The Day After Yesterday

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What Eli doesn’t realize is how thoughtful Josh was actually being with his power saw tossing experiment. Had Eli’s extra fingers been severed and had they grown back, everyone would be satisfied in the knowledge that they could go out and (at least for a couple of hours) pull some pretty sweet “fingers got chopped off” pranks. If they didn’t grow back, then Eli would have no fewer fingers than he had the day before. And trust me, he wasn’t stomping around yesterday all in a huff, lamenting his lack of additional digits.

For guys like Joel and Josh who play guitar or piano, I bet the extra fingers are really filling in some gaps in the ol’ musical skill sets. Before man had five fingers, I’m sure the piano seemed like a cruel test left on Earth by ancient aliens in the late 80’s to frustrate humanity into early extinction. Dumb ancient aliens. Always leaving shit on planets for people to have incredibly stupid ideas about.

I wonder if Juan Q. Zach survived. I mean he WAS at the epicenter of a worldwide BLOODQUAKE, and that’s not really the sort of thing you just shake off. Still, he seemed a resilient beast, and the most likely HE character to eventually be made into a plush doll, so… I bet we see him again.

Well, this comic ends the current storyline, all of the comics for 2012 and what will eventually become HE book 5. I hope you’ve enjoyed this indulgence of continuity as much as I enjoyed creating it. Hell, I hope you enjoyed this entire year of comics, and perhaps even a select few of the years preceding it.

Thanks for letting me do this amazing job for another year. How about we make a deal to keep up our individual ends of this bargain (I make stuff, give it away for free  and sometimes you buy stuff or give me money or send me a nice email or whatever) for at least another year? Cool? Cool.

COMMENTERS: What physical enhancement from fiction (augmented body part, extra body part, etc) do you feel you would most benefit from and why? I remember this old episode of the 90’s Outer Limits series (or it totally could have been John Carpenter’s Body Bags) where this dude gets injected with nanites and they start to interpret his inability to breath under water or see behind himself as biological deficiencies and they start growing him gills, extra eyes, etc. It’s basically The Fly without all the vomiting on donuts and Goldbluming all over the place.

The Spiffiest Time And Space Man



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MORE INFO HERE. The guest list is stellar and it’s always a great deal of fun. Plus it’s free. C’mon! How can you argue with free fun surrounded by awkward webcomics creators?!

COMMENTERS: The Doctor travels through space and time and several dimensions to visit your favorite comic strip characters from childhood. Which one is it and why? Why happens when he gets there? I bet if he goes to Apartment 3G, he finds out the whole apartment is a living phantasm that traps people inside and feeds on their misery. I mean, he’s always going to places like that and Apartment 3G sucks a hundred dump trucks full of butts.


Rory Hears A Who And Hatches The Cube

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This comic started as a Fancy Sketch Drive sketch request from Fancy Bastard Erin H. I posted the sketch on Twitter and TWITTER WENT UNSANE with favs and retweets. I contacted Erin and asked if she minded if I worked it up as a comic and shirt and she graciously obliged the use of her idea. I’m pretty happy with the outcome and I hope you enjoy it too. Thanks, Erin!


COMMENTERS: What do you think is the most heartbreaking display of romance/affection/love in geek pop culture? 

TWO new HE Podcasts last week! 
Episode 93 and Episode 94 With Voice Actors Yuri Lowenthal and Tara Platt!

The Perils Of Companionship

Here are some things: 

Farewell, Amy and Rory. You were cute and ginger and stubborn and I liked you a lot. Go along, Ponds.

COMMENTERS: How do you feel about the Pond’s exit? Spoilers are fine. It’s been a couple of weeks, right?



Predator Vs. Aliens

HijiNKS ENSUE PODCAST Episode 87 “” is live!

COMMENTERS: Did you like the first two episodes of this season of Doctor Who? PLEASE NO SPOILERS IF YOU KNOW THE ACTUAL ANSWER TO THE NEXT QUESTION!!! How do you suppose they are going to work Oswin into being the new companion, seeing as how the same access plays them both? The companion’s name is Clara Oswin, so do you suppose she is a relative of Oswin’s? AGAIN NO ACTUAL SPOILERS, but how do would you like Rory and Amy to depart vs. how do you think they’re actually going to depart? I bet Amy gets turned into a Weeping Angel and Rory gets crushed between two stray planets.

Also, feel free to make up your own Dalek Parent and Dalek Child dialog. “YOU MUST EXTERMINATE YOUR VEGETABLES BEFORE YOU HAVE ANY SWEETS! EXTERMINATE! EXTERMINATE!”