Wicked Deeds

Don’t have any idea what GaGa is gogoing on about in panel 3? Have a watch/listen or a read.

It’s only a week away! This is my first year exhibiting and I humbly ask that you Fancy Bastards come out and say hi (specifically to me). I will be in the Webcomics Pavillion (handy/shittily made map) at the giant Topatoco booth (#1231) with many of your other favorite internet-style cartoonists.

FB’s JustChristine and JonnyAce wants to organize a meetup for sometime during the con. Thursday night I will be at W00tstock, so it will have to be one of the other days. If you are interested make a comment. If enough people are interested we can make an event on the Fancy Bastards Facebook page. Since I expect a meetup will get planned at the last minute (thats how these things work) make sure to follow me on Twitter for minute to minute updates as to what’s going on.

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Just When I Thought I Was Out…


SciFi SyFy Tv-Movie Title Generator Shirt

Science Fiction TV-Movie Title Generator T-Shirt @Topatoco!!!

There is also a PRINT of this design too!

I wrote this comic right after the Fringe season 2 finale last week, but it was unfortunately preempted by a couple of LOST comics. This is really a shame because part of my job is to relate to you, gentle Fancy Bastard, what I think is worthy of your geeky time, attention and monies. And though the point of deciding between the two series is rendered moot by the completion of one of them (LOST SPOILERS: Everyone dies! No really. Everyone. You, me, everyone eventually dies), Fringe is the one scifi show above all others currently in production that I can say, “IF YOU AREN’T WATCHING IT, YOU SHOULD BE!” It is by far the most satisfying science fiction on TV.Continue reading

SUPR8 Or Die

No amount of Reese’s Pieces will stop him from cutting a swath of snarling destruction through Ohio. That’s why we have gathered this elite team of scientists, engineers and choclatiers to construct the largest Reese’s Piece the world has ever known… and smash him to death with it.

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If you didn’t see the trailer for J.J. Abrams Super 8 before Iron Man 2 this weekend, I can only assume you didn’t see Iron Man 2 this weekend which must also mean that you are recently deceased. My condolences to your family.

Anyway, the trailer for Super 8 leaked online about 4 seconds after the first midnight IM2 showing but has sense been scrubbed from the YourTubes. As of this exact moment you can still find it HERE (and elsewhere I am sure). Not much to report at this point other than, “looks neat, show me more”.

Regarding my “theory” above, 1979 is 4 years before the events of E.T. The Extraterrestrial so the timeline is perfect. Also you would be remiss to ignore the classic SciFi trope in which the first horrible alien we me (original E.T.) is just a baby, and it’s the momma horrible alien (our locomotively incarcerated friend up there) you really have to worry about. Post your thoughts and theories in the comments!


Monsters Inc 2 Parody Boo Print

Expertly colored by Silkspinner from Complex Actions, who you may also remember from THIS GUEST COMIC.

$15 + shipping.
Printed at 11″X17″ on high quality stock.
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A Severe Case Of Scullyosis

A condition first diagnosed in a female FBI agent in the mid-nineties, Scullyosis prevents the subject from accepting the strange and paranormal despite clear supporting evidence or strong personal experience. Sufferers of Scullyosis will deny the existence of aliens, for example, even after being abducted, probed, having their DNA harvested, meeting their alien-hybrid baby, taking it to the first day of kindergarten, watching it graduate, sending it to a good 4 year college, attending its wedding and holding their own 1/4 alien grand child. It’s a powerful condition that turns potentially dynamic and interesting characters into one dimensional, broken record skeptics.

If the producers of Fringe don’t do something with Peter in season 2 besides have him blurt out “that’s my father ladies and gentlemen” after every time Walter says something inappropriately sexual, they might as well write him out of the show.

[actually that sentiment was conceived BEFORE I saw the season 1 finale last night. Holy shit, was it good. Peter’s story just opened all the way up. If they can lose the cheesy skepticism, and it’s going to be pretty hard not to after that ep, he might just turn into a character that I can care about.]

Fringe tried a little too hard at the beginning of the season to distinguish itself from LOST by giving us self contained episodes. The main story arch was touched on, but not significantly. The show really picks up around the last 6 episodes of the season. I hope they continue that momentum going forward. It’s really an excellent show and John Noble as Walter Bishop is one of the most interesting characters on TV (if you like House, you will LOVE Walter).

Pieces Of Flare

Seriously, J.J.? I mean, that WAS the best movie I’ve seen since “The Dark Knight,” but c’mon dude. I was squinty eyed through the whole thing.

I won’t even bother gushing about “Star Trek” here since I already did that for 30 minutes driving home from the movie with my wife and for another hour or so on HE Podcast #54. Download or listen to that episode [MILD SPOILER ALERT!!!] HERE [link as soon as it’s posted] if you want to get my, Josh and Eli’s takes on the movie, which was phantastic with a “PH.” Also with a jizzducing with a “J.J.”

The constant lens flaring didn’t even really bother me. Oddly enough it fit with the visual style of the film. It was certainly overused but somehow appropriate. Josh swears he saw the Tribble on Scotty’s desk. I missed it, but I will be looking for it (and listening since he also says you can hear its trademark “cooing”) during my inevitable 2nd viewing.

FB Lindor has introduced me to the concept of the “Vulcan High Five,” in which you:

Stand facing another person, both do the Vulcan salute, proceed to high-five whilst your fingers are still in the V.

I support this form of self expression and suggest you adopt it post haste. I also think it would make a good shirt.