Looking At The Big Bang Picture

If you have a chance to watch Into The Universe With Stephen Hawking, and enjoy having your mind blown by space science then I strongly suggest you do… both things. The  watching the show thing and the mind thing. It is essentially an updated Carl Sagan’s Cosmos, but is still wildly enjoyable. Though Hawking’s robo-voice (which he appears to control with eye movements now that his hands no long function) introduces each segment, the voice over duties are quickly assumed by a pleasant sounding British gentleman.

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There are two things I LOVE about specials like this (especially this very special special):
A) Even when you know in the back of your mind how enormous and random and chaotic and unlikely and OLD the universe is, it’s a real kick in the cosmic pants to be reminded of just exactly how much it is each of those descriptors with stunning visual effects and real world metaphors.
B) Stephen Hawking approaches physics and the universe with what can only be described as love.Continue reading

Guest Comic By Straight Face Comics

C2E2 in Chicago kicked my ass (and my throat) a bit more than I expected, so please accept as your daily dose of comic’d geekery this offering from Matt and Donald of Straight Face Comics. I’ll be writing more about C2E2 and Chicago in the blog later today so check back to see how the weekend went [spoilers: it was super fun times].

Dallas SciFi Expo

The Dallas Scifi Expo is this weekend. I will be sharing a table with Randy from Something*Positive so put on your Storm Trooper helmet and come say hi. I have on good authority a man called Jayne is going to be there.

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Behold The Abomination

The little genetically engineered worm guy’s name is Styli. Styli the Meat Tube. Or Meatube if you prefer. Either way. He prays nightly to a god that isn’t there to snuff out his wretched, tubey, meatish existence.

If you enjoy HE and and would like to show your support for the comic or The Experiment, please consider getting a book or shirt in the store or making a donation.

After playing with a Pogo Sketch stylus and an iPad at the Apple Store I asked my self this very question. “How do it work?” I still don’t have any idea, but one can only assume the maddest of sciences are involved.


C2E2 is next weekend [April 16-18]!!! Come see me and every other webcomic person I know all in one convenient spot. Oh such awkward stare there will be, children! A bounty of social anxiety!

Battlestar Galactica/UN "So Say We All" T-Shirt

Check out this new Battlestar Galactica/United Nations So Say We All” T-Shirt I made for Olmos Productions, Inc.

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A Sudden Stevepiphany

Comicpalooza Houston TX March 26-28

This is actually what happend right before The Dark Crystal.

If you like to see what goes into the making of the comic I have posted a step by step (or layer by layer) “comic making process” gallery of this comic (can I use the word “comic” again?) in The Vault along with the original, unedited script. To get access the The Vault for the rest of the month make a one time donation. To get constant access and REALLY help me keep this comic-ship afloat, please consider starting a donation subscription. Thanks!

Don’t forget, this weekend is Comicpalooza in Houston, TX. I just found out I will be doing a webcomics panel with Randy, Malki! and Phil Foglio so if you are in the area you might not want to miss that (or you might… I don’t know you that well).