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 Guys, Turbo looks BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAD. By which I mean to say it looks AWFUUUUUUUUULLLLLLLLL. By which I also mean to say, kids are going to love this shit and it’s going to make a billion dollars and I am probably going to have to take my daughter to see it.

You know what looks cute? The Boxtrolls.

COMMENTERS: What kids movie were you dragged to by your little ones that you actually ended up enjoying? What kids movie were you dragged to that, upon completion, you wished you had been subsequently dragged into a hole in the dirt, covered in dirt and left there to become more dirt?

I really enjoyed How to Train Your Dragon way more than I assumed I would. I actually nodded off during Cars 2. That was a hell of a joyless cashgrab. I accidentally wrote “cashcrab” then changed it, but I think cashcrab fits. Fuck that cashcrab.

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Best: Toy Story; Worst: Anything Pokemon
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Greg · 102 weeks ago

My little girls are just a little bit too little to drag me to films however I foresee lots of Princesses and fairies in my movie-going future. Kill me now.

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Greg · 102 weeks ago

That said, if “Ben and Holly” (a British children’s cartoon) ever do a movie version, I’d see that happily, it’s actually rather good.
Hot tip: don’t actually fuck that cashcrab. Chitin chafes.
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Chris · 102 weeks ago

Easy – the Last Airbender – that was atrocious.

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Ali · 102 weeks ago

Every mention of that film makes me cringe.
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seriously · 102 weeks ago

My young nephew and niece drag me to a kiddie movie every time they visit and so far the best was Despicable Me, the worst Oogieloves.
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Brit · 102 weeks ago

No kids, but my former roommate let her inner child shine through way too much when it came to watching movies. Did you know there are three sequels to the Swan Princess? Three! And one of them is a Christmas movie. Luckily when you don’t have to be responsible for the interested party’s upbringing you can turn crappy kiddie movies into drinking games.
Watching kids movies is the best part of being a dad… OK, one of the best… I usually really like the kids movies.

My Little Pony is one of the worst things about being a dad…

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Josh · 99 weeks ago

I was surprised that My Little Pony is actually clever and funny sometimes. Strawberry Shortcake and the Care Bears make me want to open a vein, though.
I don’t have one for myself since I don’t have kids but I can tell you the “kids” movie my father enjoyed the most that he took me to when I was in 5th grade. PORKY’S. 😉 true story.
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jiynx · 101 weeks ago

wallace and grommit was probably as much for me as for my son…

my kids are odd… kids movies they’re like eh, but my son is practically rabid over ‘pacific rim’, and my daughter is a total nut for kung-fu movies…

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jiynx · 101 weeks ago

ages eight and six, respectively.
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Fren · 101 weeks ago

Encourage your daughter. She sounds rad. Your son’s already on the right track.
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Stephen · 101 weeks ago

In regards to the cashcrab: the guy in the last panel is making crab hands. Love your comics. Even (sometimes especially) the lo-fi ones.
In a couple years you’ll also have to take her to see “Turbo 3: That Snail Is In A Slightly Different Setting Now.”

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Long story short: Short mutant tall. I watched the premiere of Wolverine (Marvel Anime version) on G4TV and it just wasn’t for me. I’m not a huge anime fan to begin with, so let that color my opinions however you like. The show was done in my absolute least favorite style of anime. The “lovers exchanging long, silent looks over the ocean while 80’s casio keyboards set to vibraphone play softly in the distance… then everybody fights” style. It wasn’t terrible, but it certainly wasn’t Wolverine. This cat was about 24 years old, tall, slender and pointy in all the wrong places. From chin to Aladdin Sane-esque frock, he was all points. The only thing I really enjoyed about Wolvanime was the completely shoehorned moment reminding the audience”Hey! Wolverine is Canadian!” when the incredibly Japanese Logan is seen standing atop a random Manhattan building drinking a can of clearly labelled “CANADIAN BEER.” Yatta bub!

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Why did I see Cars 2? Was it on a dare? Did a lose a bet? Oh god, am I pregnant? Strange cravings might account for it. Ohhhh, that’s right. I have a young child. Well, guess what? Even she nearly fell asleep halfway through and she hasn’t mentioned the movie again since. Let’s just say, from my kid (she who has watched Toy Story 3 at least 75 times and recounts in near psychotic detail every event of every movie she watched to anyone with or without functional human ears) this is a pretty damning review.

But that’s just it. Cars 2 wasn’t terrible. It was just empty and boring. It lacked ALL of the heart you expect from a Pixar film. Even considering Cars is my least favorite Pixar film, it did have at it’s center a reasonably heartfelt message. I think that message (slow down, experience a simpler life, etc) missed the mark completely, but it was there. This film’s message was “Hey this idiot must be a spy! Let’s do a bunch of spy stuff, blowing things up, then it’s over! Also friendship maybe!”

I feel like this film is not only specifically for kids, but it’s specifically for 6 year old boys. All others needs not apply. Watch WALL-E or TS3 again, instead. Get your cry on.

COMMENTERS: How did the Carsniverse come about? Did K.I.T.T lead the vehicle uprising? How does their society work? Does your make and model determine your occupation and position in life? Are they born or made? Who are their makers? Why do they have bathrooms?!

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It has been said that the eyes are the windows to the soul. But when you are talking about far-too-realistic CGI humans, it is the teeth that reveal the hollowness within. It is the mouth, the lips and the tongue that take your mind from pleasant delight to abject horror. Sure, you might want to take the Polar Express to Santa’s Village, but as soon as that conductor utters, “All aboard,” you realize it’s a one way train to nightmare junction. You want to make a successful CGI animated film with biologically accurate humans? I have one word for you: mutes. Everyone is a mute. Think of how amazing Tron: Legacy would have been had CGI Jeff Bridges just kept his terror-mouth shut. I mean… when he talked, that shit was just chilling – unsettling. Seeing these digital doplegoblins speak just sets you ill at ease. Like if an unfamiliar 80 year old wisp of a woman in a wheelchair suddenly grabs your wrist and hisses, “Can I touch your haaairrrrr? I used to have sssuch pretty haaairrrr.” That shit will stone cold turn your spine to ICE!

Thanks to Gordon for tweeting something that made me think of this comic.