You Completely Infuriate Me

Iron Man 2 was crazy awesome fun times with robot suits though there were a few scenes from the trailer that I wish had made it into the movie. Namely the “you complete me” scene as noted above and the longer version of Black Widow strangling a security guard with her labia.

Sorry I haven’t posted a comic since Sunday, but I’ve spent the last 48 hours on the couch with vertigo and headaches. I have a condition called Menier’s disease which presents as extreme vertigo and nausea. Luckily my case isn’t very severe at all and attacks only come on a few times a year (usually more when I’m incredibly stressed). Anyway, thanks for not badgering me about comic updates.

I just realized last night that Heroes Con is only 3 weeks away. For some reason in my head “next month” seemed like longer than 3 weeks. Now I’m a little panicky, as I always am before cons because there are hotels to book, and books to ship and ships to hotel, etc, etc. If anyone in Charlotte, NC wants to put me up for the weekend (June 4-6) please email me. It would be helpful if you were near the convention center and also not super creepy. (Update: I’ve got a hotel and some roommates now, so it’s all taken care of)Continue reading

Guest Comic By Jerry Nowlin of

While I am living it up (ie not sleeping, working long shifts with no breaks, being a sub minor internet celebrity for a select few geeks) at Emerald City Comic Con, Fancy Bastard and fellow webcartoonist Jerry Nowlin was kind enough to make you all a comic to read and direct your LOLs toward.

Check out his comic Truly Epic or you will truly regret it (that rhymes if you read it right). The keenest and fanciest of you will remember Josh’s unfortunate tattoo choice from this comic.

So anywhatever, if you are in the Seattle area please come down to ECCC and say hi to me and every other webcartoonist. I am in the artist alley at table M-06, just down the way from the big ass Topatoco booth. Josh may or may not be with me for part of the day on Saturday. Follow me on Twitter for updates on his whereabouts and level of sobriety.

Super special thanks to Jade and Dov for hosting me at their home this weekend and to Paul and Ben of the webcomic Woody After Hours for shuttling me around town in their party van. See, kids? Some times it pays to get into a van with strangers.

A SERIOUS THING: Even more special thanks to all of you who sent your kind words and well wishes for my mom after her very serious car accident. She is at my house resting and recovering now and doing quite well all things considered. I appreciate you directing some positive vibes our way during a very troubling week and for not calling me out on the lack of comics this week.

Whatever Remains, However Improbable…

[post coming later tonight. my home file server died last night and caused me a world of frustration, so everything on my itinerary is WAY backed up.]

Thanks to Alex for giving me enough info about Guy Ritchie’s Sherlock Holmes to make  a comic about it. He also said Holmes never once uttered “Elementary, My Dear Watson.” That’s like the time I saw Styx and they didn’t play “Mr. Roboto.” You gots to play the hits.

hijinks-ensue-edward-shirt-160According to Josh there was significant bromanticism between the good inspector and his… what WAS Watson anyway? A valet? To hear Josh tell it they were moments away from a tonguey embrace (there was a lot of shirtlessness in the trailer) but Alex says it was all hetero-high fives and friendly ass slaps. I just wish they had played up the cocainier aspects of Holmes so RDJ could be more comfortable in the roll.


Why did no one ever tell me I was in “A Softer World“? Not only IN a comic, but a comic so popular they made a shirt of it? What the huh?

Cat-People Scratch Fever

Alternate Title: Blue-ty Call

Why send in all the blue-cat hybrid clones, mech warriors, and hover tanks and such when you could just hire Tony Stark to fly in and repulsor ray the shit out of the Navi and secure Pandora’s rich mineral deposits for the good ol’ US of Earth (while simultaneously securing a little alien strange for himself)? Seems like a waste of resources and a waste of an opportunity to pick up some cool offworld venereal diseases.

I am at a fanboy crossroads. I really can’t decide if I want to go through all the effort of getting a baby sitter this weekend just so I can see Jame’s Cameron’s 3 hour, 3D eye-splode Avatar, or if I just want to stay home and watch the Iron Man 2 trailer over and over and over and over and over. Both prospects are equally exciting to me.

I probably will see Avatar this weekend (and also do the Iron Man 2 thing), but since I havn’t yet feel free to post your thoughts/judgments in the comments. Future of film making or forgettable fluorescent feline frenzy?

If you ordered an Edward shirt on Dec 2nd, 3rd or 4th we are doing everything possible to get your shirt to you by 12/24. Some of them probably won’t make it in time. We’re doing our best.

No Fly Zone

[reddit-me]Alternate Title: “Bogey Nights”

[NOTE!: I’m getting the impression that a lot of you think the shirts in the Topatoco Store are the only ones for sale. This is not the case. Check out the HE Store to see everything I have to offer. ]

I saw “Up!” and this was the first thing that came to mind. I have a really hard time NOT imposing real world logic on children’s movies. Pixar makes it so much more difficult since their films are so immaculately produced. While I thoroughly  enjoyed the movie (the order goes Nemo, Incredibles, Monsters Inc., WALL-E, Up!, then the rest in no particular order. I’m not a huge Toy Story fan since I haven’t seen it since it came out on VHS), I was incredibly distracted with thoughts of “are the cops looking for this cub scout kid that’s been missing for 3 weeks and who was last seen going into the house of a 70 year old man?” and “why didn’t the house float away while the balloons were under the tarp? Surely the tarp didn’t weigh so much that it was keeping the balloons from lifting a 20 ton house,” and other such quandaries.

After seeing “Up!,” I wondered why Pixar chose to market it as “old guy+balloon-house” when it was really so much more. Granted, I DID go see it based on the limited information provided in the trailers, but at this point I’m going to see anything with a Pixar stamp on it. Is that what they were counting on? Luckily the film delivers at every turn. Visually it was beautiful (did you expect anything less?), the voice acting was top notch, the story moved at a fun pace for adults and children and there were more than a few LOLS and HNNYC’s (Hope No one Notices You’re Crying’s).


To any BSG fans that have already seen “Up!,” couldn’t you just picture the final episode with Adama and Roslin leaving Lee and Starbuck but instead of heading to a Raptor they are walking towards a house with balloons? I got a very similar vibe from the end of “Up!”. Maybe that was just me.