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Tim Minear’s Twitter bio reads like a… well like a list of cancelled shows, most of which I enjoyed and some of which I REALLY enjoyed. Terriers, Angel, Firefly, Wonderfalls, Drive, The Inside, The X-Files, Lois and Clark, The Chicago Code.

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I never did see Terriers, but I know it wasn’t actually about dogs. It was about something else which was never properly conveyed by FX’s marketing department. They’ve done such a good job of keeping the show’s premise a secret that, especially now that it is cancelled, mankind will never know its true purpose. FX does that a lot. They managed to conceal the brilliance of It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia with confusing and off-putting commercials from me for three seasons before I caved to Josh and Eli’s collective will and burned through roughly 30 episodes on one sitting. Needless to say it is a fantastic show, and FX obviously had no idea how to present it to new potential viewers. I would argue that it’s continued success stems only from word of mouth brow beating.

But I digress and return my attention to Mr. Minear. He has written on or show-run three of my all-time favorite television programs. The obvious ones being Firefly and Angel, but almost more than those two (okay not more than Firefly) I lament the loss of Wonderfalls. I feel like I’ve talked about it at length in the past so I won’t bore you, but it was one of the most original and captivating fantasy/quirky/dramedy style tv shows ever and perhaps the greatest injustice enacted by The Evil Fox Executive. For not only was it brilliant, but it only aired for four episodes. The season 1 DVD is available and contains the whole 13 (or was it 10?) episode run, and fans of Dead Like Me and Pushing Daisies should do themselves a favor and pick it up.

The Hollywood TV Machine just isn’t meant for guys like Tim Minear and Joss Whedon. I really hope they and others like them keep exploring alternative distribution methods for content. I would love to see an online network run by guys like Whedon and Minear that independently produced well-budgeted series, shorts and features using a direct subscription, pay what you want, or unobtrusive advertising model. Networks aren’t necessary anymore and neither are time slots. Quality shows still require deep pockets but there are other ways to get funding. The future of media (books, comics, TV, movies) is going to be making specific content for a much smaller audience. Mass Appeal is the ideal that gets good shows cancelled and shitty shows a 10th season.

I know we are perhaps decades away from the current TV model dying the way the music industry and newspapers are now, but I promise you it will happen. I like seeing people pave the way for this transition by making their own content and putting it out there for others to enjoy. In that vein my buddy Mikey is making a web-series called Anthony Saves The World that you should check out.

Sci-Fi Web Series - Anthony Saves The World

You should also go out and make your own thing. How’s that for a new year’s resolution? Make that thing you’ve always wanted to make. Just start. Start tonight. MAKE SOMETHING. HAVE FUN.

I Mean About Future Calamity

Get your HijiNKS ENSUE Book 2 Preoder on! GO HERE NOW! Over 1/4 of the Ultimate Fancy Editions are already gone!

Enjoy this Lo-FijiNKS comic while I am at Dragon’s Lair Webcomic Rampage in Austin this weekend and with David, Danielle, Randy, Jeph, Bill, and  Josh.

Preorder HijiNKS ENSUE Vol 2! Listeners to the HE Podcast will know that conversations with Eli in real life often take unexpected and indecipherable twists and turns. What you see above is a fictional account of a conversation that never took place, but easily could have and in an alternate universe, probably did. Speaking of alternate universes, the writers over at Fringe seem to have a sense of humor since they did actually name their first episode in the FOX Friday Night Death Slot “Firefly.” I assume the next few episodes will be entitled “Dollhouse,” “Terminator: TSCC,” “Dark Angel” and… oops. Cancelled.

Also speaking of alternate universes, I wrote two scripts for this comic and decided to make them both. Here’s the alternate. [click to embiggen, then click AGAIN to fully embiggen]

I Mean About Future Calamity - Alternate

The Final Stage Is Acceptance

Are you surprised Fox is slowly and calmly building a Fringe-sized coffin? Seeing as we have already established the Fringe is the best Sci-Fi show on TV, and FOX’s Doom Engine is powered by geek tears, you shouldn’t be.

HijiNKS ENSUE British Knights Shirt at TopatocoI honestly think Fringe is one of those shows that has a complete narrative to tell and, thus, needs an end date. Just not a surprise one. I can see the major arc of Fringe and it’s creative steam carrying it through a phenomenal 4th season and perhaps to a 5th, but beyond that it could suffer from the same slow death that claimed The X-Files. The last thing I want is for another TV Sci-Fi masterpiece to outstay it’s welcome. But Fringe deserves a chance to wrap things up on it’s own time and with support from the network. Time and time again, FOX has shown us that Friday night is the last stop before an untimely cancellation. It’s almost like how your trash collectors only take branches and leaf bags every other week, so you stick them on the edge of your lawn just waiting for them to be collected. Friday night is the edge of FOX’s lawn.

You might as well go read some more Fringe comics, because I have a feeling I’m only going to get the opportunity to make one or two more.

Curse Your Sudden But Inevitable Cancellation

This could very well be my last Dollhouse related comic. Revisit the ghost of Dollhouse Comic Past HERE.
hijinks-ensue-godspeed-you-fancy-bastard-book-300x300I think this comic sums up my feeling towards Dollhouse’s cancellation pretty well. There was definitely a spark of Whedon-Genius there, but it wasn’t enough to earn my devotion. I stand by the belief that Dushku was the ruination of the show. All of the supporting cast outclassed her at every turn and showed what a mediocre actress she is (I’m sorry, Eliza… I think you are pretty and probably a nice person).

I’m sure the show will pull another 180 in it’s final six episodes and only then will I realize my error in judgment, but as of now I don’t mourn the show. I only mourn the show that Joss saw in his head, that we will never see. For surely this was not it.

Saturday Nov. 14th, 11am – 6pm
More info HERE

I will be doing 2 panels during the afternoon. One on webcomic economics/marketing and the other on digital drawing with a Wacom tablet. My buddy Will Terrell will be doing a digital painting tutorial as well. If you have seen his art, you know you don’t want to miss this. I hope to see you all there.

If enough FB’s show up we can have a dinner meetup afterward.

[You know it’s sad that they can’t even say “Dollhouse Sent To ‘The Attic'” since not enough people watched the show to get the reference]

A God Among Actors

If Edward James Olmos played the God of Abraham, would Jamie Bamber play Jesus and then eventually fat Jesus? Would Katee Sackhoff play Mary Magdalene? I’m fairly sure we all know who would play Judas in this scenario (though he would make a pretty good Jesus too).

Any FB’s in the Lubbock, TX area need to come out and see me at West Texas Comic-Con this Saturday from 10am – 6pm. I’ll have books and shirts and buttons and stuff and things.

The 3 contests are over and here are the winners:

CONTEST 1: Recreate an HE Comic
PRIZE: 1 Copy of Gearbox Software’s Borderlands for PC on Steam
WINNER (chosen by Joel): Chris K. aka NESDude
ENTRY: Check out his awesome video recreation of THIS comic HERE.
To claim your prize, email dopefish3d (at) gmail (dot) com

CONTEST 2: Hottest Fancy Bastard
PRIZE: 1 Copy of Gearbox Software’s Borderlands for PC on Steam
WINNER (chosen entirely by Josh and no one else): Dave L.
ENTRY: Josh didn’t share it with me, so…
To claim your prize, email dopefish3d (at) gmail (dot) com

CONTEST 3: HE Pumpkin Carving
PRIZE: 1 Copy of Terminal Reality’s Ghostbusters for Xbox 360 (donated by Eli)
WINNER (chosen by Eli and Denise): @CallMeSteam
ENTRY: The Elumpkin!
To claim your prize, email elivorio (at) gmail (dot) com

Thank you to everyone that entered. I would like to do more contests like this in the future. I would also like to give a Special Award to Jessica G. for her paper cutting recreation of THIS comic. The detail and effort that went into this is just extraordinary [I would actually really like to own this]. Email me (joel) and I’ll send you a signed print of any comic that you want.


Fans of the HE Podcast may appreciate this poster Alex made of El Delorio. That shit is top notch awesome right there. He wanted to offer to runners up on the contests, but I think only the Podcast listeners will get it, so I am considering offering it as a print in the store. Your thoughts?