Marvel Comics Characters Saying Donald Trump Quotes

Ike Perlmutter, the billionaire CEO of Marvel, recently donated $1 Million to the Donald J. Trump foundation. I know that doesn’t mean Marvel as a whole supports trump, but it does make me think more about how my entertainment dollars are eventually used and also how Trump would fit into the Marvel Universe. Here’s a bunch of Marvel characters saying famous/infamous Trump quotes and tweets.

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  1. I was just about to report the same thing. Both Chrome and Firefox have similar messages for either the entire site or portions thereof.

  2. Personally, the villain ones were just irritating. I think you should just do a whole video of nothing but Tony Stark – those were all by far the cleverest. I would watch a half hour of just Tony Stark being basically exactly the dick that he actually is, only all quotes from Trump. (Actually, even better, turn it into a game: which were Trump quotes and which were actually Stark quotes? :D)

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