Comic-Con ’08 Revelations Pt. 2

I went to high school with a guy named Tr2n. Or maybe it was Tran Nguyen. Either way, the trailer for “Tron 2”

that premiered at Comic-Con was short and sweet and enough to get me excited.

I actually wrote this comic several months ago when they announced the film. I had a page of notes about how “Tron” and “The Big Lebowski” could intersect.

  • “Ju don’ fuck wif’ de Sark
  • “Shut the fuck up, Tronny!”
  • “and I sure as shit don’t disc on  Shabbos!
  • “Tronny died as so many young programs died in the games…”

The list went on and on. Yes, my brain is broken. As far as I’m concerned they’re the same movie now.

Bonus link:
check out this Comic-Con 08 Costumes

Comic-Con ’08 Revelations Pt. 1 “SereniTube”

The Podcast Vidcast Simulcast Castcast will be tonight with Josh and Eli, starting between 8 and 9pm central. Check Twitter for exact times.

Comic-Con ’08 is over and the webs are returning to normal. I wasn’t able to attend (much less exhibit), but it’s totally cool because everywhere I turned on the interblogs there was some other web cartoonist Tweeting, blogging, vlogging or skrogling how freaking awesome it was. So… it was like I was there… which is totally just as cool [weeps].

(Baby steps, Joel, baby steps)

This week, each HE comic will be devoted to one “revelation” made at this years San Diego International Comic-Con. I think today’s comic speaks for itself in that “more Firefly” would be a good and welcomed thing, but would not be possible on the web unless it were a flash cartoon, and Captain Mal were an email answering luchadore. (I seriously feel like I’ve written that last sentence on this site before)

Sure, people are speculating that the success of “Dr. Horrible” could  open new possibilities for our beloved space whores, phychic sister-weapons and… oh right, they killed Wash, but unless Firefly could get MAJOR sponsorship (and I’m talking Serenity would have to be a modified Ford F-150) I don’t see how the venture could be financially successful… today. I say that because the idea of shows being produced SPECIFICALLY for the web can only be a few years off. Tivo made “channels” and “times slots” obsolete and, in turn, the internet is making “networks” and “ratings” obsolete.

I know there have already been a few pseudo-dramas produced exclusively for MySpace and such, but I don’t consider that entertainment, therefor it doesn’t factor into this equation.  NBC, ABC and F/X are experimenting with “webisodes” during the off season, but this doesn’t interest me either. I don’t want “throw away” content featuring the B-cast members of my favorite shows.

One of the major networks or film studios is going to have to take a leap of faith and produce a real series with real actors and real writers exclusively for the web.  NBC/Universal is my pick, seeing as they know how to make decent comedies and sci-fi type series, and Hulu is the perfect distribution model. Get on it, jerks. I’m sick of having to pay for 350 satellite channels when i only watch 7. TV shows “A La Motherfucking Carte” is where it’s at.

Iron Man and Cape 4

You’ll be hearing a LOT from me about Iron Man (and probably seeing a couple more comics on the subject) so I won’t bother with a long review.

Here’s a short one instead: It is the best comic book movie to date. They got EVERYTHING right. Casting was perfect. RDJ is Tony Stark. The effects were perfect. Gadget porn galore and CGI so believable you never noticed it. The balance of action to story was perfect. No drawn out origin, no side love story, no emo. They got him in the suit, he had two fights, it was over and you wanted more. Brilliant.

I’m not saying it was the best movie of all time (I am). I’m saying in leu of all turds Marvel has dropped recently (Daredevil, Punisher, Blade 3, other Punisher, Elektra, FF1, FF2, Hulk, etc, etc) Iron Man just got it right. And get this… I NEVER liked Iron Man in the comics. I left that movie with a thirst for more of the source material. That is what a great comic book movie should do: serve the die hard fans, while equally bringing new ones to the franchise. Well done, John Favreua, Robery Downey Jr., Marvel, et al.

Here’s an even shorter review from Josh:

Iron Man Fucking Rocked


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Wizard World Arlington 2007

I was (this) close to getting a booth at this year’s Wizard World Arlington Comic Con. At the last minute I decided to just go an observe rather than participate. This turned out to be the right choice.

Comic Con’s are an interesting animal to be sure in that they have less to do with comic books and more to do with “I made a Taun-taun costume, do you want to sleep in my stomach?”

Josh, Eli and I loaded up and trekked to Arlington last Saturday the 17th. Almost immediately we realized no one brought a camera. The heinousness of this error was immediately evident when, as soon as we arrived, we were greeted by a young man in a Hank “Beast” McCoy costume. It looked like he had killed Cookie Monster and a dentist then combined them into a suit. I applaud his efforts because I was able to recognize him immediately. There’s a somber quality to seeing someone draped in Muppet fur then simultaneously feeling excited and remorseful. It’s sort of a “man that guy is… only 5% geekier than I am…(cry).” You think, “Dear god, it could have so easily been me in his place. A few dateless nights, a few more LAN parties and that could be me with blue clown makeup sweating off my forehead. There but for the grace of frequent sexual intercourse go I.”

It’s humbling.

Also, there were Ghost Busters, which fucking kicked ass. No Winston though. Racists.

Wizard World is VERY small compared to medium to large sized Cons. You can walk the whole thing and see everything you need to see in 45 minutes or so. There were some fantastic artists and some not-so-fantastic-more-so-depressing ones as well. By contrast this one guy had these amazing paintings of The Joker, and another guy had Sexy Naughty Bugs Bunny Characters as X-Men. No joke. That’s a niche fetish if I ever saw one. Its a niche within a niche… a “nested niche” if you will.

I ran into DJ Coffman at the Drunk Duck booth. He was pimping his new book “Hero by Night” about a kid who finds a super power ring and tried to sell it on eBay but gets sucked into super heroism. Check it out. I used to read his webcomic “How To” blog. He stopped a while back to go pro. You can read his old webcomic here.

He gave me some great tips on getting the most from Project Wonderful. Thanks, DJ! You are now my third favorite DJ next to him and her.

Regarding extreme sadness at Cons:

  1. I saw a furry. A real live (if you call that living) fury. That is all.
  2. Dermot Crowley from Star Wars: ROTJ was there. Who the eff is that? He’s General Madine. Who the effing ess is that? Exactly. No One talked to him. He stood near Mark Hamil at one point in time (oh shit, I want his autograph). At one point they came over the PA to remind people that he was there. I got so sad.
  3. Herb “Non-hot-Asian-Boomer” Jefferson was there. Original BSG sucked and the con goers seemed to agree. See #2.
  4. Lou Ferrigno was there. This was only sad because he was awesome and the line was too long and he wanted money for pictures. Fail.
  5. Saddest of all, Noel Neil was there. She played Lois Lane back when TV’s were powered by coal and coal was powered by steam. She is 240 years old and looks every bit of it. I made Josh take a picture over my shoulder with my phone. I think I may have removed a bit of her life force because she seemed to age while the picture was being taken.

The ghost of Lois Lanes passed

This guy was VERY serious about hitting people with foam swords.

Very Serious.

Leeloo Dallas Multipass

I mentioned before that I was unable to attend San Diego Comic-Con 2007. This comic represents a fictionalized universe where “the crew” (you may also refer to them as “Teh b0yZ”) attends faithfully each year with coordinated costumes. I can only assume that in such a scenario one member would draw the proverbial short straw and be called upon to adopt an alternate gender roll. Comic-Con is generally in no short supply of men willing to do just that.

Though the mystery of the Blue Sun Corporation may never be revealed, Eli’s bit of Chinese cursing in the first panel does have a translation. 50 pts if you figure it out. You can apply those points towards your purchase of the Serenity: Special Edition DVD. Looks like our hopes of a BDS ride squarely on it.

Costume ideas that didn’t make it into the comic:

  • Angel, Wesley, Cordy
  • Buffy, Giles, Xander (eye-patchy Xander, otherwise how could you tell it was him?)
  • Zod, Ursa and Non
  • Marvel Zombies (Cap, Spidey and Sue Storm maybe)
  • American McGee’s Alice, Cheshire Cat and Hatter
  • Beatrix Kiddo, Bill, and a Crazy 88
  • The Ghostbusters (since Janean doesn’t count, I couldn’t do it)
  • Mr. Furious, The Shoveller and the Bowler (I wish I had done that one)

To make everything fit I had to remove the word (or exclamatory phrase), “Shenanigans!” from the last panel. I apologize, but I promise I will find a place for it in the near future.