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My friend Dave saw The Woman In Black and experienced a “muggle heckler” as pictured above. Some people are just so clever, they have to share it with a room full of strangers who’ve paid money to concentrate on something else.

I am never going to be able to look at Daniel Radcliffe and NOT see Harry Potter, but I don’t think that means I won’t be able to take him seriously in other roles. I will just have a harder time concentrating on whatever it is he is doing on screen that does not involve horcruxes, hippogriffs and Hagrids. Emma Watson, on the otherhand… well she has that new short haircut… and the soft skin… soooo sooooft… sooooo skinnnnnnn… [eh hem] Yeah, I think her career will be just fine. Then there’s Rupert Grint. Look, Rupe, I know a lot of guys at comic conventions all over the country and I’m sure I can get you brought in as a guest to a few of them. Have your mom call my people.

Oh, and I did something very bad on my Tumblr. 

COMMENTERS: Do you think the Harry Potter kids will be taken seriously as actors beyond their magical personas, or will they get shuffled off into convention circuit oblivion? Who do you think is the best example of a child star overcoming their “big” role? Which actors were you never able to see as anything but the role that made them famous?

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I saw Deathly Hallows Part 2 over the weekend with my wife. This is the first Harry Potter movie (maybe the 2nd) we’ve seen together since she finished reading the entire series. We’ve always been super compatible. We never argue, we want the same things, we like the same shows, but now… now that she’s ready Harry Potter… I feel like we finally speak the same language. We finally understand each other. [Some joking may have been involved in that last statement. Some.]

Despite the 4 year old kicking the back of my seat for nearly the entire film (SERIOUSLY?! Who brings a 4 year old to a movie with such nightmare inducing imagery and extreme violence? Way to go awesome parents!), I was completely satisfied with the ending to franchise. As the comic above shows (in stark contrast to my sentiments from this comic), Neville finally came into his own as a character. There has always been this shadow over his head of “I could have totally been the chosen one, if Voldemort had carried the 1 instead of dividing by 2.” He lived through an equally life shattering childhood tragedy and the only real difference between him and Harry was that everyone was constantly telling Harry how great he was and/or trying to kill him. Neville might have made a better chosen one than Mr. Potter had he been given the chance, but that sort of illustrates the point of the entire story, isn’t it? Harry wasn’t all that special until Voldemort made him special. Who we are and who people think we are/expect us to be are rarely the same person. Harry’s entire life was a series of terrible things happening and him somehow trying to find the will to move forward. The only way to know if Neville would have made the choices or “done it in 4 books” instead of 7, would be to go back 18 years and have Voldemort visit his house instead of Harry’s. Weird rant: over.

The thing I love so much about Harry Potter is that it makes me think about things like the previous paragraph. It makes me dwell on character motivations, strengths, flaws, etc. I think the hallmark of a great story is how many questions you ask after finishing it, not out of frustration, but out of a desire to know more about the world you were just visiting. For instance, just 2 days ago I had a conversation on twitter about why Draco is such a miserable piece of shit. Now that the movies are done I feel the same sort of diminished anticipation I did after finishing the books. A sort of “now what?” type of emptiness.

A few things about the movie itself: Every single time Raplh Fiennes opens his mouth, his presence dominates the scene. Ever line he delivers has such gravitas. The way he delivers the killing curse is so guttural and powerful. Kind of like, “AVARDAGHHH KADAAAGHGHGHGHGH!!!!” CG enyoungened Snape is not NEARLY as creepy has CG enyoungened Jeff Bridges. CG/Prosthetically beoldended Harry looked pretty decent. Ginny still looked 12. I know wizards just pretend technology doesn’t exists, but if just one of them picked up a gun I have a feeling the duels wouldn’t last nearly as long. Speaking of duels: the “clashing wands” green and red effect from these movies is one of my favorite special effects of all time. It carries so much more impact that “my light beam and your light beam are stuck together.” It’s like molten rock spilling out of the air. Just perfect. Are there wizarding public schools? These fancy Hogwarts kids only see their family’s for 2 months out of the year for 7 years. That seems insane.

I cried at least 4 times during Deathly Hallow Part 2. I’m so glad they broke this one up rather than leave a ton of essential plot elements out. It was a really fantastic end to the series.

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If you are going to be at the show, please come by booth 1332 and say hi. I will be the one going on 2 hours of sleep and propping my self up against Lar deSouza.

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Then, right as Neville lifts the Sword of Gryffindor above his head, his parents appear to him in an apparition and say, “Neville, it is ussssss. Yourrrr craaaazzzzzy parennnnts. We might be insaaaaaane from toture and locked away in St. Mungoooos, but even we knooooooowwww you aren’t good enough to defeat… well, anythinnnnnng. Put down that sword and look for a nice place to curl up in a ballll and diiiieeeeee. Let Harry and Hermione take care of the harrrrrrd stuuuuuuuff. Also, why are we talking like ghooooossssts? We’re perfectly aliiiiive, if not totally insaaaaaane.”

COMMENTERS: How excited are you for Deathly Hallows Pt. II? Oh, you aren’t excited? You don’t like Harry Potter? Or you like the books, but not the movies? You should probably go away so we can have our fun.

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THERE IS A NEW HE PODCAST!!! EPISODE 82 – C2E2 2011 Webcomics Rountable featuring: Joel Watson of HijiNKS ENSUE, Kris Wilson and Rob DenBleyker of Cyanide and Happiness, Ryan Sohmer of Least I Could Do, and Danielle Corsetto from Girls With Slingshots.

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I was so proud of myself for coming up with Abracadaver until a quick Googling showed me that it was already a thing. Several things, in fact. Including one thing already dealing with the CSI franchise. Oh well. I did my best and I live to pun another day.

I hesitate to get too enthusiastic about Ron D. Moore’s 17th Precinct because I fear my initial excitement is actually just my desire for more content in the Harry Potter universe. I would seriously love to see an adult show about aurors kicking some dark wizard ass. Plus, what is Ron Moore going to do with a show that STARTS with magic? Is the big reveal in the final episode going to be that all magic is actually science? Hmmm… wait, that actually sounds pretty cool. Feel free to use that one Ron. On the house.

COMMENTERS: Feel free to offer up your own Horatio Caine one liner set in the wizarding world. Here are a couple more to get you started:

“The victim was bludgeoned to death with a bottle of premium tequila. He never saw it coming.”
“I guess he didnt [sunglasses] expecto Patrón-us.” [YEAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!]

“The victim was murdered using Avada Kadavra.”
“I guess the killer’s parents never taught him… it’s not polite to curse.”  [YEAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!]