Conventional Wisdom

Dallas Comic Con was a blast! I met a bunch of local Fancy Bastards and hopefully brought a few more into the fold. Josh, Eli and Alex stopped buy on Saturday to help man the booth and make fun of people in poorly constructed costumes.

When the average geek sees a really well crafted comic-con costume, like a Hawkgirl with a hand stitched leather mask and real feathers in her fully articulated wings, they will usually respond with reverence and appreciation for the fine craftsmanship. Perhaps in the same way normal people would regard a hand made credenza or a stupid boat or something. The person wearing the quality costume gets a free pass to play dress up in public and not only get away with it, but get respect for it.

However when the average geeks sees a shitty costume (I’m talking duct tape, kitchen gloves, rough cut, poorly stitched fabric, off the shelf plastic Darth Vader helmets with built in voice changers, etc), the admiration plummets to complete revulsion. All of a sudden you aren’t just critiquing the poor handy work, but you’re making snap judgments as to whether or not the offending cosplayer really deserves to be sucking down as much oxygen as he is. I mean that’s perfectly good air that us decent, functional people could be enjoying.

I think it’s a bit of a double standard but the geek world is laden with hypocrisy. I say of the gentle cosplayer, never ever pity them. For they are the bravest geeks of us all.

[I feel like we covered this subject in depth a while back on an HE Podcast but I can’t remember which one]

Share you best or worst cosplay story. This could be a costume you made or just one that you saw at a party or a con.

There’s a new HE wiki article and it’s in danger of being deleted if it doesn’t get some citations and notoriety added. If you would like to help, please check out the HE FORUM post on the subject.

There Are FOUR Jack-O’-Lanterns!

[reddit-me]That look in your eyes says “WTFCOMIC?” but that look in YOUR EYES screams “SERIOUSLYWTFCOMIC?!” Your reaction is understandable. This Halloween comic is really just a love letter from me to other hardcore Star Trek: TNG fans. I actually came up with about 100 even more obscure, 1(ish)-episode characters to use for costume ideas but in the end I settled on The Traveler, Lal and not one but TWO Captain Dathons. Dueling Darmok’s, if you will.

Almost no one entered the comic recreation contest so I have extended ALL DEADLINES for all 3 contests through the weekend. If you want to enter and win either Borderlands (PC) or Ghostbusters (360) you have until late Sunday night to enter. Winners will be announced Monday. For those that plan on entering the comic recreation contest, FEAST YOUR RIDICULOUS EYEBALLS ON THE CURRENT FRONT RUNNER AND DESPAIR!!!

If you enjoy HijiNKS ENSUE at all
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The Con Job

A few Hollywood writers are working on “ComicCon, The Movie.” The very limited information I could find about the project makes it sound like “Empire Records” meets “Revenge of the Nerds.” Done well this could be an enjoyable flick for the Con-Geeks out there. Hell, they could pay for it by having the characters watch trailers for other movies IN THE MOVIE! I’m a marketing genius.

I’ve told you what I think the movie should be about (lines, lines, Whedon and lines). What characters and scenes MUST be in “ComicCon, The Movie.” An all Boba Fett dance chorus? A foam sword free for all? A Stan Lee/ Storm Troopress love scene? Comment away, you Fancy Bastards!

Check back later today for links to Auction for original HijiNKS Ensue Comic Artwork. This will be to help fund my trip to Webcomics Weekend.

H-E-Ween Flashback ’87

I wasn’t allowed to celebrate Halloween as a kid, since it was created and maintained by Satan and his legions of costumed followers. I got to wear a costume so I wouldn’t be the only kid at school without one, but it was generally something innocuous like a cowboy or a monkey. I may have been a cowboy on the outside, but inside beat the heart of a werewolf, or a ninja or Optimus Prime. I did go as ALF one year, but the costume was incredibly hot and I couldn’t see out of the mask. Eventually I just looked like a kid that had decapitated a sasquatch and was wearing most of it’s flesh as a trophy.

As the comic depicts, I spent a good chunk of my childhood aspiring to BE a Ninja Turtle. Not to dress as one or act like one, but to ACTUALLY grow up choose a career path as a professional Ninja Turtle. I assumed I could position myself in the direct path of oncoming chemical waste trucks over and over until one happened to flip and dous me with ooze in close proximity to an amphibian reptile.

I didn’t get to trick or treat until I was 14. I did it just the once (dressed as The Crow) and realized how lame it was to trick or treat as a teenager. When teens come to my door now asking for candy I say, “Get a job, asshole! Buy your own candy. Plus, it’s June! Why the fuck are you doing door to door asking for candy anyway?!”

I always thought those trash bag costumes (usually available at grocery stores) were just total give ups. What kid slips on a painted dry cleaning bag, and a flimsy plastic mask and feels suddenly transformed into Skeletor or Inspector Gadget? Though, a few years ago my wife and I were passing out candy to neighborhood children when one kid approached us wearing JUST a trash bag. Like a black, 50 gallon garbage sack. I didn’t ask what he was supposed to be. He couldn’t have been more than 8 years old. I just gave him a great big handful of assorted candy and thought “Happy Halloween, you miserable sonofabitch.” Wondering what he was supposed to be haunts me even to this day. A kite? A rain cloud? A trash bag?

So I pose these questions to you:

  • What was trash bag kid supposed to be?
  • What was your best/worst childhood costume?
  • What was your best/worst adult costume?

They’re just jealous

Wow, this comic is almost a day late. Consider it an early Saturday edition. It was inspired by “How Iron Man Gets Dressed.” It wouldn’t be nearly as cool if Tony Stark had to sit there for 45 minutes with an impact drill and a torx driver and put the whole thing together by hand.

Yesterday was weird. I ended up talking to my friend Tom, from the band Spiraling, until 2 or 3am about what he is doing with his band and how it coincides with what I’m doing with the comic. I started working on the comic afterwards but fell asleep at 5am.

Woke up at 8am so I could finish the comic and get to some lunch plans at 1:00. Lunch was cancelled (FOR EVERYONE!) so I went right back to sleep and woke up again at noon or so. 7 hours of drawing later and here’s a comic about Iron Man.

That sounded more like a Livejournal post than I intended.

Tonight I actually get to see Iron Man (Josh and Eli saw it at Midnight last night).  Tomorrow Eli and I will be walking around at CAPE here in Dallas for “Free Comic Book Day.” I’ll be wearing a “Roslin ’08” shirt in case you want to say, “Hi (I was sent here by Satan to kill you).” Hope to see a few Fancy Bastards there.