A God Among Actors

If Edward James Olmos played the God of Abraham, would Jamie Bamber play Jesus and then eventually fat Jesus? Would Katee Sackhoff play Mary Magdalene? I’m fairly sure we all know who would play Judas in this scenario (though he would make a pretty good Jesus too).

Any FB’s in the Lubbock, TX area need to come out and see me at West Texas Comic-Con this Saturday from 10am – 6pm. I’ll have books and shirts and buttons and stuff and things.

The 3 contests are over and here are the winners:

CONTEST 1: Recreate an HE Comic
PRIZE: 1 Copy of Gearbox Software’s Borderlands for PC on Steam
WINNER (chosen by Joel): Chris K. aka NESDude
ENTRY: Check out his awesome video recreation of THIS comic HERE.
To claim your prize, email dopefish3d (at) gmail (dot) com

CONTEST 2: Hottest Fancy Bastard
PRIZE: 1 Copy of Gearbox Software’s Borderlands for PC on Steam
WINNER (chosen entirely by Josh and no one else): Dave L.
ENTRY: Josh didn’t share it with me, so…
To claim your prize, email dopefish3d (at) gmail (dot) com

CONTEST 3: HE Pumpkin Carving
PRIZE: 1 Copy of Terminal Reality’s Ghostbusters for Xbox 360 (donated by Eli)
WINNER (chosen by Eli and Denise): @CallMeSteam
ENTRY: The Elumpkin!
To claim your prize, email elivorio (at) gmail (dot) com

Thank you to everyone that entered. I would like to do more contests like this in the future. I would also like to give a Special Award to Jessica G. for her paper cutting recreation of THIS comic. The detail and effort that went into this is just extraordinary [I would actually really like to own this]. Email me (joel) and I’ll send you a signed print of any comic that you want.


Fans of the HE Podcast may appreciate this poster Alex made of El Delorio. That shit is top notch awesome right there. He wanted to offer to runners up on the contests, but I think only the Podcast listeners will get it, so I am considering offering it as a print in the store. Your thoughts?

So Sad We All

Threeboot, bitches! New term. Just invented it. You may use it sparingly with my permission. [UPDATE: Yes, I now know that the term “threeboot’ was coined by fans of Legion of Superheroes back before the dawn of time. LET ME HAVE MY MOMENT!]

I honestly can’t think of any other recent threeboots, unless you count The Incredible Hulk and The Hulk.  The Edward Norton version was a loose sequel to the Ang Lee version, so I don’t know if threeboot status applies. Regardless, the idea of Bryan Singer re-rebooting Battlestar Galactica this soon after the end of the SyFy SciFi TV series just seems ludicrous (even though he had the idea nearly a decade ago). The geek community at large still has Sixes and Starbucks and Final Five Cylons on the brain. We’re still reeling with the revelations of season 4 and the intense disappointments of season 4.5. I don’t think we’re quite ready to move on. It’s like breaking up with a girl then immediately dating a different girl with the same name. All your friends would look at you weird.

hijinks-ensue-godspeed-you-fancy-bastard-book-300x300Now to play Cylon’s advocate: Ron Moore’s BSG series borrowed very little from the original. Many of the names were the same but the characters had virtually none of the same traits as their 70’s counterparts and often not even the same gender. The Cylons in the original series were created by a long dead race of alien lizards so there aren’t really any parallels in that respect either (though I would have preferred “Alien Lizards did it” to “Mommy issues and Jesus did it”). Since the two series were related almost in name only, is it possible that Singer could reboot the original without affecting/tarnishing Ron Moore’s BSG? I think it is. Bryan Singer made both of the good X-Men movies, so we know he has it in him to do this up right. Of course he also made Superman Returns, so there’s a good chance the humans will fall before the Cylon threat because they spent the entire movie running around crying like sad vaginas.

Honestly, the Ron Moore-boot we all loved for 3 (maybe 3 and a half) didn’t even really need to be called Battlestar Galactica other than for instant name recognition and potential nostalgia appeal. It could have been called Battleship Galactitron, or Spacelaser Hyperdrive Boat and I still would have watched it. This new-boot movie probably won’t resemble MY BSG enough to truly make me angry at it. I want to approach this with an open mind because I want more good scifi on TV and in the theaters. What would be super rad is if this movie is so popular they turn it into a TV series. Then the universe would implode.

Guest Star Galactica

Here’s the 2nd installment of this week’s “Lo FiJiNKS” comics. The preorder for the book is going amazingly well. Much better than I expected. Big thanks to everyone who has preordered so far.

As of this posting there are only about 35 Ultimate Fancy Editions left!


What other scifi vet would you like to see guest star on Dollhouse? I hear there was talk of having Summer Glau on at some point. I would like to see Eddie Olmos emote the hell out of that Dollhouse, personally.

The Tigh’s That Blind

Last weekend was Dallas Comic Con. I didn’t go but Denise and Eli made it out to take some pics. Colonel Tigh (Michael Hogan) was there sans eye patch which seemed like a problem that should have been rectified. I can only hope that he answered each question in the affirmative by letting out that famous Caprican strip club “YEEAAAARRRGGGGHHH!” from the BSG finale.

A Minor Scheduling Conflict

I think I’ve mentioned that I’ll be attending The New England Webcomics Weekend once or twice. I’m very excited to catch up with webcomicer friends, make some new ones and hang out with some Fancy Bastards.

There was some talk on the Twitters of throwing together an impromptu Battlestar Galactica Finale viewing tonight during the Pub Crawl” phase of NEWW. I am all for that. I know if I try to wait until I get home on Monday some internet mother fucker is going to spoil the ending for me. If you see me racing through the streets of Easthampton, MA naked, covered in blood and screaming in my Col. Tigh voice you can rest assured I was a victim of spoilage most foul.

So, can you name all the webcomics peoples in today’s comic? I’ll give you a clue… one of them is me. If you’re watching the BSG Final Frakfest tonight, what are your plans? A group assault with your whole Viper squadron or a solo mission so no one sees the tears?

I’ll be out of touch until next week in every fashion other than Twitter, so follow me up on it and I’ll keep you up to date on which of your favorite webcomic creators is the most drunk at any given time.