The Doctor Is Win

Alternate Title: “Horrible Fears A Who”

This comic started as a commission for a reader named Justin who I met at Dallas Animefest 2010. His idea was for a “Doctor vs. Doctor” duel with The Good Doctor triumphing over the horrible doctor. I finished the commission [which you can see HERE] and decided to take just the inks from that piece and rework it into a full color comic-type situation. I really had fun making this one and I hope you enjoy it. If so, thank Fancy Bastard Justin for the idea and the title. I also want to mention that I used a photo called “Dark Alleyway” from¬†James Wong on Deviant Art as the basis for the background.

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COMMENTERS: Given the match up presented above, who would win (no pun intended) and why?

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Cliff Danglers

The hobo baby’s name is Boxcar Chester A. Arthur. Hobaby? Babo?

UDPATE: Yes, I know “Dr. Who” predates “Bill & Ted” by decades… that’s part of why I find the comparison amusing. #iloveexplainingthejoke

This is why I don’t do continuity. Because if there were stories in HE they would all go like this comic. Also I would never EVER tie up the loose ends. It would be like LOST but with fewer cast members and shorter hiatuses.

I spent 3 days trying to come up with something special for this comic since, not only was it the final comic of 2009, and the final comic of the decade but it was also the final comic of what will eventually be HE Book 2. I’m going to post the alternate ideas for the “HE season finale” in The Vault for those of you who have donated and have access.

We really shouldn’t be worried about how many times our little blue dirt ball rockets towards oblivion around an unfathomably large self sustaining explosion. One time? Ten Times? It doesn’t really matter when you consider that somewhere in the universe entire galaxies are colliding with each other. Now that’s a reason to reflect and reminisce. “Remember when we had a galaxy? Man, those were good times.”

Feel free to post your favorite/least favorite geek moments (TV, Movies, Your Own Life, Etc) of the last year or decade in the comments.

Who’s On Eleventh?

I feel so much pressure from the geek community to partake in the misadventures of The Good Doctor, but as of yet I haven’t partook… partaked… partaken. I think I’m saving it for one of those rainy days when I crave British accents and time travel (usually a Wednesday).

Seeing as how I don’t have a proper frame of reference, I can’t comment on Matt Smith being cast as the eleventh Doctor Who. If you are blessed with an opinion on this matter, feel free to share it in the comments.

Re: “Who’s On First” – I know it’s a lame joke and I’m sure someone else has already used to to poke fun at Doctor Who, but it made me smile. Having never seen an episoded of Doctor Who, I can’t very well make a subtle reference to some obscure faneurysm like I would normally do.

If you know the classic “Who’s On First” routine, might I suggest “Who’s On Stage“?

Also, if you enjoyed THE TASTEY ADVENTURES OF BACON MAN or currently enjoy pining for your favorite cancelled show, you’ll be happy to know that HE-Friend-Comic “Save Hiatus” is back.