Tweroes and Twillains

I know that regardless of celebrity status, people are just people. They get sick, they get depressed, they go to the grocery store and they get their hair cut just like you and me. Despite understanding that, it’s still weird for me to see Wil Wheaton and Greg Grunberg from Heroes chatting live on the internet. There’s a voyeuristic quality to celebrity blogging/tweeting etc that I find simultaneously creepy and intriguing. I do think it helps to humanize celebrities when they share the phone pics they took of their coffee at Denny’s on TwitPic and such. Maybe if more celebs were open about the mundane details of their “day to days” we would stop obsessing over them. Or maybe it would encourage a dangerous new degree of stalkerism.

I read a few geek-celebrity blogs (JoCo, WWDN, Jackson Public) and follow plenty of marginally famous people on Twitter. I guess I like to see that we are going through the same stuff despite the gap in our social statuses, incomes, and legions of followers. Do any famous people read HE? I only know of 2 or 3 other well known cartoonists that do. No one else has ever come right out and said it. I wonder.

What celebrity Tweeters, Bloggers, etc do you follow and why?

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Speaking of Twitter, thanks to @SkawtNYC for unwittingly naming this comic.


During the campaign there was a lot of talk about how this was the first election where the candidates had the option of taking full advantage of the internet, both to reach potential voters with their message and trade snarky comments on each others blogs. It’s safe to say the guy that won (that one) ran a more net-savvy campaign and I’d like to think it contributed to his victory.

The idea that our next president is a Crackberry addicted, Mac using Spider-Man collector makes me feel like we have “one of our own” in the highest office. I’m not preaching… just enthusiastic. He’s also going to be the first President of the United States to appoint a Chief Technology Officer. Here’s hoping he stays away from Youtube commenters and 4Chan members. If you have an idea as to who it should be or what they should focus on, you can cast your vote (sort of) here.

I remember, as the economy began to implode, hearing the media recall Roosevelt’s Fireside Chats and suggesting that someone (W?) should be communicating with the American people and reassuring them that their concerns were being addressed. I thought, “Obama should do a video blog! That would allow him to keep us informed and show that he relates to us on a technological level! Also it woud allow me to stare into his deep brown eyes while his dullcet tones gently bid me off to sleep!”

I guess he had the same idea. I really hope he keeps it up.

ALSO A THING!: Check out this forum post where a few Aussie Fancy Bastards weigh in on the potential castration of their nets.

Don’t Fuck This Up, America

Alright, America, if this comic doesn’t set things straight once and for all then I’ve lost all hope in you. Do you want me to spell it out? You like Voltron. Obama is Voltron. Vote for Obama.

PLEASE, don’t fuck it up this time.

Intelligent Political Discourse

This is probably as close as I get to a political cartoon.

Before you point out that you don’t play tridimensional chess with 3 people (though you should, I mean there are three dimensions), and that all the chess pieces are in the wrong places and don’t look like real chess pieces, let’s go ahead and assume that Joel, Josh and Eli bought this 3D chess set off of Craigslist and they don’t actually know how to play (because no one does).

I know this comic really doesn’t make any sense (unless you are both ME and a SUPER STAR TREK NERD), but I was reading Wiki articles about Star Trek (specifically the ending of DS9, the Dominion War, and Worf”s family) and I got to thinking about how there really were some parallels between Worf and Obama (thin premise, I know). Then I figured it would be fun to draw Obama as a Klingon and thus I birthed the four confusing panels you see above. What can I say? This is EXACTLY how my brain works.

If you were to map out my thought process, it goes something like “need to write a comic -> I haven’t done anything about Obama (I support him) -> should I? This isn’t a political site -> I wonder if Alexander Rozhenko appeared in DS9 after he served with Worf on the Rotaran -> let’s check Wiki -> God I hated Alexander -> Oh I forgot that Sisko got Cassidy pregnant then be became black alien Jesus -> what if Obama was a Klingon?”

See? Actually, when I write it out like that it makes perfect sense.

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