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FOX employees are called “Sadness Technicians.”

I guess it’s true that a tiger can’t change its stripes and a FOX can’t change its douchebaggery. Long story short, FOX is not going to air the 13th (and likely last ever) episode of “Dollhouse.” This news made fem-geek and “Dr. Horrible” star Felica Day sad, seeing as how she played a large-ish role in the episode.

FOX clarified that they only agreed to buy 13 episodes of Dollhouse (wait… 13 sounds and awful lot like 13), and they are included Joss Whedon‘s original pilot which they decided to scrap. Apparently Episode 12 caps off the season’s story arch nicely 2009-04-10-lolfoxand Episode 13 was intended as a stand alone episode (remember when they did that at the end of Buffy Season 4? They defeated Adam, the big bad, then had an ep all about dreams) and although 20th Century Fox (not to be confused with FOX) produced the epsiode, FOX (not to be confused with a company that understands or respects its audience) has elected not to purchase it. Episode 13 [plot spoilers here] may or may not be on the eventual DVD/Blu-Ray release of “Dollhouse.”

A confused man once said, “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice…uh… can’t get fooled again.” So take those sage words to heart, FOX, you beheomoth of dick-holery. The geeks “uh… can’t be fooled again.” Do me a favor, though. Next time you do decide to create a show aimed at geeks, put it in the worst time slot available, market it poorly, air the episodes out of order then cancel it… leave Joss Whedon out of it.


I know I said I wasn’t really buying in to “Dollhouse,” due to the incredibly slow start. But it has really started to pick up in the last few eps and peak my interest. Part of the reason I was being so hard on it, is that I knew it wasn’t going to last. The less I allow myself to get attached, the easier it will be to watch FOX strangle the show with its own intestines.


Watch the finale of “Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles” tonight. It is also, likely to be the final episode ever. You can catch up on the story HERE.

A Crisis Of Faith

Get it? Faith? Eliza Dushku? BAM! ZING!
[Also, I should point out that Joel and Shepherd Eli are making a “W” sign on their chests in panel 3.]

I really hate to fan the flames here, but Dollhouse just isn’t doing anything for me. I feel torn between my need to support and trust Joss Whedon and my other need to be entertained by the TV shows I watch. I don’t want to get into specifics (no relatable characters, Eliza’s acting chops, etc etc) and I’m not ready to cast final judgment because all of the problems I see in Dollhouse have the stink of FOX all over them. And from what I’ve read, they’ve given up on screwing with the show and stopped interfering.

That means one of two things:

  1. They are through with the show, so they don’t care what happens to it between now and when the 13 episode commitment runs out
  2. they realize their decisions to put on Friday Night O’ Death, second guess Joss and air the episodes out of order are the real problems and their meddling isn’t improving the show or its ratings

In a recent interview, Eliza addressed the slow start and asked that we hold out until episode six. At that point, Whedon’s vision will become clear and we’ll all get the shiny feelings that we’ve been lacking so far. Honestly, I’ll be watching no matter what until it gets canceled. I feel like I owe Whedon that much.

If this is the last hurrah for Joss in the medium of television I won’t be too heartbroken. The next frontier of entertainment is high quality shows, shorts and movies produced for the internet (paging Dr. H.?) and I know he will be one of the pioneers if not the leader in that field.

If you are Whedon Zombie and currently watching Dollhouse, you are probably feeling the same confusion/frustration that I am. The pilot was weak and boring, the 2nd ep. was fun and quite entertaining but the 3rd went right back to blah and made me care LESS about everyone on the show.

Are you going to stick it out or are you too worried about falling in love only to be heartbroken by cancellation again? Care to add your own Whedon Scripture? COMMENT AWAY!

Stacking The Odds

As I type this, the series premiere of Joss Whedon’s first foray into TV in 5 years, “Dollhouse,” is only hours away. I approach this show with so much trepidation, that I’m not even sure if I’m enthusiastic any more. Joss and Fox have such a sordid history, that I’ve been second guessing every aspect of “Dollhouse.

  • Is Joss going to make the show he wants to, or the one he thinks won’t get cancelled?
  • Is Fox going to let us see all 13 episodes, get attached and still NOT pick up the second season?
  • Is it actually going to be good?
  • Is it actually going to be great?

At least we can beging to answer the last two questions later tonight. The initial reviews were luke warm at best, then the pilot was reshot, and now the reviews are ranging from “TEPID!” to “MASTERPIECE!” TV Worth Watching calls it “…Whedon’s 4th TV Triumph.” Oh course the other 3 triumphs they are referencing were all cancelled too.

Post your hopes, and fears for Dollhouse in the comments, or wait until after the premiere and post your review-ish thoughts. No spoilers in the comments please.


To commemorate the network that so often crushes our geeky little hearts into geeky heart jelly, I offer the “LOLFOX: WERE IN UR TV CANCELING UR SHOWS” t-shirt.

See? It’s less evil if you pretend a silly kitty is cancelling Arrested Development and Firefly. Silly ol’ kitty.

…Like It’s 10 Years After 1999

I am actually late for Eli’s New Year’s party, so I will have to update this post in the new year. After my fridge exploded today (true story) I was just glad to get the comic posted before 2009.


Post your New Years plans or best/worst New Years stories in the comments. Be safe, be happy, have fun and kiss someone REALLY HARD!

(Anyone that makes real Josh Juice, drinks it AND can prove it gets a prize.)

My Uncle The Astronaut

Molested by an astronaut. There’s your answer. What else could explain why Fox would launch a cerebral, high concept scifi show produced by Joss Whedon (Dollhouse) in the very same 9pm Friday time slot that obliterated their last cerebral, high concept scifi show produced by Joss Whedon (Firefly)? Moon-pedophiles.

Before you ask, it’s a little know fact that network executives have a goatee from birth.

I hate to say it, but given all the recent delays, rewrites and production problems, I’d almost rather they just canned the show now and let me say goodbye before I really get hooked. I would like to point out that Dollhouse is premiering on Friday the 13th. That’s how I likes my omens. Good and ominous.

How about a shirt that says Friday Night on Fox : Where TV Shows Go To Die”?


I made the shirt.

I wasn’t too happy with the final design, so I took it down for revisions.