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The only geek greeting you’ll ever need! The Sci-Five!
Get up on that Sci-Five shirt business!

Sci-Five Shirt from HijiNKS ENSUE At Topatoco

I thought we were just joking around, but apparently some dudes took the “we should build a murder robot statue” thing pretty seriously. Good for them. I expect the Robocop statue in Detroit will quickly get vandalized with street teens trying to pry open his leg hoping to find a machine gun within.

Another thing: The HijiNKS ENSUE PODCAST Crew makes a cameo in this Guilded Age. I have no idea what’s going on in that comic plot-wise, but the likenesses are great.

Adventures In Self-Imposed Isolation

They are only $15! They will never be printed again, so get ’em while you can.

I posted a new Lo-FiJINKS comic just a few hours before this one went up, so you have have missed it.

True-ish story: I did watch the [Matt Smith] Doctor Who Christmas special instead of the Superest of Bowls and it was fantastic. I really didn’t think I was going to warm up to Smith after experiencing Tennant, but man he has grown on me like giant, crazy floppy hair.

Though I didn’t see the even one second of “The Game,” the commercials or the halftime show, I did enjoy trying to create a mental picture of the whole affair based on what was happening in my Twitter feed. The best I could tell, Rachel from Glee and Christina Aguilera sang a mash up of the national anthem and “Don’t Stop Believin,” The Black Eyed Peas have all been digitized into the Grid and replaced with even less talented robot avatars with cube shaped heads, Groupon did several ads promoting the group savings benefits of genocide, oppression, and other atrocities and apparently the Greenday Packmen outscored the  Philly Cheesesteaks in terms of points. You know the old saying, “he who scores the most points within the allotted time shall be determined the winner.” Truer words, am I right?

I’m not trying to be one of those, “I’m too cool for football because I’m a hip internet type, deeply in touch with my own personal brand of irony, etc, etc, blah, blugh.” On the contrary. I understand the rewards that come with shared experience and how geeking over football stats is the same as geeking over any other sort of geekery. I just don’t understand football at all. I look at it and I see… nothing. For me a football game is like listening to someone speak a language you don’t understand while watching a crowd of people wait in line for a roller coaster. Slowly they advance towards their goal, but often there is no movement for 12 or 20 minutes at a time. I realize that I’m not the “enlightened one.” I’m the one who is missing out. It’s like Josh and vaginas. I just don’t see the appeal and I will never understand it’s mysteries.

Back to that Groupon thing… holy shit. From what I understand about TV advertising, a terrible offensive commercial can’t be shown during the Superbowl by accident. At least a few people have to sign off on it, right? So that means there are multiple individuals in the world that think it’s a good idea to show “the lighter side” of the oppression of the Tibetan people by saying it might save you a few bucks on dinner in Chicago. Stay classy Groupon. Luckily, never do anything with anyone so I can’t use your stupid service. Here’s an ad pitch for them: Hitler might have killed 6 million jews, but using Groupon we were able to get an amazing deal on a recently vacated tenement building in a Jewish neighborhood in Berlin. Thanks, Groupon!

COMMENTERS: Did you watch The One Game? For the football or the commercials? What was your favorite/least favorite commercial? Any excitement for the geek movies that aired trailers during the game (Captain America, Cowboys and Aliens, etc)? If you didn’t watch it, what ever did you do? Was it fun? Can I come next time? Feel free to make up your own Groupon ad campaign as well.

Behold A Pale Horse

This is your LAST WEEK to order an Ultimate Fancy Edition of Book 2 AND get your name in the book. Files go to the printer on January 15th. After that you will still be able to order a UFE but you will NOT necessarily be listed in the book on the Fancy Bastard Wall Of Fancy Fame.

Don’t want a stupid book? Check out The HE Store!

The producers of the Harry Potter movie franchise made Tom Felton stay inhumanly blond and inconceivably pale for nearly half his life in order to better serve his character. Though he is now allowed to have his natural hair color and get a little sun, the darkness instilled in him by playing Draco Malfoy for so long has consumed his very soul beyond restoration. He is an agent of pure evil. He’s also a bit of a prissy twat. It is up to Daniel Radcliffe to kill him now. Neither can live while the other survives.

One Floo Over The Cuckoo’s Nest

Alls I’m sayin’ is if she’s lookin’ for a muse, I can be the one to do the musin’. I’ll muse her up good.

HijiNKS ENSUE Comic PrintsI apologize for missing a couple of comic updates. Last week I was pulling the self employed doodler version of double shifts for 5 days in a row in order to get (wait for it…….) 3 NEW SHIRT DESIGNS, 1 UPDATED DESIGN FOR A CURRENT SHIRT, 4 HOLIDAY CARD DESIGNS, and 1 MUG DESIGN off to Topatoco in time for the holiday stuff-purchasing season times. It was a tough week, but I’m very proud of the things I created and I think you will enjoy them too. Hopefully they will all be in THE STORE in the next few weeks.

COMMENTERS: What would you like to see explored in a potential trilogy of new Harry Potter books? Do you think there should be more books at all? Personally I would like to see the story involve events before the epilogue of book 7. Let’s see Harry get into the world of Auror…ing. Auroring? Whatever. Wizard Cops.

At Five Mile High Mall

Dallas Anime Fest

Dallas Animefest is this Weekend! Come see me, Shortpacked and Two Lumps (plus a bunch of cat-girls and such) all Labor Day Weekend. We will be doing a Webcomic’s panel every day.

It’s Fri Sept 3rd – Mon Sept 6th, 2010 at the Hyatt Regency Dallas at Reunion Tower.

Sky Mall is essentially “The Magazine of Requirement” in that nothing in it exists until you are fooled into thinking you need it. I wouldn’t have even been traveling to Baltimore by way of Muggle-plane if the Floo Network hadn’t been down for maintenance. I honestly don’t know how you people put up with it.

Very special thanks to too the FB’s who came out to Baltimore ComicCon. Especially Alex who was my assistant and roommate for the weekend and Adam who gave me a ride to and from the airport. We had another fantastic FB meetup at The Hooter’s in The Inner Harbor. Try as we might to find an alternate location it was as if fate was pulling us towards greasy wings and orange shorts (those being OUR shorts after wiping wing sauce on them). Somehow we forgot to take a group pic this year, so please post links to pics in the comments if you have them.

You guys have no idea how grateful I am to be able to show up in an unfamiliar city and have friendly faces waiting for me there to share laughs and food and to create new, wonderful memories. Thank you all.

Oh… And watch this.