Dragon’s Lair Webcomic Rampage 2010 Fancy Sketches

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Thanks to all who came out to Dragon’s Lair Webcomic Rampage in Austin this weekend. Especially the wonderful staff at Dragon’s Lair and my co-guests and friends David, Danielle, Randy, and Jeph. If you are in the Austin, TX area and find yourself in need of comics, trades, table top gaming supplies, or a place to do said table top gaming, you really need to give Dragon’s Lair a visit.

Preorder HijiNKS ENSUE Vol 2! I recorded the audio from the 2 panels we did over the weekend in hopes of turning them into a podcast. Assuming the files are intelligible I will do my best to edit them together into something you will enjoy that it not 4 hours long.

Here are some photos from the show courtesy of @Merbrat, and here are some custom baby onesies that we all drew on for Athene.

I also want to draw special attention to the fact that The United States Postal Service stole one of David’s boxes of books and replaced it with half a blender. To make up such a thing would be ludicrous. To actually have it happen in real life is almost sublime. Just look at his sad puppy face.

If you need something from the HE store before Dec 24th (like maybe some HE Holiday cards), you need to order RIGHT NOW! Check out the [recently moved up] shipping deadlines at the top of THIS PAGE.

Dragon’s Lair Webcomics Rampage!

Thank you to everyone that came out and said hi last weekend at Dragon’s Lair Comic and Fantasy in Austin, TX. I think all the cartoonists were in a agreement that it was a fantastically fun time. Special thanks to Alison for coordinating the event and running the 2 most entertaining panels I have ever been a part of. The panels were videoed, so hopefully they will be available in some internet fashion at some point. I had a blast. I really enjoy the opportunity to meet readers face to face and personally welcome new Fancy Bastards into the fold.

I also enjoy the way regular people stare incessantly at 10 or 15 webcartoonists while we eat Tex-Mex. Between Danielle and Christi pining for the nearest titty bar, Jeph proclaiming that Texas owes it’s independence to a mulatto prostitute and Randy telling us all how one of his early ancestors stabbed a priest, robbed the church then burned it to the ground we had even the “keep Austin weird-est” people choking on their flautas. I think we officially changed the slogan to “keep Austin worried.”

The goal is to have every US shirt ordered by Dec 4th arrive by Dec. 24th. That’s what the shipping deadline says on the order page and everyone involved is doing their best to make that promise a reality. There is a possibility that some of the shirts ordered late on Dec 4th will not arrive by Dec. 24th. Any shirt orders (this applies to ALL HE SHIRTS THAT ARE NOT SHIPPED FROM TOPATOCO) placed after Dec 4th probably will not arrive by Dec. 24th. The Edward shirt orders were simply unexpected and overwhelming, hence the early cut off for holiday shipping. Thanks!