Sweet On Wheat-on

Comicpalooza Houston TX March 26-28

Getting a little too pluggy for your tastes? Well, the plugs are paying for my table and hotel at Comicpalooza so how about roll with it just this once and, if you are in the area, come out and see what promises to be a very cool comic/pop culture show.

Meeting Wil Wheaton at Emerald City Comicon was such a thrill that I thought the experience deserved it’s own comic. He’s such a kind and gracious dude. I highly suggest that you check out his various podcasts and books, especially the Memories of the Futurecast and the book what inspired it called [shockingly] Memories of the Future. If you ever wondered what it was like to actually grow up on the set of Star Trek: The Next Generation (especially during the highly questionable first season) this is a must-read.Continue reading

Emerald City Comicon

Emerald City Comicon, you have stolen my heart… and perhaps some of my bone marrow. This was by far the most fun (and most profitable) con I’ve ever done. I actually brought about half the books and shirts that I should have. I WILL be back next year for sure. Look for me and Angela in a booth of sorts.

My next con will be Comicpalooza in Houston, TX, March 26-28. Come see me or I will… still have a fun time. Just not with you.

This “comic” is adapted from a commissioned sketch I did for Kitty at ECCC. When I get a sketch request like “please draw Josh vs. a Jedi octopus” my initial internal reaction is something like, “are you just fucking with me?” Then I start to see the inherent challenge and look at it as a… well, a challenge. A beast to be tamed. And tame it I did. Look how tame it is! With Josh and the sea creature and light sabres and struggling and futility and such.

In addition to hanging out with my awesome webcomics friends and making a few new ones, I finally got to meet Wil Wheaton in person. We’ve emailed back and forth a few times but it was nice to see him in meat space. He has a firm handshake that says “I am not Wesley. And don’t be a dick.” I introduced myself and he looks at another guy in the booth and says “this is the guy I was telling you about that does the webcomic and made those Edward shirts.”

So yeah, Rest Of My Life, you’re going to have to try pretty hard to top this weekend.

Dragon’s Lair Webcomics Rampage!

Thank you to everyone that came out and said hi last weekend at Dragon’s Lair Comic and Fantasy in Austin, TX. I think all the cartoonists were in a agreement that it was a fantastically fun time. Special thanks to Alison for coordinating the event and running the 2 most entertaining panels I have ever been a part of. The panels were videoed, so hopefully they will be available in some internet fashion at some point. I had a blast. I really enjoy the opportunity to meet readers face to face and personally welcome new Fancy Bastards into the fold.

I also enjoy the way regular people stare incessantly at 10 or 15 webcartoonists while we eat Tex-Mex. Between Danielle and Christi pining for the nearest titty bar, Jeph proclaiming that Texas owes it’s independence to a mulatto prostitute and Randy telling us all how one of his early ancestors stabbed a priest, robbed the church then burned it to the ground we had even the “keep Austin weird-est” people choking on their flautas. I think we officially changed the slogan to “keep Austin worried.”

The goal is to have every US shirt ordered by Dec 4th arrive by Dec. 24th. That’s what the shipping deadline says on the order page and everyone involved is doing their best to make that promise a reality. There is a possibility that some of the shirts ordered late on Dec 4th will not arrive by Dec. 24th. Any shirt orders (this applies to ALL HE SHIRTS THAT ARE NOT SHIPPED FROM TOPATOCO) placed after Dec 4th probably will not arrive by Dec. 24th. The Edward shirt orders were simply unexpected and overwhelming, hence the early cut off for holiday shipping. Thanks!

Whatever Dad… I’m Outta Here

Baltimore Comic-Con was an amazing success! Thanks to everyone that came out to say hi and show their support for the comic. I knew a handful of Fancy Bastards were going to be at the show, but I had NO IDEA so many of you less vocal/non-commenting types would be there. I sold almost all of the books I brought and a ton of T-shirts (Groverfield was a smash hit).

Special thanks to @mechamenchi for being my right hand man all weekend, and to @mutant_enemy127 for helping out on Sunday. I really couldn’t have done so well without the help I received from these guys.

In addition to talking with a good number of long term FB’s, I think I managed to win over quite a few new recruits for the cause. The unbelievably positive response I got from complete strangers that had never heard of HE until the con was unexpected to say the least.

Additional thank you’s go to Danielle Corsetto for being my “big webcomic sister,” Jessi for helping to wrangle Danielle all weekend, Brent Corsetto for being genuinely kind and uncommonly awesome, every FB that came to the reader meet-up and made me feel so appreciated, everyone that bought a book, and especially to FB Adam and his wife for their overwhelming generosity and kindness.

Now GORGE YOURSELVES on con pics, books sketches, cosplayers and PETE FROM 30 ROCK!

[this comic is taken from a sketch commissioned at the con by @mutant_enemy127.]