There’s The Flashing Magic Screen

I’ll be at Dallas Comic Con this weekend [Saturday and Sunday]. Come say hi!

At least for now, if you click HERE you will see a video regarding the Apple iPad that begins with a quote of outstanding douchery [captured nearly verbatim in panel 1 above]. Apple loyalist though I may be, I admit they are not above criticism. And to suggest that “we don’t know how computers work so they must be magical” fails to impress me on two accounts. A) I know how computers work… EVERYONE except my mom knows how computers work, and 2) even people that don’t know exactly how computers work don’t think they are magical like phoenix tears.

I do not see a demonstration of “pinch to zoom” multitouch and immediately avert my eyes from the iPad as not to offend it’s heavenly gaze. I do not slaughter a goat as to make a sacrificial offering to the iPad that it may smile upon my crops in the coming season or bless my family with many strong sons and beautiful daughters (for selling to rich village land owners). Nor to a steal off into the night and paint myself with the goats blood, dance around a bonfire and chew the hallucinogenic leaves of an indigenous shrub in order to work myself up into a trance-like frenzy in hopes of better knowing the will of the iPad. Those are the actions of someone who looks at the unknown and interprets it as magic. C’Mon Apple. That was just dumb.

Numfar! Do The Dance of Joy

I’ll be at Dallas Comic Con this weekend. Come say hi!

Oh, Steve. You had me at “we are not currently developing a tablet.”

Seems like the new Apple iPad would be fun to travel with. Can’t see much use for it around the house when it really isn’t much smaller than my laptop, but I haven’t laid hands on it yet (which is typically when an Apple product grabs hold of your soul and doesn’t let go). I imagine the UI is crazy fun to play with and developers are going to have a blast coming up with new ways to utilize it. The entry level price point of $499 is also quite tasty, considering the first iPod cost that much. Continue reading

Apples And Roddenberries

Hey, look! Here’s a comic about buying a computer that used to belong to the guy that created Star Trek. I’m too tired to make funny words to go with it, but it will probably be a two-parter so check back Friday for the conclusion [unless I decide to do something else].

I know the comics schedule has been crazy unpredictable lately, and for that I’m sorry. Believe me that I am the person MOST frustrated by the situation. Finishing the book and getting ready for my first real con has taken up nearly every ounce of my focus for the last month. Today was my wife’s birthday and I spent the whole day making a comic. The comic was late so that makes me a crappy husband AND a crappy cartoonist.

Speaking of cons, please check out my post about my upcoming appearances in Baltimore, MD and Austin, TX. I am getting super excited (read: extraordinarily worried) about graduating from “faceless internet person of slight interest” to a “hey look there’s an internet person sitting behind that table let’s go poke him” person. I’ve been frantically practicing drawing on REAL paper (something I haven’t done regularly in almost a decade) in anticipation of doing con sketches. Follow me on Twitter to see the sketches I’ve been doing lately.

I hope to be doing a handful of cons next year. These first few outings are really just practice. For instance, I dropped a cashwad on shirts for Baltimore not knowing if it’s even the sort of con where people buy shirts. Expect a fire sale after the con if they sell poorly at the show. I’ll also be debuting a 4 pack of HE buttons and, of course, the book.

BOOK NOTE FOR MARYLAND PEOPLES: If you ordered the book already, or if you order it between now and Oct. 1st and you are going to be at Baltimore Comic-Con AND you want to pick up your book there please email store (At) hijinksensue(dot)com.

SPECIAL THANKS: to the server samurai at Infinistorm for the ridiculously smooth transition to my new souped up server. I have never worked with more accessible, reliable and honest server geeks. They specialize in custom app development, web design and VPS hosting. If you live in Indianapolis they will meet with you and buy you a puppy.


Special Delivery Pt. 2

[I have some errands to run, but I’ll post my initial thoughts on the iPhone 3GS soon.]
Or maybe just no blog post today.