You And I’ll Just Use A Little Patience

With this comic, I might be foretelling my own future since I will be at Emerald City Comicon in Seattle (March 28-30, 2014) with my good friend David Willis and I don’t expect we’ll actually get any work done since we’ll just be holding hands and singing “Let It Go” into each other’s faces all weekend. Assuming we take a couple of brakes to rehydrate and let our pipes rest (yes PIPES… shut up), we’ll be in the webcomics section right next to Cyanide & Happiness.

Also I will be putting on my first ever solo comicon panel! It will be all about The Experiment, and I am SUPER excited. I did a version of this talk at Bumbershoot this year and it went over really well, but in order for it to be successful I need BUTTS IN SEATS! SEATBUTTS! If you’re coming to the con, Seattle Fancy Bastards, you GOTTA COME to this panel. I am also doing a live drawing panel with my Cyanide & Happiness friends. More info on both panels HERE

Just in tine for Valentimes, my wife made a Kissing Pacman and Ms. Pacman necklace. She would also be happy to make it in double Pacmens or Pacladies configurations. She’s also updated her Game Of Thrones house necklaces to include House Targaryen (in addition to House Stark and House Lannister).

COMMENTERS: When are you the least patient? When others are freaking out with impatience, when are you the only one keeping their cool?

Think Outside The Bill

I am a monster. A pun monster. Someday I will answer for my crimes, but today is not that day. For you see, the law enforcement agency that polices pun crimes is currently furloughed all to shit as part of the US Government Shut(The Club)down.

David Willis appears courtesy of Dumbing of Age (a thing that was MY idea), and by way of Cybertron.


NYCC 2013

I will be at New York Comic Con Next weekend (10/10) with Cyanide and Happiness at booth 2247!

UPDATE ON THE FANCY DIGITAL SKETCH DRIVE: If you are still waiting on your Fancy Digital Sketch, I am SUPER BACKLOGGED on these. I am very sorry it’s taking so long. Doing 50+ original pieces of finished art always sounds easy, until you agree to do it and take money for it. I am working through them, but if you need yours urgently, feel free to let me know via email.

Have you seen my wife’s Etsy store, “Science and Fiction?” Check out her Tetris earrings!

Tetris Earings!


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Yo quiero Taco Executive SUPREME!
No matter what, the Burrito Bureaucracy will hinder the decision
With their 5 beefy layers of paperwork; damn them!
It’s a Tacocalypse!
DuckAmuck's avatar

DuckAmuck · 88 weeks ago

Taco Bell government – Everything with cheese sauce! Can we replace people with something that’s actually only 10% people? Who needs health care when there’s more cheese sauce! Real people need health care, 10% people only need more cheese sauce.

Did I mention there was cheese sauce instead of taxes?

lou's avatar

lou · 88 weeks ago

Unicron, eh? Did you or Dave watch the Transformers Prime finale?

1 reply · active 87 weeks ago

I think I watched the whole series. It wasnt my favorite, but it was something to watch.
StephC's avatar

StephC · 88 weeks ago

Anyone else *immediately* get the Armour Hotdog song in their head?

SDCC 2013 Fancy Sketches

Here are some sketches from San Diego Comic-Con. Enjoy them IF YOU DARE. I’ve barely begun to recover from last week, despite my tight regimen of sleeping 2 or 3 days for every day I’m awake and eating nothing but coffee and artificial sweetener.

Please visit my store and my sharksplode and purchase things. It would put a smile on the hole where my face used to be (I left so much in San Diego).

Also check out this story I posted on my Tumblr about a really touching moment I witnessed at SDCC this year.

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Ceri's avatar

Ceri · 99 weeks ago

I always love your post-Con Fancy Sketches posts, and this contains some of the most awesomest yet!
Tony's avatar

Tony · 99 weeks ago

I think I could forgive Moffat for most* of Series 6 and 7 if he would work “The Sharknado has the Phonebox” into the 50th Anniversary Special…

*The episodes written by Neil Gaiman need no forgiving. Same with “Cold War” and all the time Jenny, Vastra, and/or Strax were on screen, and there’s probably a few others that weren’t overly painful, but they’re not coming to me right now. And then, of course, there’s things that even a Sharknado can’t forgive, like poorly compositing JLC screaming “Doctor!” into a bunch of clips from the old show, or pretending that a Weeping Angel Statue of Liberty makes any sense… or trying to cram that whole River Song mythos into like 2 exposition-heavy messes of episodes.

2 replies · active 98 weeks ago

lou's avatar

lou · 99 weeks ago

I still don’t get how that whole “Statue-of-Liberty-is-really-an-Angel” thing was supposed to work. Did they steal the real statue and replace it with ne of their own?
Kayley's avatar

Kayley · 98 weeks ago

whereas I just kept wondering how it was supposed to move considering how many tourists would be looking at the statue at any given moment!
I read an interview where Moffatt said something like, “It’s a TV show,” to explain that particular plot device.
Cory's avatar

Cory · 98 weeks ago

Am I the first to point out the last panel should read as: “He asked David Willis and me to ‘draw what you see when you two are Skyping.'”?

Hall H-E-Double Hockey Sticks

Wil and I made you a Sparks McGee T-Shirt! 

sparks mcgee t-shirt wil wheaton sharksplode

Confused? Of course you are! Read up on Sparks McGee and his awesome adventures.

Big thanks to my friend David for both creating Vampire Dog and not protesting too much when I told him I was stealing his idea and using it for a comic that he would also be in whether he wanted to or not. Here are some of David’s Vampire Dog tag lines:

  • This dog is man’s best fiend.
  • Vomits up your blood, then eats it again.
  • This dog really knows how to roll over and play UNDEAD.

I have lots of complicated feelings and opinions about San Diego Comicon. I recently did a write up on my Tumblr called “Everything I know about North American comic conventions.” Here’s what I had to say about SDCC:

SDCC (San Diego): Creators avoid at all costs. Fans? Go for it. Stand in line for 12 hours to see a panel and have a great time. This show is 100% about Hollywood blockbusters and 100% NOT about comics. Every artist I know hates it and threatens to never go back, but the first time you don’t go you lose your booth forever. And I do mean FOREVER. There is no space left and the waiting list is hundreds if not thousands long. It’s a deplorable mess for a guy like me. Sales aren’t as good as ECCC or Pheonix but costs are more than twice as high. It’s a status thing. I kind of hope it goes away or at least individual artists just stop going. Let Hollywood have it. That’s all any of the fans are spending money on anyway. The only reason to go to SDCC for me is to see my friends (All of whom dont want to be there), and for the offiste activities like w00tstock, Geek and Sundry and Nerd HQ, etc. The rest is a fucking nightmare.

I should add to that, the readers and fans I’ve met at SDCC have been some of the most supportive and gracious of any show I’ve ever done and I REALLY don’t want to diminish how special it is to get to meet them face to face, do sketches for them, talk about geek stuff and carve out a happy little shared experience in the midst of the geek world’s most unbearable “clusterfart.”

COMMENTERS: What’s the longest you’ve ever waited in line for something? A movie, a book release, a video game, a concert, a con panel? Was the wait worth it?

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Zelda: Ocarina of Time pre-order.

I was the first person in the store. But the delivery wasn’t unpacked yet. They told me to come back in a half hour. (I came back in 15) to a store with 20 customers. Apparently, they never organized the pre-sale slips and they were just tossed into a box. The store continued to fill up so quickly that they had to from a line outside. So they grabbed a random slip from the box and called out the name. If there was no answer, they grabbed another slip.

This went on for four hours and I was one of the unlucky ones that was one of the last ten called. >:(

Stephen's avatar

Stephen · 101 weeks ago

So. Which is higher on the list: Teaching David how to curse, or finding out when the vampire dog panel is?

I think the longest I’ve waited in line was either for the Wii on Black Friday, or for Borderlands 2 the night it came out. Both at Gamestop.

MichaelH's avatar

MichaelH · 101 weeks ago

I went there too! Didn’t wait four hours, instead my friend and I grabbed food first, then joined the queue somewhere back in Islington…maybe it was Camden… long queue anyway. Very worth it!
I’ll be there exclusively to see the innependents. Yo.
Dave's avatar

Dave · 101 weeks ago

While this is a post where I’m going to say “Well I’m not like that” I want to be clear that I am NOT saying that what you say about comic-con is wrong. My Anecdote != Data. What this post IS trying to say is “Hey all you other comic-con go-ers… why not try to attack the con this way… you’ll have more fun! I promise”

I avoid Hall H and ballroom 20 like the plague. Truth is they’re just not worth it. Do I love Sherlock? Absolutely. Am I super excited for Agents of SHIELD? Oh you bet I am. Would it be a blast to see Matt Smith’s final con as Dr. Who? Oh you betcha.

But if I am to see any of those things I have to give up a huge chunk of my life in line, and even more watching panels for bad teen romances from the CW. All to get maybe 10 minutes of sneak preview footage, 20 minutes of honest to goodness awesomesauce, and 30 minutes of awkward questions from the fans promptly dodged by the folks on stage.

Friends, Neighbors, fellow con-goers, let me tell you that this is NOT worth it. At a certain point the OMG I AM IN THE SAME ROOM AS ROBERT DOWNEY JR wears off and you realize he’s just another dude. An awesomely cool dude who is charismatic and fun, but he’s a dude. You miss out on SO MUCH in order to ‘see’ him. Let’s be honest, more than likely you’re watching him on projected screens above the room. You lose out on so much to get those 20 minutes of awesome.

And then the convention floor… holy god is it crazy on the Hollywood side. My wife won’t even go. If we want to go see artist’s alley we leave the floor, walk down the front of the convention center, and come back in to avoid the massive flustercluck that is the hollywood booths. It’s so insanely crowded and people go so crazy over the chance to get a free sharpie that they’ll run you down… again, not worth it.

Here’s what we do: We hit the small press pavilion. HARD. We’ll wander up and down those aisles 4 or 5 times through the week. We hit the webcomics guys. There’s your chance to meet a real person. You’re not watching them on a screen while they’re 100 yards away surrounded by thousands of other people… they’re right in front of you making awkward small talk with you directly. You can buy something where your purchase MEANS something.

When we want to see a panel we look for something we’ve never done before. Something we’ve never seen before. Something way outside of our sphere.

The magic of the Con is experiencing your passion AND being exposed to someone elses’. There is SO MUCH passion at the con and none of it is to be found in the Hollywood panels. Those are carefully crafted commercials. Find something you have a passing interest and check out the amazing passion some people have for it. Learn some new detail you’ve never even thought of before. It’s a TON of fun and only costs you 1 hour none of which is spent in line.

If you must get the hollywood experience, why not check out some of the unique events they create outside of the con. The offsite Godzilla event looks pretty cool. The Tron arcade Disney put up was far superior than any panel they ever did. One time Adult Swim put together a skate party (with busses to take you to a roller rink to skate with Seth Green).

I can’t tell you how many friends of mine I have had fly in from across the nation to stay at my place and go to Comic-con and how many leave disappointed because they kicked and clawed and scratched to get into Hall H or Ballroom 20 and in the end came out frustrated, annoyed, and underwhelmed.

comic-con is what you want it to be. Every single kind of nerd passion is there. You don’t have to single out the big ones.

Oh and to answer the question, I once waited 3.5 hours to ride “Batman the Ride” at Six Flags Magic Mountain right after it opened. Totally wasn’t worth it. I also waited an hour for Star Wars Phantom Menace on opening night. That was worse than getting my head banged around by a gigantic metal contraption.

1 reply · active 101 weeks ago

You speak the truth, but having been to so many cons I can assure you and everyone else that “The magic of the Con is experiencing your passion AND being exposed to someone elses’. ” is available at MUCH better, MUCH less insane, MUCH less hollywood focussed cons all over the country. Emerald City in Seattle is a great place to start.
I need to believe that despite being from two different comic universe, Vampire Dog is a spin-off from Dog Cops from Hawkguy.
Also I think the longest I’ve waited for something was for entrance into the wand shop in the Harry Potter theme park. It was August and sweltering and it was worth it.
HikingViking's avatar

HikingViking · 101 weeks ago

I camped out overnight for Star Wars Episode I. That’s right. I spent the night waiting to see Jar Jar Binks. Was it worth it? Meesa don’t thinkie so.

3 replies · active 99 weeks ago

Yousa people gonna have life long regrets?
lou's avatar

lou · 101 weeks ago

I don’t. I’m over whatever shame or disappointment watching the prequels may have induced. The key is just not watch them for a few years, then ease yourself back in, one scene at a time.
I hear that.
Last year I also found and downloaded one of the “fan edits” of Ep 1. Almost no Jar Jar, no midichlorians, less senate floor, and nothing is “wizard.” It actually wasn’t a bad movie.
Rick's avatar

Rick · 101 weeks ago

Vampire Dog is actually a thing. But you knew that. (I knew that because I have kids, and kids have no taste.)

2 replies · active 101 weeks ago

I… I did not know this. I have to rethink everything in my life now.
Dave's avatar

Dave · 101 weeks ago

Seconded. I know HE had a rough con last year, but a serious part of that had to do with Blind Ferret’s booth layout. Please tell me that this year you’ll have it set up so that more than one person can get ‘inside’ and look at the merch? I gave up trying to see your stuff after 3 times passing by.
We have a different booth this year that should be larger and laid out more sensibly.
It’s certainly not a giant fuck you to anyone but the organizers of the con. And, Im sorry, but its not your home town convention. It’s something else entirely. It’s a domed city that forms once a year and exists for a brief while like Brigadoon.
You might enjoy TCAF. it’s SUPER small and free and in a library. A bit too artsy for my audience to show up in droves but ive never heard of a bad experience there.

Ill be at Fan Expo again. You should come say hi.

My wife and I (correction, my 8 months pregnant wife and I) slept outside of a Target for probably 10 hours for a Wii. It was… not worth it.
I hope it will be a bit better in that (a) all the webcomics are together; (b) you’re near the Small Press Pavillion for synergy; (c) you should be out of line up range of the long lines for video games and autographs; and (d) you’re not in the path to any cafeteria line.

Good luck!

Rick's avatar

Rick · 101 weeks ago

Mummy + Tumbler = Mumbler

2 replies · active 101 weeks ago

Neph Sy's avatar

Neph Sy · 101 weeks ago

I waited and slept in line on cement for 19 hours for the yearly opening of the student employment centre, and it snowed (this was May 1st!).
It was worth it, as I got first crack at a government job (they only let a small number of people apply for these government student jobs), which I kept for 3 years while going to school. I should never had admitted that I was going to graduate.
Other than that, can’t think of anything beyond standing in line outside in the heat for 1 hour to but tickets for Return of the Jedi
I used to go to SDCC long ago, first for fun (before it became so crowded) and then for work (I was in animation).

I miss aspects of it, but the crowds, inability to see panels because of said crowds and the crowds drive me nuts.

Really if I think about it, I miss lunch with friends I never get to see otherwise and meeting creators LIKE you Joel.

Then again, if I got off my ass for say NYC CC or whatever it’s called when you were there, I could take care of some of that.

I’m still grinning at BOX PUNCH.
lou's avatar

lou · 101 weeks ago

I waited 5 hours in line to see quite a few movies at their midnight premieres. Well, “line” a loose term, because the waiting areas outside the cinemas weren’t very organized. If there’s time and someplace is still open, you could grab a bite to eat somewhere in the shopping center (all the cinemas where I live are attached to a shopping center or mall, so your dinner is just a short walk away). Strangely, it’s cheaper than theater snacks!
anxiety.junkie's avatar

anxiety.junkie · 101 weeks ago

When my husband (then boyfriend) and I lived in Reno, we spent over 4 hours waiting inside a club with no chairs to see Loverboy. (Yes, Loverboy.) I didn’t want to be there. After the 2nd hour I tried to get him to leave but he wouldn’t. At one point I saw a 6ft, 300+ lb woman in a full body fishnet stocking and a giant blond wig walk by.

They were 4 hours late, and then didn’t apologize or anything, just started playing. As I hatehatehate Loverboy, it was not worth it. (And I still married the guy…)

Chaucer59's avatar

Chaucer59 · 100 weeks ago

Four hours in the Texas sun saving places for my (step)daughter and her friends so try could get in to see Lemony Snicket. The girls were all eleven and twelve and I really thought I was just holding their place. My wife’s little Ariel had read all of Lemony Snicket’s Series of Unfortunate Events. I’d read a couple of the books to see what the brouhaha was. They were okay–nothing all that funny IMHO, but I was over 40. When the line started moving, though, Ariel gave me that baby seal look and said “But, Dennis, aren’t you coming in with us?” *Sigh* I’m easy. I was also surprised by the show. The man put on a hilarious show. He had the adults laughing as hard as the kids. So, yeah, definitely worthwhile.
PowderMonkey's avatar

PowderMonkey · 100 weeks ago

Vampire Dog? Definite contender for 2013 Unfortunate Initals of the Year. Especially if you’re going to use the word ‘panel’ in conection with him – or is this all a thinly veiled public health initiative for the over-enthusiastic cos-players (“Yeah! Waited 6hrs for the V.D. Panel! You want to swab up my what now?!”)
bowtiesarecool's avatar

bowtiesarecool · 100 weeks ago

4 hours for the re-release of the original Star Wars trilogy, now with blinking Ewok eyes! I was first in line, and got a #1 written on a piece of paper. Very official…
ian's avatar

ian · 100 weeks ago

2 hours in a line at PAX for the wil wheaton panel because i was too tired for anything else. I think it was during the pax pox outbreak year

Phun In The Sun

My Ewok Stare shirts are only $15 while they last! 

Guys, Phoenix is phucking hot. It’s just a phact. Phoenix is hotter than Texas. Another phact. That ANYWHERE ON EARTH can be hotter than Texas and still sustain life is a testament to the tenacity of the human spirit with regards to defying nature and common sense to colonize a sweltering, lifeless desert. Between the heat and the escalating racism, it’s like Phoenix is trying to bite Texas’s whole style.

The ONLY embellishment in this comic is that Phoenix doesn’t have any birds because they all died. Also, David didn’t quite die. He wanted to, but I wouldn’t allow it. I needed him to help me take our booth apart after the convention.

COMMENTERS: What is the MOST BRUTAL heat you’ve ever been in? For me it was probably in highschool during marching band practice. We’d lose two weeks of summer vacation to prance around on asphalt in 105 degree weather at 98% humidity with zero shade and zero places to sit down that weren’t capable of producing 3rd degree burns. Add to that holding 15 pounds of brass in your hands and forcefully expelling all of your superheated oxygen through a tube, and it makes for a pretty abismal experience.

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Liam's avatar

Liam · 107 weeks ago

The humidity in the South is terrible. It is all moisture and as soon as you step outside you can feel it.

1 reply · active 107 weeks ago

The Unknown FB's avatar

The Unknown FB · 107 weeks ago

Agree with that. I exchanged Ohio-class lake effect snow and the two seasons of the year (Winter/Construction) for 108 degree summers with enough humidity to make we want to move to Phoenix just so I wouldn’t have to deal with sweat in hot weather.
I’ve lived in the PNW my whole life, so I’m basically part salamander. Which means I’m uncomfortable in any temperatures above 80 and any humidity lower than 90%. That said, I find heat ANYWHERE but hear to be bearable, because y’all are prepared for it. AC abounds, so its easy to get away from.

I once had a job canvassing in PDX, in 95 degree heat, during THE hottest part of the day, and I literally couldn’t carry enough water with me to keep from passing out. At one point I think I stopped asking for donations & just asked if I could lie in peoples sprinklers.

Kuwait 110-120 F. Antiperspirant was useless, deodorant only slightly less so.

The best was the sandstorms. You are soaked in sweat about 4 steps from the door, then the blowing sand & stuff turns the sweat to mud the some concrete like substance.

StephC's avatar

StephC · 107 weeks ago

I know the feeling. I’m from WNY, and our biggest band season is field band in the Fall when it regularly snows later in the season. That being said, our jackets were dark navy and weighed about 7 lbs so we wouldn’t freeze. We would always go on band trips in the Spring and once went to Florida with those jackets. And the weekends around Memorial day were always Spring competitions…and warm.
seriously's avatar

seriously · 107 weeks ago

Worst summer job I ever had was working as a theme park mascot in 100+ weather.
You couldn’t take the head off for ANY reason once you stepped into the park, you only got two 30 minute breaks, and my boss frowned upon us using our lunch breaks to soak in the pool to cool down.

I lasted two and a half weeks.

very, very carefully.
I have to disagree about dry vs. damp heat; at least with dry heat it’s theoretically possible to just keep drinking water, iced tea, etc. to stay hydrated, and if there’s a bit of a breeze it feels less hot than it is. If it’s humid, though … nothing but electrically-powered comfort (A/C and/or dehumidifiers) will help, otherwise you just freaking steam to death. [And anyone who looks down on Mexican culture for the siesta – that is, not working during the most viciously hot part of the day – is a freakin’ idiot.]

1 reply · active 107 weeks ago

lou's avatar

lou · 107 weeks ago

We need siestas here in America. They sound awesome!
Lynne's avatar

Lynne · 107 weeks ago

The past eight summers I’ve worked at an outdoor day camp in the DFW area, and the hottest I’ve ever been was one day when it was 106 but humid enough that the heat index was 115. We canceled all activities not involving water, set up sprinklers all over camp so the kids could play in them when not swimming or doing the slip-n-slide, and didn’t have our afternoon staff meeting for the first time in camp history. The best part was that I had to direct traffic out in our parking lot during pickup, where we literally fried an egg on the asphalt once the cars had left. I have pretty good heat tolerance, but that was absolutely miserable.
Any time I think it might br “too hot” I just think back to that February when it was minus 40 and the heater in my car broke and I had to drive with the windows open or the front window would freeze over on the inside and I’d have to scrape ice off of the inside at stop lights…

There’s no such thing as too hot out.

chris's avatar

chris · 107 weeks ago

An Ohioan here… we really do get the worst of both worlds. Freezing cold winters, and 90+degrees, 90% humidity summers. Hooray!

1 reply · active 107 weeks ago

The Unknown FB's avatar

The Unknown FB · 107 weeks ago

The heat lasts for about 2 days between winter storms, or de-slush time/slush up time as well.
tudza's avatar

tudza · 107 weeks ago

I had the heaves once, but it was OK because it was the dry heaves.
Paul's avatar

Paul · 107 weeks ago

I was in Phoenix once to hear a morning DJ declare “It’s going to be cool today, 90 degrees” and to find out the Phoenix Zoo ships out their aquatic animals during the summer because they can’t keep the water cool enough for them.

The WATER is too hot for life in Phoenix.

I have a photo of a thermometer in the shadows under the eaves of the kitchen building at the orphanage in Mozambique where I spent a week showing 50 degC (122F). It was hot. Although we were relatively near to the coast, so there was a breeze for some of the time, so I coped.

I also spent a week in Tunisia on holiday with teh wife a number of years ago. Burnt the tops of my feet on the first day. They went purple. Spent most of the week in a long-sleeve t-shirt, trousers, socks and shoes, seeking out air conditioning. Even went riding on a camel into the Sahara. Don’t know the exact temp, but it was decidedly warm…

 Stephen's avatar

Stephen · 107 weeks ago

My band director had the sense (as much as he hated it) to move our rehearsals inside when the a Judge told the schools that they couldn’t work their students outside. It was only like 101 though. We could have made it. LOW BRASS FOREVER!

P.S. I live in Mississippi, where it is almost always 90+% humidity. While I understand that you have no desire to be baked in an oven (and neither do I), we would love to get a little dry heat every once and a while.

1 reply · active 106 weeks ago

Allen's avatar

Allen · 106 weeks ago

Oh damn. I remember summers in marching band practice (Trombone player here). I also remember the heat causing me to have dizzy spells twice.
Lawrence's avatar

Lawrence · 107 weeks ago

Golan Heights in Israel in July. it was 105 in the shade and super humid. No A/C, and fans just made it worse. I just tried not to move. I wanted to kill myself, but that would have required moving.

And dry heat is much more tolerable because of a little thing called evaporative cooling. The next year I was in Vegas for two days with highs of 112. It was beautiful.

1 reply · active 107 weeks ago

Gotta agree — an 83 degree humid summer day here in New York is absolutely more miserable than a dry 98 degree day in Arizona.

Although 112 is damn hot, no matter how little moisture is in the air

scarlettb's avatar

scarlettb · 107 weeks ago

El Paso, Texas. August. 112 degrees. Outdoor wedding. Polyester bridesmaid’s dress.

1 reply · active 107 weeks ago

Several years ago, I was at an outdoor softball tournament in Indianapolis in 112 degree heat. I got second degree burns on my nose and now for the rest of my life, I have to put sunscreen on it every time I go outside lest I get cancer.
Dan's avatar

Dan · 107 weeks ago

I’d rather be dead in California than alive in Arizona.
Spacey's avatar

Spacey · 107 weeks ago

Ages ago back in HS I was in a marching band that played in a parade in Vegas. While everyone else was passing out I was doing fairly well since I grew up just outside Phoenix.
Mark's avatar

Mark · 107 weeks ago

It was about 115 in Baghdad during the summer, and I was usually sitting in the turret of a Bradley Fighting Vehicle wearing an OTV (flak vest)….so about 120+ degrees Fahrenheit. Think that was bad? At least I usually had my hatch open so I could feel a breeze, the dismount troops in the back didn’t even have that.
Nephaline's avatar

Nephaline · 107 weeks ago

Rarely get high temperatures in the Canadian Prairies, but one summer there was a week of 44 Celsius with high humidity. Thankfully I had air conditioning.

The worst heat I can remember when travelling, was in Texas in June back in the 80’s. The humidity was so high, I couldn’t sweat, and felt like I was being smothered when trying to sleep at night in hotels that didn’t have air conditioning.

Trips to California, Florida and Arizona were always in the winter, so the weather was mild, sometimes even a cold snap. Our family always stood out as the crazy people wearing shorts, and the only ones at the beach.

Joe Sanderson's avatar

Joe Sanderson · 106 weeks ago

Here in the UK, hot days are a blessing, as our summer for the past few years seems to have been ‘the one day in June when it didn’t rain and everyone in the country had a barbecue.’
But, in May this year, I was doing Anglo-Norman reenactment at a castle in Shropshire and the heat for all three days was intense. It was made worse by the fact that I was wearing two linen tunics, a gambeson (padded armour- imagine a wearable duvet) and then 45lb of chainmaille over all of that. Oh, and a nasal helmet. The metal became too hot to touch to the extent that people were burning themselves, salt started crystallizing on my gambeson when it was exposed to direct sun, and I had to ring my tunics out repeatedly.
I live in Phoenix so…

When I was young, my friend had some cousins stay for the summer from the northeast. His father took them out to the street like the second day, broke an egg on the asphalt, and as they watched it fry (because they really will) he said, “This is why we don’t go outside without shoes.”
People going barefoot in summer is something we only see in books and magazines.

Mary's avatar

Mary · 105 weeks ago

I’m native to Phoenix. The temperature made 122 degrees a few years ago in July. Its only for a few days each year that we top 110.
Acadius's avatar

Acadius · 104 weeks ago

Spent a blistering weekend doing Amtgard at Fort Travis Seashore Park, Bolivar Peninsula, TX. Roasted all weekend getting 2nd degree sunburns and no way to walk down to the water and cool off, painful! Winning the Kingdom of Wetlands first Kingdom-wide Jugging tournament, Priceless!
Yeah, unless I’m wearing a suit or something, I can typically shrug off heat up to about 110. But there’s something about that number. And the fact that Phx so often surpasses it. It just breaks your spirit.
A couple weeks ago I interviewed for a job in western Washington.