That title looks like it’s in German. Or Dutch.

I posted last week about how Josh unwittingly gained some internet infamy …interfamy when a picture of him dressed as Kratos from God of War was used in a humorous video game review video for Heavenly Sword. Worse yet, it was linked by Tycho on Penny Arcade’s site. Whether they realize it or not, the whole of the internet has seen Josh in red body paint wielding dual sickle-scythe’s.

The Kratos Halloween costume he crafted was actually pretty impressive. I believe that was the first time he shaved his head, and he hasn’t looked back since. Subsequently, he hasn’t NOT looked like a sexual predator since. He also took down a cyclops in an epic boss-battle. Ok, he actually assaulted a homeless veteran with an eye patch but Eli and I cheered him on all the same. He was so enthusiastic!

I have a feeling that the real version of the Big Daddy costume would involve more Scotch Tape and Reynold’s Wrap than welding torches and 75 year old underwater exploration equipment.

Bioshock Costume

EDIT: There’s a story behind the cardboard Big Daddy. (via Destructoid)

Try and Pull This One Off, Cosplayers

The internet wins again.

Here’s a review of Heavenly Sword(s) from The Escapist. Pay attention around minute mark 1:02. I’m not saying this is a picture of Josh dressed as Kratos from God of War from Halloween last year… but, yes that’s exactly what I’m saying.

I doff my cap to you, Internet.



Oh noes. They’ve linked it on Penny Arcade.  I guess about 3 million people just saw that video.

Leeloo Dallas Multipass

I mentioned before that I was unable to attend San Diego Comic-Con 2007. This comic represents a fictionalized universe where “the crew” (you may also refer to them as “Teh b0yZ”) attends faithfully each year with coordinated costumes. I can only assume that in such a scenario one member would draw the proverbial short straw and be called upon to adopt an alternate gender roll. Comic-Con is generally in no short supply of men willing to do just that.

Though the mystery of the Blue Sun Corporation may never be revealed, Eli’s bit of Chinese cursing in the first panel does have a translation. 50 pts if you figure it out. You can apply those points towards your purchase of the Serenity: Special Edition DVD. Looks like our hopes of a BDS ride squarely on it.

Costume ideas that didn’t make it into the comic:

  • Angel, Wesley, Cordy
  • Buffy, Giles, Xander (eye-patchy Xander, otherwise how could you tell it was him?)
  • Zod, Ursa and Non
  • Marvel Zombies (Cap, Spidey and Sue Storm maybe)
  • American McGee’s Alice, Cheshire Cat and Hatter
  • Beatrix Kiddo, Bill, and a Crazy 88
  • The Ghostbusters (since Janean doesn’t count, I couldn’t do it)
  • Mr. Furious, The Shoveller and the Bowler (I wish I had done that one)

To make everything fit I had to remove the word (or exclamatory phrase), “Shenanigans!” from the last panel. I apologize, but I promise I will find a place for it in the near future.