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Dallas Anime Fest

Dallas Animefest is this Weekend! Come see me, Shortpacked and Two Lumps (plus a bunch of cat-girls and such) all Labor Day Weekend. We will be doing a Webcomic’s panel every day.

It’s Fri Sept 3rd – Mon Sept 6th, 2010 at the Hyatt Regency Dallas at Reunion Tower.

These words, among others, were added to the Oxford English Dictionary, which has abandoned a print edition in favor of an online only format, this year: chillax, bromance, vuvuzela, tweetup, de-friend, frenemy, staycation, steampunk and freemium. That’s right, you are one of the privileged few who were alive to witness the English Language actually BECOME The Internet. Congratulations to us all.

How long will it be until dictionaries are divided by “standard,” “rhyming” and “sexting” editions? I don’t care if the print edition of the OED is dead. As Josh points out in panel one (quoting Sir Egon Spangler), “Print is dead.” It’s more the idea that any dumbass thing we start saying on the interweb (a word that was also added to the OED this year) just magically enters the canon of the English language. Lame, English speaking world. Super lame.

COMMENTERS: Please invent a word or word-mashup and give it’s definition and at least one example of proper usage. The dumbest word will be officially added into my vocabulary.

Unwavering Devotion

Josh doesn’t actually know what the character on his posterior really means, but if he shows it at the China Dragon Palace he gets a half priced buffet on Tuesdays. Which begs the question, why is he pulling his ass out in Chinese restaurants?


Godspeed, You Fancy Bastard T-Shirt

Tudykery,” not to be confused with the similarly named, holiday time bird carcass nesting doll, is the quality by which Alan Tudyk makes things better (or at least tolerable) simply by being a part of them. This “human bacon bits” quality is the only reason I was able to get through the first few episodes of V and convince myself it wasn’t horrifically boring. Then they killed him off and the veil of mediocrity was lifted. How to do you make an alien lizard people invasion boring?

Still, there is the issue of “The Browncoat Contract,” by which I mean the obligation of the Firefly/Serenity faithful to give every show or movie featuring one of our bright, shiny stars a more than fair chance. It was this obligation that made me watch Nathan Fillion’s Drive. All 4 episodes of it. And Adam Baldwin‘s short lived The Inside. This same obligation caused many of you to tune in for Jewel Staite in SyFy’s Mothman. My condolences. The kind of made-for-TV scifi garbage that would usually require you to drink a gas can full of ether and Yoohoo to sit through must be given a free pass because the cute space mechanic is the one running from the CG monster that looks like it was created with a Speak’n Spell hooked up to a George Foreman grill.

Luckily for us, there is an escape clause. Once the Firefly veteran’s new show takes off, you are no longer under contract. For instance, both Chuck and Castle are successful shows. My super bonus TV watching ability’s are not required to save them from cancelation since “the normals” are watching it too.

The worst part about the Contract is that it forces me to watch shows that I already know are going to be awful  just so I can feel like I am doing my part to support the actors. Have you seen the promos for Summer Glau’s new show The Cape? It’s about a disgraced cop that decides to be Batman. Sounds cool, right? Well, he spends most of his time hanging out with carnies and magicians, so… just watch the promos. Holy lowered expectations, Cape Man!

Black As Pitch Meeting

In all fairness to Fox, their proposed space western sounds more like a Jonah Hex ripoff than a Firefly/Serenity wannabe. Credit where credit is due, I suppose.hijinks-ensue-godspeed-you-fancy-bastard-book-300x300

I love writing for the Evil Fox Exec. Despite appearing only a handful of times, I have his entire back story fleshed out in my head. He’s a troubled man that wrestles with the moral implications of his many unfathomable sins, while simultaneously reveling in his god-like powers. He wasn’t born this way. He was made into a monster. He’s a walking study in nature vs. nurture. He started at Fox in a lowly, but creative position. The highers ups noticed his go-getter attitude and began molding him to their sinister will. With each promotion came more money, more power and more dubious job duties. At first he was only asked to cancel shows that had already had several seasons, good promotion and still suffered from low ratings. He thought of it as mercy killing. Then he was told to create shows that would garner a small but devoted fanbase JUST so they could be canceled and replaced with reality-dance contests. Fox’s hate-engine is fueled by sadness and he was loading it’s doom-furnace one shovel full at a time.

OK, he’s basically Lindsey McDonald to Fox‘s Wolfram and Hart, but I still enjoy the tiny, evil space in my head the EFE occupies. Expect to see more of him in the future.

A Crisis Of Faith

Get it? Faith? Eliza Dushku? BAM! ZING!
[Also, I should point out that Joel and Shepherd Eli are making a “W” sign on their chests in panel 3.]

I really hate to fan the flames here, but Dollhouse just isn’t doing anything for me. I feel torn between my need to support and trust Joss Whedon and my other need to be entertained by the TV shows I watch. I don’t want to get into specifics (no relatable characters, Eliza’s acting chops, etc etc) and I’m not ready to cast final judgment because all of the problems I see in Dollhouse have the stink of FOX all over them. And from what I’ve read, they’ve given up on screwing with the show and stopped interfering.

That means one of two things:

  1. They are through with the show, so they don’t care what happens to it between now and when the 13 episode commitment runs out
  2. they realize their decisions to put on Friday Night O’ Death, second guess Joss and air the episodes out of order are the real problems and their meddling isn’t improving the show or its ratings

In a recent interview, Eliza addressed the slow start and asked that we hold out until episode six. At that point, Whedon’s vision will become clear and we’ll all get the shiny feelings that we’ve been lacking so far. Honestly, I’ll be watching no matter what until it gets canceled. I feel like I owe Whedon that much.

If this is the last hurrah for Joss in the medium of television I won’t be too heartbroken. The next frontier of entertainment is high quality shows, shorts and movies produced for the internet (paging Dr. H.?) and I know he will be one of the pioneers if not the leader in that field.

If you are Whedon Zombie and currently watching Dollhouse, you are probably feeling the same confusion/frustration that I am. The pilot was weak and boring, the 2nd ep. was fun and quite entertaining but the 3rd went right back to blah and made me care LESS about everyone on the show.

Are you going to stick it out or are you too worried about falling in love only to be heartbroken by cancellation again? Care to add your own Whedon Scripture? COMMENT AWAY!

I’m A Snowflake On The Wind

Bill Watterson and “Calvin and Hobbes” are two of the primary reasons I started making comics. Those of you who donate or subscribe to The Vault, have seen my earlier attempts to emulate his work (“it’s like Calvin and Hobbes but with a robot instead of a tiger!”).

I don’t know of a cartoonist that doesn’t list Watterson in his top three influences, so I won’t bore you with my treatise on how his work sparked my young imagination and ignited a lifelong love of comic strips and cartooning. I bet he wouldn’t be too thrilled with me aping his style to make a Joss Whedon/Serenity reference, nor would I be shocked if he didn’t get said reference.

I always looked forward to his snowman strips because they straddled a line between childlike innocence and subversion. I guess that same can be said for the whole of “Calvin and Hobbes,” but those particular strips (along with Spaceman Spiff) resonated loudly with me. My favorite was the snowmen looking on in horror after another snowman had been hit by Dad’s car.

Calvin’s Dad was a patent attorney. “The More You Knoooow!”