If This Battlestar’s A-Rockin’

Sometimes he makes her wear an eye patch and call him “The Old Man.”

Isn’t it about time these two frakked? Or do you believe, as I do, that Adama and Roslin have been knocking space boots since New Caprica? Or are you of the opinion, as so many unfortunately are, that you have no idea what this comic is about because you don’t watch Battlestar Galactica (shame on you, bad geek, BAD GEEK!)?

I know ultraspecificSPLODE comics like these are bound to alienate a vast number of you Fancy Bastards, but BSG has nearly run its course and I have to get this stuff out of my system while it’s still relevant.

Even if you don’t know the specifics of the Roslin/Adama relationship dynamic, you can still enjoy the fact that two old people are banging in space. That’s Grade-A Hotness right there. To make it even nastier, the lady involved is bald and dying of cancer (queue the “bow-chicka-wow-wow” music)!  I know, right? If you are too turned on to continue reading this, feel free to stop here and go have some sex.


Did I mention the dude portion of this futuristic elderly sexcapade has a face so leathery and scarred with pock marks, craters, cracks and crevaces that it looks like the Moon and an old couch bad a baby? This pairing is oozing with sexual intercourse appeal… and probably some BenGay.

[Credit goes to Eli for coming up with the de-cornered condom wrappers. That shit is gold.]

Going Once, Going Thrace, SOLD!

I’m sure a decent sized chunk of the people reading this don’t watch Battlestar (why? don’t you love happiness?), so here’s the cliff notes: Battlestar Galactica is a show, it’s 35,000 surviving humans vs. millions of robots called Cylons, some of the Cylons look human and one is still hiding among us, some of the Cylons (called Hybrids) are submerged in tubs of goo, speak only in math and riddles and occasionally go nuts and tell the future, and one of those “goo tubs,” along with a shit-ton of other BSG props and swag, are going on sale soon (link to actual auction site).

I will simultaneously pitty and envy the dude that drops $30-40,000 on a full sized Cylon Raider. In other BSG news, the prequel series Caprica finally got a full season greelight with a 2 hour pilot/movie. Despite being set in the BSG universe (50 years earlier) it’s not supposed to feel like BSG at all. I will certainly give it a try, but I can see myself losing interest pretty quick if it ends up being “FAMILY DRAMA IN SPACE!” Will they maintain continuity and have the kid playing young Bill Adama fall face first into a meat grinder so that he can one day be played by Edward James Olmos?

So back to the props: if you could take any prop from a film or TV show and repurpose it for every day use, what would it be? Death Star chandelier? Planet of the Apes Statue of Liberty Coat Rack? Back to the Future DeLorean…Delorean (ya’ know, to drive and be awesome in)?

The doorbell? But I’m not expecting anyone…


Check that out! They look fantastic. I’m wearing my “Roslin ’08” shirt right now. Today I am picking up a printer for shipping labels and a postage scale. The plastic shirt envelopes I ordered to ship these in should arrive early next week. Once I have those, this batch will be heading out to all you Fancy Bastards. Thank you, again for your patience.

International FB’s, thank you for your contined patience since I have no idea when yours will actually arrive. All I know is that I will be sending them out with the North America shirts. I’ll post the date I  ship them on the site. Please let me know how long thy take to arrive so I can add international estimates to the Store FAQ.

Please send pictures of you wearing your shirts when they arrive. I’ll be posting them on the site soon. 

What’s “Taters,” Precious?


This is one of those comics that I didn’t have to write, because it just happened. Josh wanted to kill me and be done with it. He said I couldn’t be trusted and there was nothing left but evil in me, but Eli wouldn’t let him do it. Eli had to believe that there was hope for me, because that would mean there may still be hope for him. He recognized that we shared the same burden. We had both been forever changed by The Lord of the Rings Trilogy marathons on TNT HD.

In the end I bit off Josh’s finger when he tried to take the remote and change the channel.

This comic is also a shout out to the listeners of the HijiNKS Ensue Podcast. If you want to be in on all the fun times, download a podcast or subscribe to the feed. Then you will get all the super secret inside jokes.


Does Whatever an Iron Can

WOW! Sorry for the late comic guys. This one took way longer than expected and I used last night to reset my sleep schedule. One of the caveats of working from home is you can stay up drawing until 3 am and sleep until 11 the next day. A week of that and I’m all screwed up. Looks like I’m back on track for the rest of the week.

The special preview of Iron Man during the Battlestar Galactica premier was almost as exciting as BSG. It looks amazing. Hell, they could show that 2 min trailer over and over and over in the theatre and I would pay to see it.

What do you think? Is Iron Man going to be a Spiderman 1, Spiderman 2 or Batman Begins? Or is it a Spiderman 3, Ghostrider, Elektra or Fantastic 4: ROTSS?

My vote is John Faverau is a comic geek and will do right by all of us.

What were the best and worst comic book movie adaptations since, let’s say, 2000.


Check out the “Run before you can walk” clip.