I’m A Snowflake On The Wind

Bill Watterson and “Calvin and Hobbes” are two of the primary reasons I started making comics. Those of you who donate or subscribe to The Vault, have seen my earlier attempts to emulate his work (“it’s like Calvin and Hobbes but with a robot instead of a tiger!”).

I don’t know of a cartoonist that doesn’t list Watterson in his top three influences, so I won’t bore you with my treatise on how his work sparked my young imagination and ignited a lifelong love of comic strips and cartooning. I bet he wouldn’t be too thrilled with me aping his style to make a Joss Whedon/Serenity reference, nor would I be shocked if he didn’t get said reference.

I always looked forward to his snowman strips because they straddled a line between childlike innocence and subversion. I guess that same can be said for the whole of “Calvin and Hobbes,” but those particular strips (along with Spaceman Spiff) resonated loudly with me. My favorite was the snowmen looking on in horror after another snowman had been hit by Dad’s car.

Calvin’s Dad was a patent attorney. “The More You Knoooow!”

Comic-Con ’08 Revelations Pt. 1 “SereniTube”

The Podcast Vidcast Simulcast Castcast will be tonight with Josh and Eli, starting between 8 and 9pm central. Check Twitter for exact times.

Comic-Con ’08 is over and the webs are returning to normal. I wasn’t able to attend (much less exhibit), but it’s totally cool because everywhere I turned on the interblogs there was some other web cartoonist Tweeting, blogging, vlogging or skrogling how freaking awesome it was. So… it was like I was there… which is totally just as cool [weeps].

(Baby steps, Joel, baby steps)

This week, each HE comic will be devoted to one “revelation” made at this years San Diego International Comic-Con. I think today’s comic speaks for itself in that “more Firefly” would be a good and welcomed thing, but would not be possible on the web unless it were a flash cartoon, and Captain Mal were an email answering luchadore. (I seriously feel like I’ve written that last sentence on this site before)

Sure, people are speculating that the success of “Dr. Horrible” could  open new possibilities for our beloved space whores, phychic sister-weapons and… oh right, they killed Wash, but unless Firefly could get MAJOR sponsorship (and I’m talking Serenity would have to be a modified Ford F-150) I don’t see how the venture could be financially successful… today. I say that because the idea of shows being produced SPECIFICALLY for the web can only be a few years off. Tivo made “channels” and “times slots” obsolete and, in turn, the internet is making “networks” and “ratings” obsolete.

I know there have already been a few pseudo-dramas produced exclusively for MySpace and such, but I don’t consider that entertainment, therefor it doesn’t factor into this equation.  NBC, ABC and F/X are experimenting with “webisodes” during the off season, but this doesn’t interest me either. I don’t want “throw away” content featuring the B-cast members of my favorite shows.

One of the major networks or film studios is going to have to take a leap of faith and produce a real series with real actors and real writers exclusively for the web.  NBC/Universal is my pick, seeing as they know how to make decent comedies and sci-fi type series, and Hulu is the perfect distribution model. Get on it, jerks. I’m sick of having to pay for 350 satellite channels when i only watch 7. TV shows “A La Motherfucking Carte” is where it’s at.

Can’t Stop The Signal Fire

Universal Studios is burning. No, there weren’t any reports of Firefly/Serenity set pieces going up in flames, but they did lose the Courthouse from Back to the Future. If any of you find yourselves traveling in the past to June 1st 2008 and you have to solve a time paradox that requires a massive fire, I know exactly when and where you will be able to find one. Unless that already happened and you actually traveled back in time to cause the fire. If that’s the case, go about your paradoxical business and don’t mind me.

Tomorrow is my 27th birthday. I anticipate cake.

I am a leaf on the wind. Watch how I soar.

Eli still hasn’t washed that shirt. Get it? Washed?

Quick post today, so I can get back to toiling in the pixel mines. Alan Tudyk is known for being a gossip and a trouble maker, and a generally cantankerous individual. So it’s no wonder he is out there in Hollywood spreading vicious rumors of a Serenity Sequel (that’s BDS to you of the brown coated persuasion). Actually he’s a very talented and gracious man. My wife and I met him in New York a couple of years ago and I was thoroughly impressed with his treatment of random fans on the street. Also he can sing.

Just as I was about to support the cuase and buy a gross of the Serenity: Collectors Edition DVD’s, I found out that it all may have been a misunderstanding. He might have been talking about “another one” as in “another collectors DVD.”

Keep your fingers crossed and your psychopath/telepath combat-conditioned sisters medicated. If we all buy 40 or 50 Serenity DVD’s we might get a new movie. Remember, they can’t take the sky from us… except that they did.


I’m in the process of launching an HE store (shirts, etc). Anyone have advice for a shirt printing service other than CafePress? I hear tell they are teh bitches.

Also, anyone want a desktop background with Joel and Eli sitting at the coffee shop? I have a nice hi-res version of that I could work up into a couple of different res’s.