NYCC 2011 Fancy Photo Comic Part 1

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Part 1 of 3.

Who knew convention life could be so sexy. Or so meaty? This comic stars Lar, Sohmer, Becker (the meats destroyer) and Rich of Blind Ferret plus a few fans, a couple of breasts and a Cloverfield monster given to my by Hasbro at the show in honor of my Groverfield shirt.

I’ve only done a few conventions with Blind Ferret since they took over my merch and advertising earlier this year, and DAMN has it been an eye opener. I never imagined how much less stressful cons would be if I had a skilled support team backing me up. It’s such a relief to get to talk to readers, draw sketches, etc and not have to worry about finding a shirt size, making change or running credit cards. I can walk away from the booth and know that it’s in good hands, we have these amazing backdrops, all the merch is shipped straight to the con… it’s just such a departure from the DIY/hold everything together with cable ties approach I’ve been taking for the past 3 years. I am so grateful to those guys for everything they have done for me. So grateful, that I chose to make fun of them in nearly every panel of this photo comic.

COMMENTERS: Did you go to NYCC? I did! It was super fun times. Any NYCC stories you want to share? How about New York stories in general? There was a cop directing pedestrian traffic to the con who screamed, “IF YOU CAN READ A FREAKIN’ COMIC BOOK, YOU CAN CROSS THE STREET CORRECTLY!” Nerds, amirite? Always walking all over the place.