deserve nothing less than being thrown in Sarlacc’s pit.

4 replies · active 96 weeks ago

Canadian Spider-Man's avatar

Canadian Spider-Man · 96 weeks ago

Topher Grace should have been Peter Parker. Tobey McGuire was completely miscast. During That 70s Show, I swore he would make the PERFECT Peter, and then the Spider-Man movies happened, and Tobey was an emotionless robot. And then they finally get Topher, but he’s Eddie Brock..
Bruceski's avatar

Bruceski · 96 weeks ago

When I went to see Gatsby my main comment was “how come when Tobey Maguire is shy and awkward it’s painful, but when DiCaprio does the same kind of thing it’s endearing?” The answer of course is “because one of them’s a good actor.”
I think it was definitely different back in the day before the Internet…we would just watch the show, take what we got and either kept watching or stopped.

I remember reading about Lucas’s 9 Star Wars plan, being all excited and then wondering if we were ever going to get Episodes I-III.

HikingViking's avatar

HikingViking · 96 weeks ago

I think the best fantasy movie casting I’ve ever really noticed was Julie Walters being cast as Molly Weasley. After watching her play Mrs. Wilkinson, I couldn’t imagine a better actress to play someone so fiercely protective and maternal. But honestly, I think her acting chops (along with many of the actors and actresses in the franchise) had their talents wasted – or at least not utilized to the fullest. Alan Rickman being a very notable exception. At the other end of the spectrum, the worst casting ever was Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt being cast in Interview With the Vampire.

3 replies · active 96 weeks ago

That whole series is full of just sublime casting choices. Hagrid, Snape, pretty much all of the teachers… just fantastic.
Stonemaven's avatar

Stonemaven · 96 weeks ago

Re Interview:
I read the book as a kid and always pictured Sting (circa Dune) as Louis and Rutger Hauer (circa Ladyhawk) as Lestat and maybe Mathew Broderick as Armand. If it had been made into a movie back then at the time, it would have been perfect. I was horrified when Pitt and Cruise were announced even though my ideal actors were too old by that time.
I had heard that Patrick Stewart was rumored to play Mr. Freeze in ‘Batman and Robin’. I was hoping that it was him instead of Arnold Schwarzenegger.

4 replies · active 96 weeks ago

in retrospect, arent you glad it wasnt him?
Liam's avatar

Liam · 96 weeks ago

Considering how “Batman and Robin” turned out yes I’m glad but at the time I was disappointed because I think Patrick Stewart could be a good Mr. Freeze.
Just imagining it is giving me waking nightmares. I must wash Batman and Robin from my mind.
bucketofarrows's avatar

bucketofarrows · 96 weeks ago

Nathan Fillion as Nathan Drake. He even said he wanted the role. When I heard it was Wahlberg and the weird direction they were going I died a little inside and then felt relieved when the whole thing got scrapped.

HikingViking, another exception was Maggie Smith I thought.

1 reply · active 96 weeks ago

Ali's avatar

Ali · 96 weeks ago

I was hoping for David Tennant as Thranduil, honestly, back in like 2010 when Hobbit casting rumors were first floating around. And I was pleased by the Nimoy as Smaug casting rumor, but far more pleased by the reality of Cumbersmaug.
groklife's avatar

groklife · 96 weeks ago

Late 80’s/early 90’s: I was so ready for Pierce Brosnan to be Agent 007.
Instead, we got Timothy Dalton. Nothing wrong with Timothy Dalton, but HE WASN’T Pierce Brosnan!

Of course, then I got Pierce Brosnan. Be careful what you wish for. I thought he was crap in his four Bond movies.

Daniel Craig is fantastic, imho.

Hotsauce's avatar

Hotsauce · 96 weeks ago

In the early 90s, rumor had it that Robert DeNiro was being cast as Wolverine. I could not and can not imagine it.
Liam's avatar

Liam · 96 weeks ago

Here is a good one. Nicolas Cage as Superman.
Mr. T is still alive. That recent A-Team movie should have had him as Mr. T! I don’t care if he has aged; it should have been.

I don’t really know enough to figure out how to get in on the casting rumor mill, though.

2 replies · active 96 weeks ago

He has NOT aged. He is ageless.
The Unknown FB's avatar

The Unknown FB · 96 weeks ago

Enough of your jibber-jabber…Mr. T is a closeted Time Lord!
He pities those who fool with his TARDIS!
Tony's avatar

Tony · 96 weeks ago

There was a rumor that Christopher Eccleston was going to find his way into Game of Thrones (I want to say as Balon Greyjoy, but I could be mistaken), and this was right after my second time watching his run as the Doctor (you know, the time after you’ve seen the Tennant years and the beginning of Smith’s run, and you’re rewatching everything and you realize how much more brilliant Eccleston’s Doctor was than you initially gave him credit for), and I was excited to see him doing anything, but especially something as cocainesque as Game of Thrones. Sure, even he probably couldn’t have saved Balon Greyjoy from the massively petty stupid that Georgr R. R. Martin originally imbued the character with (seriously, what the fuck is the point of invading the North when the Lannisters probably can’t afford to thoroughly defend the wealthiest castles in the country from the sea because two of the people that want to claim their Iron Throne are like two days’ sail from attacking the capital?), but it doesn’t change the fact that I would really love to see Mr. Eccleston on screen again in something I’m going to watch…

2 replies · active 96 weeks ago

Eccleston is fantastic! It would have been awesome to see him in Game of Thrones! But he will be in Thor 2! So don’t give up on him.
Kirby's avatar

Kirby · 96 weeks ago

People really don’t give Eccleston’s doctor enough credit. Of the three, “modern” doctors he’s probably my favorite.

I was squeeing my little fanboy brain out when I heard that Matt Smith wanted to do a crossover between them. <3 I so so very very disappointed that it never happened. *crosses fingers* Another 5 doctors, another five doctors

Bubbalouey's avatar

Bubbalouey · 96 weeks ago

Erm… Didn’t you only just start watching doctor who last year?

2 replies · active 96 weeks ago

lou's avatar

lou · 96 weeks ago

I think he’s been mainlining old episodes in between seasons.
Canadian Spider-Man's avatar

Canadian Spider-Man · 96 weeks ago

I was hoping for an older man to play the Doctor. Skin color didn’t matter. I got what I wanted!

1 reply · active 96 weeks ago

Bruceski's avatar

Bruceski · 96 weeks ago

Now I’m imagining Bill Nye as The Doctor. Someone would ask “how are the Daleks doing this” and he’d get halfway through an explanation full of props and sound effects before they got killed because they forgot to run.
meagankn's avatar

meagankn · 96 weeks ago

THAT NECKLACE! GIVE IT TO ME FOR TO PUT ON MY NECKLACE PLACE! I’m throwing all my dollars in a vaguely Southeastern direction which means, given a good head wind, they should reach you from Seattle in about a week. Then necklace, please? Yes. Thanks. `
I think i remember hearing Coin Firth wanting to be a villain in Doctor Who. I could be mistaken here but he said something that he wanted to play a bad guy.

As for the new casting of the Doctor, I’m excited that they’ve gone back to a mature actor, I saw some of Tom Baker’s Doctor and he was brilliant in that! But I get that people want something different, i myself am tired of the love struck companions and would love to see an alien companion for a change.

Bruceski's avatar

Bruceski · 96 weeks ago

When I was a kid I think every year we had a new rumor about an Ender’s Game movie with various people in various roles. This was back when the internet was AOL and I didn’t have political awareness, so it was possible to actually enjoy an Orson Scott Card book without feeling slimy.
Kirby's avatar

Kirby · 96 weeks ago

Green Lantern’s hasn’t been brought up in here? Interesting.

I like Ryan Reynolds. He might not be in a lot of the best movies, but I don’t think he was right for… well, any of the human lanterns I can think of off the top of my head. At least he should have been a -funny- character. Flash, for example.

It’s kind of like having a movie with Bane and casting a muscle bound hulk as Mr. Freeze instead.

You all know what I’m talking about.

Chaucer59's avatar

Chaucer59 · 95 weeks ago

Some of Enterprise was excellent. As long as they were just filling in back story, it was fine. Where they went to hell was in adding whole empires of aliens we’d never seen in Star Trek. That just stretched hell out of audience credulity.

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You know when I first saw an interview with Matt Smith, I thought, “he’s too young and he cuts his hair like like he’s fronting a “Flock of Seagulls” tribute band. He’s going to be awful.”
As history proved, I was wrong.
I’m willing to cut the Moff some slack and let him do his voodoo.

4 replies · active 96 weeks ago

Chaucer59's avatar

Chaucer59 · 96 weeks ago

I disagree. I think Matt Stone sucked. Worse Doctor since that blond guy who took over after Mark Baker.

Peter Capaldi will be an improvement. Unlike Stone, he can act. Still, he’s no Chiwetel Ejiofor or Idris Elba.

I want to see a real shake up. It’s time for the Doctor to experience a gender change.

90percentgeek's avatar

90percentgeek · 96 weeks ago

I can’t figure out if you’re trolling or just ignorant. Do you mean Peter Davison who took over from TOM Baker? Peter Davison – that blonde guy as you put it – was one of the more revolutionary Whos, and the original “Oh he’s too young to be the Doctor” actor. He’s also David Tennant’s father in law and the inspiration for a lot of the 10th Doctor’s quirks.

As for Matt Stone – do you mean Matt Smith? The person referred to in the comment you’re replying to? Matt Smith has been a brilliant Doctor and to suggest he can’t act suggests you don’t know what acting is. I suggest you look it up. And maybe look up Doctor Who while you’re about it as you don’t seem to have a clear idea of what you’re talking about.

Chaucer59's avatar

Chaucer59 · 96 weeks ago

Not trolling, child, just made the mistake of trying to write under the influence of pain medication. Yes, Davison, Tom Baker, Matt Smith (Matt Stone is the South Park guy–I know that–sorry). Look, it’s a simple matter of taste. De gustibus, you know? I found Davison intolerably bland, and I wasn’t alone in that. The audience under Davison and Colin Baker plummeted. If Tennant based his idiosyncrasies on Davison’s, he managed them one hell of a lot better than dear old Dad-in-law, IMHO. As for Matt Smith, I thought he was a snore in the beginning, but I tried to give him a chance. He got some really stellar scripts, but I think they would have been ten times better with Tennant still driving the sonic screwdriver–so to speak. As for your opinion of Smith’s acting, it’s just that: your opinion. I find him bland and uninspiring. As I said: de gustibus. Look it up. I’m glad Smith’s out. I just hope Capaldi does a better job.
Mike V.'s avatar

Mike V. · 96 weeks ago

>It’s time for the Doctor to experience a gender change.

Already been done! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Do-wDPoC6GM

Not to be reflexive, but I enjoy consuming the media that I enjoy consuming. I don’t write the media I consume; I write, but not for my own consumption. The handful of things about which I am specifically a huge fan I am mainly a fan of BECAUSE I feel like I can just sit back and enjoy them. Maybe there are things I’d do differently, but that’s just the point: I’m enjoying what someone else is making for me. Really, as a maker myself, I have to admit: I make things for me and hope other people like them. I assume the people who make the things I love are in the same boat: they make things they love, and hope other people will, too. I dig that. I enjoy what other people make without wanting to edit their vision; I don’t want them to edit mine.
I do get nervous around big changes: a new Doctor, Dan Harmon getting the boot on Community, Futurama coming back after an extended absence, the redevelopment of Star Trek, any form of X-Men anything, the secret sneaking fear that somewhere someone in Hollywood is trying to think of a way to profit off of Calvin & Hobbes… I mean, it’s human nature to worry about the things we’re emotionally invested in. But we shouldn’t take it too far, and, as fans, I think we often do.
When there’s a change I really DON’T like (I admit it, I didn’t like The Wrath of Khan II and don’t like the tenor of the new movies much) I just go back and enjoy the things I always enjoyed before. Still great episodes of a tv series to watch, books to read, movies to enjoy…everything new doesn’t have to be as perfect as what came before, but if I trust the people in charge then mostly I figure it will work out. So instead of thinking, “Oh Buddha this is going to be awful I hate this,” I think, “I hope this is good but I trust they’ll figure it out because they’ve done right before.” Sometimes (Dan Harmon getting booted from Community) they don’t. Oftentimes they do, at least partially. But it’s long been true that even a cack-handed “re-imagining” of something isn’t going to wreck the good stuff that came before it. ST:TOS is still awesome even if I’m not a fan of the current movies.
We’ll get a new Doctor. Capaldi certainly wasn’t on my radar as a potential selection, but have they ever steered this ship so badly wrong that the series was forced to shut down production forever and all existing copies of the previous episodes were burned? Unless I’m way behind on the news this morning, I’m pretty sure the answer’s no.
To me, being a fan (in non-sports contexts) is something that brings me joy and pleasure. If it brings me worry and heartache, I think I’m doing it wrong.
Aetheling's avatar

Aetheling · 97 weeks ago

I saw the Doctor Who announcement live in London. Just throwing that out there. I also think Capaldi will be a great Doctor, even if he is another Scot. It’ll be nice to have an older grump back instead of the furious, slightly hyperactive cheeriness of Tennant and Smith. He’s great in The Thick Of It and In The Loop.

1 reply · active 97 weeks ago

Adam's avatar

Adam · 97 weeks ago

Yes, I do believe that Joel has a moral obligation to watch “In The Loop” now. Right. Now.

Joel, let me help you understand: you know how game of thrones is with blood? Okay, that’s how “In The Loop” is with foul language. The most floridly foul language you’ve ever imagined. It will change the way you think of the English language forever. GO. NOW. Yes, it is on Netflix.

Ali's avatar

Ali · 97 weeks ago

For a couple days I was upset that Capaldi is another middle-aged white guy when they could have cast a woman and/or a person of color…but I’ve mellowed out like Joel. I’m probably going to be more upset by Moffat than anything Capaldi does as an actor.

4 replies · active 96 weeks ago

Toon's avatar

Toon · 97 weeks ago

I’m actually pretty sure Capaldi will do an excellent job. And like you, I expect to be more upset by Moffat’s work than Capaldi’s.

But I’m _still_ mildly angry that they cast another white guy.

Bemmie's avatar

Bemmie · 96 weeks ago

Here i’m just hoping they cast the best person for the role, if that person happens to be a purple polka dotted leprechaun, fantastic, I’m keen to see what this Doctor can do, and for him to show us why he was the best.
Hotsauce's avatar

Hotsauce · 96 weeks ago

The thing is, there are a lot of really good actors. There is no one “best person” for any role. There are a lot of people who would do different, interesting, enjoyable things with The Doctor, or any other role. So “I don’t care what color they are, as long as it’s the best person for the role” is a little facile, as it ignores the fact that there are a LOT of people who, on some level, don’t care whether it’s the best person for the role as long they’re the right color. It also ignores that there are a lot of people out there who very rarely see someone who looks like them given interesting, popular roles, and that maybe that’s not okay.
Debs's avatar

Debs · 97 weeks ago

Every time they changed the Doctor I freaked, and every time I love the new guy. I thought your suggestion was awesome, but I have learned to have faith. If he sucks, all I need to do is wait for the next one. I guess I am more passive in my fandom.
I’m an columnist for an entertainment news portal site that focuses a fair amount of attention on geek culture, so I would say that I kind of have to be active for the sake of my writing career. Even if I wasn’t though I would be active in other ways.

What I’ve found is that you have to pick and choose which geektivities you are going to be active in and let some go. If I was an active participant in discussions around all my fandoms, I would pretty much never do anything else. And then die from lack of food and eating. So some I am active about (Doctor Who, TT roleplaying, comics, film, music) and some I just enjoy on my own.

Now that Capaldi is the Doctor, I find myself wishing they’d change the showrunner too, to Armando Iannucci. More bollocking, less mystery girls wrapped in sexism, please.

But yeah, opinions. I’ve never been that active about my fandomy thoughts online, save occasional commenting here and some ancient LJ ranting. These days I’m content with expressing my views (or god forbid, “feels”) on tumblr by reblogging something about something and tag-bombing the shit out of it. Pretty much anything I have got to say has been said already, so I’ll just find the post most fitting my take on things.

anxiety.junkie's avatar

anxiety.junkie · 97 weeks ago

Nobody has addressed the most important point of this comic, IMO.

I have a rule – it’s either mint or it’s food, not both at the same time.

Now, if you have some Trefoils…

There are only three things I’ve learned: You don’t cross the streams, you don’t build a TNT cannon out of wool and you don’t touch another persons Thin Mints
Orion M's avatar

Orion M · 97 weeks ago

I am sad it is not Tilda Swinton.

…with that said, I have no issue with Capaldi, really. Other than that he’s not Matt Smith and not Tilda Swinton. I hope Moffat has a good plan. These last three seasons were sometimes uneven, but the payoff’s been pretty epic so far.

(I would be very unhappy with a return to the Davies days. I actually find most of those episodes borderline unwatchable at this point. And I won’t even get started on how disappointing I found Torchwood.)

(…this is all, of course, just my opinion. But it is there!)

3 replies · active 97 weeks ago

Ceri's avatar

Ceri · 97 weeks ago

That’s a very important point you’ve made there, and one that’s been grinding my gears for a while now – what’s with the sudden Moffat-bashing? He used to be The Saviour a few seasons ago, and now suddenly people say his writing sucks. Compare any RTD-written episode to any Moffat ep, and I’ll guarantee Moffat comes out on top. I’m not saying I’ve loved every episode or storyarc he’s ever written, but at least he’s not turning The Doctor into Jesus every season finale.
I have a theory: Moffat writes great episodes, but not season arcs; Davies was the other way around.
Dude’s fairly misogynistic, as it turns out. You don’t have to google far to see the accusations against him, and the connected essays on how it negatively impacts his writing.

There may be other charges levied against him too, I’m not sure. This is just the chatter I’ve picked up on.

Toon's avatar

Toon · 97 weeks ago

… Tilda Swinton. *wistful*
I used to be pretty passive about my Trek. But either as I age and gain (hopefully) experience, or as the people behind the wheel of Trek keep steering it into lightposts, I find myself armchair quarterbacking more and more.
Toon's avatar

Toon · 97 weeks ago

I’m almost never a totally passive consumer of my favorite media, but sometimes I feel more motivated to share my reactions with the world at large and/or create fanworks of some kind, and other times I’m content to only talk about it when the subject comes up.
My geekery of choice is twentieth century literature. I’ve been talking about books so hard, I got interviewed by Publisher’s Weekly and public radio.
zathael's avatar

zathael · 96 weeks ago

Its hard. I don’t have anything against this Peter Capaldi fellow. But I wish they’d gone for someone other than a white male. I wish they’d done a woman or a person of color. Or both. But I get the feeling that Moffat, for all his talent, is a bit of a misogynist. He wrote a for radio “what if the Doctor were a woman” where she spent the entire episode flirting and mussing with her hair. So I had little hope he’d go for a woman.
Wesley's avatar

Wesley · 96 weeks ago

I sit back and relax. I tend to judge, yeah, but mostly only after I’ve actually seen something.

This is mainly for my own health.. when I’m not actually involved in creating something, spending energy on thinking how it could have been better is just energy wasted and the Nerd rage that will eventually come from it when they choose to do something that isn’t my idea (not that they could have known) just isn’t worth it. Stress is bad, mmkay?

I’m inconsistant…one day I’m perfectly fine with something, the next, I’ll rage over the stupidest of thing depending how the day went. Normally I don’t care just as long as my geek river keeps flowing. It thins to a trickle, then I Nerd Rage and bring my Wrath upon the Internet….sadly to say my opinion counts for nothing on several levels so I just shrug my shoulders and look for something else I enjoy.
Zupdog's avatar

Zupdog · 96 weeks ago

I’m outraged – they should give the job to a woman or a coloured, even if they can’t act, instead of giving it to well renowned actor who everyone knows will do it great.

Actually, I think I’ll start watching Doctor Who because of Capaldi, he kicks ass.

I feel bad for Ferguson, he’s about hard core of a Who fan having the cast on his show multiple times…can’t they just let him cameo once or would that cheapen the roles?
Chibiyagi's avatar

Chibiyagi · 96 weeks ago

Has Josh been playing The Last of Us?
Also, my only thing with Peter Capaldi as 12 is that it’s the whole BBC incestuous casting all over again. Other than that, I think he’ll be fantastic. Any number of people could play the Doctor and they can all be amazing for different reasons, no reason to get all butt-hurt and start fighting.
My “stick” size? I am not familiar with this term.