S.W.A.T. (Swedish Weapons and Torrents)

When you think pirates these days, you conjure images of flamboyantly foppish fellows, beards beaded and doo-ragged domes. I comment today not on those sea fairing swashbuckling skalewags, but rather the dastardly digital do-bads downloading documents, data, dance music and DVD dupes.

I just dropped some alliteration science on your asses. Brain mouth words tired have now.


The Jolly Roger waivers at the Pirate Bay are in some hot meatball sauce with the Swedish Government. Sweden, often known as the land of lawlessness and cheap, ready-to-assemble furniture has finally decided that creating an online portal for the sole purpose of allowing users to take and use software and media they haven’t paid for is somehow morally ambiguous. Possibly illegal!

The eyepatchers and pegleggers claim:

  1. They aren’t making the gigantic stacks of cash (what do the Swedish use for currency? Carp? Slacks? Children? Tufts of hair?) and
  2. They can never be stopped for their reach extends beyond the four corners of the (round) earth and into the very internets we breath.

I’m not passing judgement on what’s right or wrong, just what is legal. File sharing copyrighted material (even making a mix tape) is illegal. Fair use be damned. The law is clear. These are not laws I agree with, but they are real and carry serious consequences when ignored.

If they really have scattered their servers world wide, I certainly wouldn’t suggest that the Swedes or the RIAA or the MPAA or the producers of “Ugly Betty” and “Grey’s Anatomy” check Josh’s file server. There’s no reason he should be on their radar. He doesn’t have season after season of high quality HD-rips of every show imaginable. He just doesn’t.

Part 2 of this comic will deal with the aftermath of the raid and Josh’s inevitable prosecution and incarceration. What’s with all the continuity lately?


Sorry for missing Monday’s comic, but it was important that I get the podcast edited, uploaded, etc so you guys could enjoy it. Thanks for all the support and feedback regarding the Podcast. We have fun doing the show and plan to record episode 2 this Saturday. The process of editing and uploading should go MUCH faster this time. Don’t forget to email questions to podcast(at)hijinksensue(dot)com.