Pride and BRAAAINS!


Pride and brains are certainly two qualities you would be wise to look for in a prospective mate, but in this case the comic titles refers to a zombified reimagining of Jane Austen’s classic “Pride and Prejudice” by Seth Grahame-Smith called Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. Fancy Bastard Jpmeldrum sent me this link and it might be the one AND ONLY way to get me interested in Jane Austen.

Gordon and the Whale explain the premise rather well:

So to clear things up, P&P&Z is not a story inspired by the original Pride and Prejudice.  Think of it like this.  In Seth Grahame-Smith’s mind, it’s almost as if this is the novel Austen wrote originally, it’s just that her uptight editors made her take the zombie part out.

“…and Zombies” isn’t even out yet and hollywood is already clambering for the movie rights.

The original book has been in the public domain forever, so this alternate reality zombification is totally without legal ramifications. I hope this kind of thing continues. If we take enough public domain classics and inject zombies, archelogists of the distant future will hopefully assume they are historical records. You know, Popeye entered the PD this year. Maybe it’s time for ZOMBeye the Undead Sailor Man!

(The first FB that draws that and posts it in the comments gets a Gold Geek Star)

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30 Days of Twilight

A zombie’s motivation is always so clear and direct. That’s why they make great characters in young adult fantasy fiction.

I don’t know much about Twilight (the books or the movie) so I won’t make any sweeping judgments other than to say it seems like something I wouldn’t be all that interested in. I like my vampires combustible and be-fanged and from what I’ve read, Twilight’s are neither.

I’m always facinated by what captures the imaginations of the nation’s youth. These mega-trends (Pokemon, Dragon Ball Z, Harry Potter, Twilight, etc) tend to spawn countless imitators that try to capitalize off their success. Though the Twilight series will never reach Harry Potter numbers, the franchise is doing quite well with far less in the way of originality and writing talent (again, this is just what I’ve read) than it’s wizzardly contemporary. The movie isn’t even out and the soundtrack has already topped the charts. I guess you could argue that twilight is banking on the Potter-starved masses to gravitate towards anything with young characters and fantasy elements. I wonder if Harry Potter opened their eyes to the great works of fantasy that were already available (Tolkien) or just opened the gates for dumbed down teen-pire love stories.

Regardless, I really like drawing zombies.