Emerald City Comicon 2012!!!

Hey, Seattle Fancy Bastards! I will be in your wonderfully overcast hamlet this weekend!  Emerald City Comicon is without a doubt my favorite convention of the year and I am entirely too psyched to be exhibiting at it once again.

Even though the website and the program say I will be at booth 307, I will actually be at booth 306 (just around the corner) with Blind Ferret. You should still stop at booth 307 and spend all kinds of money, because my friends Gordon, Tom and Angela will be there. Angela will be debuting her new book (available for purchase now) and I highly recommend it. I won’t bother listing every other cartoonist or famous geeky person that will be there, because it’s essentially all of them. Seriously, this is THE BEST show.

I will have T-Shirts, books 1 and 2, prints, sketch cards, stickers. I will also sketch in or on anything you like for tips. This includes, but is not limited to sketch books, loose paper, motorcycle helmets (did one last year), faces, butts (dudes and ladies), boobs (dudes and ladies), and shovels.

I am doing 3 shows in the next 6 weeks or so and the cost of travel has hit me INCREDIBLY hard this year. If you are coming to one of the shows, please consider buying something or dropping a few bucks in the tip jar. If you would like to support my endeavors to get out there and see the Fancy Bastards in person you can make a donation. Your contribution will be GREATLY appreciated (cue Sarah McLaughlin song). In lieu of monitary support, I will say that conventions are hungry and thirsty and cookieless work. Feel entirely free to bring Starbucks Doubleshots, Iced Grande Soy Lattes, cookies or whatever to the booth. Those are the things that reall get a cartoonist through the day. Also booze. Just sayin’.

Last year at ECCC I had drinks with Jonathan Frakes. How are you going to top that Seattle? How?! Will I find a golden Batmobile with the keys in it? Seems like it would be too heavy to drive? How’s the mileage on this thing, anyway? Have you seen the price of gas lately? No thanks. I SAID NO THANKS!

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