Jonathan Coulton: Zombie Fighting Troubadour pt. 1

(Written Wednesday 9/19/07, which was yesterday) 

The Jonathan Coulton show is tonight. This means I don’t have tonight to finish tomorrow’s comic. Well, guess what, you nay-sayers (always nay-saying)? I finished it last night! Lube that up and stick it in your corn-tube. This is unusual for me (the finishing early, not the tube part), since I generally live by a strict code of professional procrastination. If I told the you the exact steps I take to make a comic and what order I did them in, you could easily spot the trends in declining quality as I approach the tasks I complete after 1:00am. (hint: It’s the drawing and the writing).

Imagine that last sentence being read by Stephen Hawking. In that scenario “quality of comic”= entropy and 1:00am = the speed of light. I think that makes me the singularity and my couch the event horizon. The point is, I collapse in on myself and then someone has to reboot the universe (hold power for 5 seconds then press F8 to enter safe mode).

Somehow this turned into an XKCD comic.

Regardless, I’m psyched for the JoCo show and hope to see you there. Special thanks to all of you who have been Stumbling HijiNKS Ensue!

Jonathan Coulton in Dallas Wednesday 9/19/07

Jonathan Coulton is a personal hero. He’s just some guy from NYC that writes funny songs and distributes them over the internet. Over the last couple of years he’s turned his music into his full time job. He is completely supported by me and you and everyone else that enjoys his music. You’ve probably heard his folky acoustic cover of “Baby Got Back,” or maybe you were lucky enough to see him perform at this year’s PAX.

His rise to internet fame stems from the close connection he keeps with his fans through his website. Email him. I dare you. He’ll respond. He helped me with the code for Corn Mo’s music store just because I asked him how he’d made his own. What a guy!

Jonathan Coulton