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The HijiNKS ENSUE store @ Explosm is closing forever after this week!




$19 shirts are now $15
Some shirts are $5
$15 books are now $10
$20 Lil Wil Wheaton plushies (only 30ish remain) are now $10
$16 posters are now $10
$12 signed prints are now $7
$7.50 card packs are now $5

HijiNKS ENSUE Books 1 and 2 will be retired/discontinued 01/31/2015. If you’ve ever wanted to own these books, now is your last chance.

Potter And Daughter, A new podcast I’m making with my kiddo, needs your help!

potter and daughter podcast logo hijink ensue

I’ve added two new rewards levels to my Patreon. At $1750 I am going to completely redesign my website with bigger comics and better organization, and at $2000 I am going to produce and release a new podcast with my daughter all about her journey through the Harry Potter book series. The specifics are below:

Clean Up This Dump!

$1,750 per month

I will design, and/or pay someone to design, a brand new website for HijiNKS ENSUE that will make seeing the newest comics, finding the different kinds of comics (HE, Faneurysm, Con Sketches, etc.) MUCH easier. The comics images will also be about 20% bigger. I will improve the RSS feed for Patrons so that ALL COMICS (not just HE) will appear full sized in the Patron-only feed. I will also reintegrate the HE podcast into hijinksensue.com so it’s easier to browse the old podcast archive.

Potter And Daughter Podcast!

$2,000 per month

Potter And Daughter is a new podcast that I am recording with my seven year old kiddo, where we talk about the Harry Potter series book by book. She’s been reading the books with her mom for the past few months and listening to her geek out over them is pretty dang cute, if you ask me. So far we’ve recorded a handful of episodes just to make sure the idea is sound. If we reach this goal, we’ll keep recording the series all the way through all 7 books and start releasing them on iTunes and hijinksensue.com!

Toronto FAN Expo Canada is THIS WEEKEND!


HijiNKS ENSUE and Cyanide & Happiness at Toronto FAN Expo Canada THIS WEEKEND!

Toronto Area Fancy Bastards: Come see me and Rob and Mike from Explosm at booth 456. We’ll be there all weekend hanging out and doing sketches. I’ll have shirts, books and prints for sale, as well as complimentary accusatory glances.

That same weekend, we’ll be hosting the Toronto Banana Bar Crawl 3!

7th Anniversary Fancy Fan Art Contest Winners

Just under a month ago, HijiNKS ENSUE turned 7 years old. I held a Fancy Fan Art contest to celebrate and here are the winners!

FIRST PLACE goes to Troy Zimmerman for this Edward Gorey inspired version of me. Clearly this is my destiny. This is my inescapable fate. Troy wins a digital commission of any 1 or 2 HE characters of his choice, doing pretty much whatever (within reason).

Troy Zimmerman - HijinksEnsueJIsForJoel7Yrs